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saint jean pied de port

  1. Sunrise in the Pyrinees

    Sunrise in the Pyrinees

    Sunrise in the Pyrinees is something else, this is near our lady of Baikorri, on the way to Roncesvalles
  2. Joe C

    Medallion from Pilgrim’s Office in St. Jean

    My daughter and I walked the Camino this past summer. When we began in St. Jean, we were given little slips of paper explaining how to get a commemorative medallion from the Pilgrim’s Office for a modest fee. We of course lost the slips of paper. Anyone have the instructions? Thanks.
  3. G

    St Jean Pied de Port - walking stick required?

    Hi! My girlfriend and I are walking 5 days of the Camino Frances starting in Saint Jean Pied de Port next week - we are very excited! Just wondering would it be advisable to source a walking stick in Saint Jean Pied de Port for the first day of walking to Roncesvalle? Ideally we would prefer...
  4. K

    spending the night in SJPP or Orisson?

    I will be arriving in Paris (from Canada) on July 10th, taking an evening train to Bayonne, and then was planning to take the first train to SJPP the next morning on the 11th. I have a reservation at Orisson for the night of the 11th, but I'm just wondering if a few hours in the morning...
  5. AriJoaquin

    Camino de Santiago: 40 Contemplations As You Walk

    Hello, My name is Ari Joaquin Torres and I am the author of this book "Camino de Santiago: 40 Contemplations As You Walk". It is in English and Spanish, paperback and ebook. It is available in Amazon only for the moment. This is the book I wish I had while I walked over 600 miles during 40...
  6. Gemajams

    Starting in SJPP, Travel To SJPP & Accomodations

    Hi. We're getting close and we're super excited. We arrive in Madrid Sept 4th and will travel to St. Jean where we will begin our walk on the 5th. 1. What's the best way to travel from Madrid to St Jean? I have some idea but would like to hear from you. 2. Looking for accommodations in St...
  7. Gipsy Moon

    SJPP to Roncesvalles

    Feeling the call again... to walk the Camino Frances starting from SJJP, around February - What are the alternative as the Napoleon road is closed until April? - Is it worthwhile? (meaning nice landscape, not wanting to walk on the side of concrete road most of the time) or should I just not...
  8. S

    St. Jean Pied de Port

    Hello, my name is Sander, I am 18 years old now, and will be 19 when i plan to walk Camino Frances this summer. I was told to start off in Saint Pied de Port, and since I am totally new to this I figured this was the place to ask. How do I get to Saint Pied de Port? Like, what is the nearest...
  9. R

    Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied de Port

    Hi I know there are lots of threads on this subject. I can't seem to answer a question about time of year. How can I transfer from Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied De Port at the beginning of March 2017? Thanks Rodney
  10. Marion-SantiagoInLove

    When to go, when not to go...

    ... that's often the question! :) Here's the number per month of all the pilgrims who went to the pilgrims's office in SJPdP in 2015. (stats form the pilgrim's office) It means the pilgrims who started there as well as the ones who arrived there. The real numbers may be a little higher...
  11. hotelmedicis

    Paris - Bayonne in July 2017: 3 hours 47 minutes

    Hello all, The French Railways (SNCF) has purchased new high-speed (TGV) trains capable of 320 km/h (200 mph) as opposed to the current trains (300 km/h or 186 mph) thus reducing the time from Paris to Bordeaux from 3 hours 14 minutes to 2 hours 4 minutes. The current fastest time to Bayonne...
  12. Prolouge: St Jean Pied-de-Port

    Prolouge: St Jean Pied-de-Port

    Ready to go, a nice walk through St Jean on Day 0.
  13. H

    Sleeping in SJPdP

    Hello all, Leaving in a few days to start my first camino! Because I wasn't sure if my plans were going to come through until today, I hadn't yet reserved sleeping arrangements for SJPdP. I'll be taking an overnight bus and two trains starting on July 15th and spending the night in SJPdP on...
  14. Terri B

    Multiple night stays in Saint Jean

    Does anyone know whether you can stay multiple nights in any alberge in Saint Jean? I arrive late on 29 August from Oz and want to stay in Saint Jean a few nights before starting to get myself on European time etc after 24+ hours of travel.
  15. N

    St Jean Pied de Port

    Hello. I am quite new to this and I am sure the answers already exists at this forum but if someone could answer I would be really happy. I am planning on walking from St Jean de port to santiago from 1 March. Now i only have two weeks to plan everything. First of all, it is not too cold to...
  16. St Jean PP

    St Jean PP

  17. SJPP


    The start of our adventure!
  18. Lord Longpath

    Walking Distance 2015-08-16

    The true story of a journey on foot across Spain in search of enlightenment, toilets and a nice cup of tea, accompanied by a dog-fearing vegetarian. The above link is for amazon.uk Kindle Store. For the US, other 'amazon' countries or paperback version Google 'Walking Distance by Martyn Wright'.
  19. L

    Where to sleep in Saint-jean?

    Hello! My partner and I will arrive Saint-jean on the 25th august at 20pm or so. My question is if to book a place for the night before, or we will find somewhere to sleep when we arrive? if to book now, any websites or phones we should check? ty in advance
  20. P

    Bordeaux to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

    Hi, sorry if I make a mess posting this its my first post. I was planning to start my Camino in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, but the way things have worked out I have decided to start at Bordeaux. There are a couple of things I hope some-one could help me with. Is it OK to start walking from...

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