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safety for woman traveling alone

  1. J

    Lisbon to Santiago in July! A few questions:)

    Hi! First of all I wanted to ask if anyone is going to be walking the Portuguese Camino in July? I’m starting out from Lisbon on the morning of June 30th and would be great to know if I’ll be completely alone on the route or not as I’m slightly concerned with the posts I’ve read about flashers...
  2. Gillyweb

    Portugues or return to Frances ; woman alone

    Hi all. I'm heading back to the Camino toward the end of August and am totally undecided. I am looking for some time to 'be' and not have to think too much so my initial idea was to walk from Logrono to León. However I know I will struggle to stop at that point and will feel I should be carrying...
  3. L

    Can't Stop Worrying! Solo Female!

    Hi everyone! I'm a 22 year old female walking the Camino Frances by myself in 3 weeks. I've been so excited to do it. But I've just seen a news article regarding a woman who was murdered on the Camino. I've tried to ignore it. But of course my brain is incapable of that and so ive spent the last...
  4. E

    camino advice

    Hi, I am debating walking the camino from burgos - santiago in the next few weeks and have a few questions before I make a final decision: 1) is this too late notice, does walking the camino require more than a few weeks planning time? 2) what is the infrastructure like on the camino in March...
  5. Mirabelle Lee

    A pilgrim was attacked by a robber

    Dear. All As the title I wrote, I read a post that a Korean woman ran into a robber on last Friday when she walked to Los Arcos from Estella. There was only 10 Euro in her pants pocket so she gave it to him but he didn't let her go and he forced her to push into a cave but she pretended not to...
  6. S

    Safe to walk alone in early March as a female?

    Hi there! I'm planning on walking the Camino from 3 March, and will only have three weeks - maybe the Frances or the Northern route. I've tried searching for buddies who I can hook up with on the Camigas Facebook group for female pilgrims, but can't see any fellow travelers starting at that...
  7. S

    Winter Camino Safety

    Hi Guys, I am planning my winter camino.. I leave in less than a month, and up until this point I was feeling very confident in going alone.. However as the date approaches quickly, as friends and family worry more, I have been looking closer into the safety of the Camino. There isn't too much...
  8. C

    Camino Frances - travel during mid October questions

    Hi. I'm in the pre-planning stage and have several questions regarding the Camino. I realize October is not the busiest time and while I'll appreciate the lack of excess traffic I do not wish to be in complete solitude. Is it safe for a middle aged woman to travel alone in October? What can I...

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