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safety & crime

  1. LynneR

    Safety - traveling alone on Portuguese Camino

    Hello, I have traveled alone on the Frances and always felt safe and comfortable. Can anyone give me input about safety in Portugal? Does the camino have the same safe feeling? Are there any areas of concern? It seems as though there are some stretches with few cafes, hostels, etc, so I don't...
  2. K

    Careful while walking on the highways.

    The local groups which maintain the camino are very careful in trying to keep you on the safest route possible. While the local groups will change the routes peroidically and thus making a longer section, it is likely safer than any alternative. I met some pilgrims who thought that they were...
  3. K

    LIVE from the Camino See something say something?

    Hi all! We are a group of 4 women, and I just wanted to make you aware of something to be mindful of. Just before we descended into Campo and Ponferrada early this afternoon, at the top of the final smallish hill was a guy sitting on the right hand side of the road. Likely 40s, dark hair...
  4. SuperGirl

    Safety on the Camino

    Hola Amigos! I've just booked my flights so no turning back now! I plan to walk the Camino from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela in 17days. My itinerary works out at averaging 42km per day. I know this is going to be extremely tough but I really wanted to do at least 2 weeks of adrenalin...
  5. YoCo

    In light of the recent harrassment post on CP

    Just wondering about the Norte, Primativo, and Muxia/Finnesterre ... Are they typically populated enough to walk with others if things get/feel sketchy?
  6. Love4Adventure

    Warning to Women Walking Solo

    I started my Camino in Coimbra, and on the 2nd day had an incident where a man was parked along the side of the road, along the route, just waiting for a female pilgrim to walk by. He wanted me to masturbate him; thankfully he did not pursue or physically threaten me when I said no and walked...
  7. J

    Young solo traveller - Is it safe?

    Hola, I am hoping to walk el Camino Frances in Summer 2019 from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago and on to Fiesterra. I was just wondering is it safe for a woman to walk this route alone. I will be 19 when it comes to starting the camino. I have read many blogs about women walking the camino...
  8. E

    Is it safe to walk to the Airporto Hostel at midnight?

    I'm eagerly anticipating my first camino at the end of June. My flight to Porto arrives at midnight and I've booked a bed at the Airporto Hostel, which appears to be a short walk from the airport. Could those of you with experience tell me whether it would be safe to walk to the hostel alone, or...
  9. CJ Williams

    Special unit dedicated to security on the Camino de Santiago in Navarre

    Hello all, This news item appeared this morning in the newspaper here. Sharing it here because it's a general announcement and I think most folks will see it here, but if it should go in the "Camino Crime Watch" section, I'll be happy to move it. The Provincial Police activate the special...
  10. M

    What to do with aggressive dogs

    I’ve seen threads on this topic buried in miscellaneous threads, but I think it’s worth having a stand alone thread in Personal Safety. Lots of people run into dogs on the Camino who are fiercely protecting territory or livestock and some even bitten. The best way to deal with them can be a...
  11. E

    Walking companion for VdlP april 2018

    Hi everyone, this is my first post (apologies if its in the wrong place) but im about to start the via de la plata in a few days; looking at april 12 to walk out of seville. i walked the camino frances in 2015 and i suspect that was a very different experience due to the nature and exposure of...
  12. williamlittig

    The color of safety

    This is not meant to start the rain jacket or poncho debate again, (I use a jacket). What I have reconsidered is the color, because in rain and fog pilgrims are less visible. I looked gallant, suave, overweight but cool in my black jacket but no one could see me. My new gear is safety yellow...
  13. T

    Solo female in October safety

    Greetings! I am a 60 year old female from the USA and plan to walk the Camino Frances solo starting the end of September 2017, starting in Roncesvalles. I am a bit concerned about safety and would like to know if there are usually enough people walking the Camino in October so that I would not...
  14. The World My Village

    I was the peregrina that was assaulted close to Sacavem on Camino Portugues

    ✨Is with a heavy heart that I have to announced that my walk to Santiago de Compostela from Lisbon has been interrupted. On Tuesday, September 19th I started walking from Se Cathedral in Lisbon, walked for 5 hours making a quick stop for a cappuccino at Parque das Nacoes. My goal was to get to...
  15. peregrina2000

    Assault after Lisbon

    Hi, forum members, I have received a report from a peregrina who started yesterday, and she asked me to post it to the forum. She was assaulted somewhere around Sacavém, probably on that path that goes along the channel. She had left the Lisbon cathedral about 5 hours earlier, she said. She...
  16. T

    Solo female walking first stage of camino frances in september

    Hello! I have a free week in september and i was wondering how safe it is for me to walk the first stage of the camino frances alone? I'm 21. Is it very busy in september? My parents are a little concerned for me. I recently did some of the camino portuges with my cousin and i loved it! Thanks!
  17. Jakke

    Virtually safe?

    Bosch offers an interesting app to Germans, that could serve as a basis for a pilgrims' app: Vivatar. It puts a hiker into touch with nearby fellow hikers and can alert them if something is not right. See the article in Computerwoche...
  18. meye1099

    Crime along the VDLP?

    Hello, everyone. I'm planning to walk the Via de la Plata from Sevilla to Santiago next March and April. I will be walking alone for most of it and my husband plans to join me for the last two weeks. I've read a few reports and posts in these forums about robberies happening in the first stage...
  19. CJ Williams

    Reports of a flasher near Eunate

    Just a heads up everyone, especially for female pilgrims: If you are planning to visit Eunate in the next few days, be alert on the road that descends from Muruzábal to Eunate. An American woman who had made the detour this morning reported the presence of a flasher on the road. I have...
  20. notion900

    Do any albergues still lock people in?

    Further to recent discussion on another thread, I was wondering if there were any albergues on any of the caminos covered by this forum which still lock people in at night, i.e. they cannot open the main door from the inside in the event of an emergency? Please only give information on this...