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safety & crime

  1. Rosemaryk1

    Are there any unsafe or dangerous area on the CF for solo travellers?

    Hi! I will be walking the Camino next May/June 2014 and was wondering if there are any areas of danger for a solo walker? I have read where there are certain areas one must make sure they are with another Pilgrim(s). This was from a story of a 2002 Pilgrimage, so mabye it is not relevant...
  2. H

    Solo (female) walker alert

    I (female) walked solo from SJPdP to Logrono from 5 Aug 2013 and returned home safely. The walk was amazing and had no blisters or other inconveniences (of course I prepared myself as good as I could). The following occasion is I think important to mention for solo walker like me. Entering...
  3. Toiling Midget

    Assault of peregrina by hostal worker at Hostal Camino Real

    I'm walking the Camino now. Two days ago, when we stayed in Calzadilla de la Cueza (the 1st town after Carrion de Los Condes), a man followed my hiking partner to the room while the rest of our group was having dinner, and assaulted her. That was bad enough, but when we reported the crime to the...
  4. I

    How to keep valuables safe whilst sleeping?

    Hi, I am doing the Camino in April this year, and will unfortunately have to bring my tablet with me. I'm a heavy sleeper, and am wondering what the best way to secure it whilst sleeping in albergues would be?
  5. billbennettoz

    Backpack security - do I need locks and a mesh?

    I'll be walking from SJPP in mid April. I've read on a couple of blogs that some pilgrims have secured their backpacks in their albergues using a Pacsafe mesh cover. I'll be carrying my valuables with me whenever I leave the albergue to go for a walk etc, but is it necessary to use locks and a...
  6. TravellingSonn

    Women walking solo

    Hi ladies, I'm curious to hear the thoughts of women who walked this route alone. Did you feel safe? Did you come across any unpleasant experiences? Thanks for sharing Sonn :)
  7. katehawk

    Copies of credit cards, ID, itinerary stolen

    I put a copy of all important docs under my insert in my shoe. Dirty socks stuffed on top. Was not enough to discourage thief. Will continue keeping all originals in hand, even in shower. It is distressing that all my personal info is in someone else's hands. The sense of community that is...
  8. Abbeydore

    Bum Belt - Money Belt -Storing valuables

    I've only ever had a wallet, I'm going to have to change. Now 'bum belt' get in the way of ruck sack, how do other deal with this? As I appreciate valuables cannot go in the rucksack. Love to know the solution as I don't see many belts in pics!
  9. A

    Women alone?

    I know - boring... But i need to ask. Last year i walked Camino Frances alone. It was great, I feel safe almost all the time. Ever since i came home, I'm dreaming of Camino. First i was thinking of camino frances again. But, i don't like crowds. I assume that camino frances will be very busy...
  10. M

    Danger for woman alone?

    I am a bit freaked out after reading a few accounts of women being accosted and even assaulted along the Camino Frances. I know the numbers are small and the issue probably not statistically significant but...........Do you think I need to be overly concerned? or even concerned? I have read all...
  11. P

    Reminder: never leave valuables alone!

    Hi everyone, I just thought I'd post this as a warning to other pilgrims. When I was walking the Camino Frances last month a man in my albergue got his money, his camera, and his ID stolen right off his bed while he was in the albergue common room. He was devestated, but luckily managed to...
  12. sillydoll

    Look after your valuables

    This report by a pilgrim from St Jean: Just a reminder and warning to all pilgrims to keep ID and personal belonings on you at all times. I was in the Municipal Albergue at SJPP last night, and an Italian pilgrim was robbed while having a shower. He had left a small bag on his bunk...
  13. A

    safe to travel alone for female?

    Hello, I've become obsessed with the thought of walking the camino next summer. Im not sure whether I'll be able to convince any of my friends to come along, so am thinking of doing it on my own if I have to. How safe is it for a (relatively) young female to walk on her own? Ive been reading...