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  1. Sloth

    Sanabres Spring 2018

    Hi everyone. Planning to walk the Camino Sanabres hopefully in the first half of 2018. Can anyone give me any advice on the best time to do this from Zamora? I am looking at two possibilities, either the last two weeks in April or the first two weeks in June. Of interest would be availability of...
  2. StevethePlanner

    Via de la Plata and Sanabres hour by hour

    Here are two videos from earlier this year (April/May) walking the Via de la Plata. One is an “hour by hour” video. Two years ago, inspired by a video with a selfie every mile on the Pacific Crest Trail, I decided to take a selfie approximately every hour while walking the Camino de Santiago...
  3. A

    Recent fires in Galicia & Sanabres / Invierno routes

    Anyone know if the September / October fires in Galicia affected the Camino de Invierno and the Camino Sanabres? Have looked in Spanish press to find fire locations with no luck, just know that Ourense province was badly affected
  4. Erik Anderson

    LIVE from the Camino Rejoining Camino Sanabres

    I'm rejoining the Camino at Puebla de Sanabria on Wednesday to walk to Santiago and would be interested in any information from peregrinos on the route or who have travelled this path recently. I read (online) that there is a number of diversions due to AVE work and there are warnings that the...
  5. Fares Ismail

    Camino Frances Followed by VdlP

    Hello everyone, As my starting day approaches, I’ve been looking at alternative routes (ones that are less traveled and crowded). I initially thought about doing the Camino Frances and taking the Invierno route from Ponferrada. But recently I started thinking about following the Frances up...
  6. J

    Help! Advice on finding the right direction Sanabria-Mozarabic or the French way?

    Hi all you experienced walkers of the VP. I am in a bit of a dilemma. I just returned to walk the VP after a break and am currently in Salamanca. It is very quiet on the road (I have seen two people so far). I am hoping for a trip that is not unbarebly hot and changing terrain to avoid the Sun...
  7. KinkyOne

    Albergue in A Laxe (Sanabres branch) closed

    I got information from forum member Matt (@pilgr ) who is in Lalin right now that pilgrims had to backtrack/reroute from A Laxe to Lalin due to closure of Xunta Albergue (https://www.gronze.com/galicia/pontevedra/laxe/albergue-peregrinos-laxe). Possible reason is: "I was told it was problems...
  8. gittiharre

    Circuitous Route to Santiago starting from Madrid

    I am wondering about the logistics of walking from Madrid to Sahagun and then taking the Sanabres to Oviedo and from there the Primitivo to Santiago....any thoughts, how long would it take and is it feasible for solo female, seasoned pilgrim, but a bit under the weather post cancer...
  9. BrienC

    Not Exactly Live - VDLP, Fall 2016

    Earlier this fall, I walked the Vía de la Plata with the Camino Sanabrés variant. In this thread, I'll add my daily commentary as I compile my notes from that journey. They will also be available on my blog. Hence, this is a route report, though, Not Exactly Live. Seville, Spain (October 17...
  10. musicman

    Sanabres / Via de la Plata

    Tips, Addresses for accommodation in, or near the following places, please. Not Albergues. Casa Rurals, etc, welcome for :- Tabara Rio Negre Del Puente Palacios de Sanabre Lubian A Gudina Campobecceros.. Gracias
  11. S

    Albergues in Galicia

    Just returned from walking the Via de la Plata /Sanabres and found that the role of the hospitaleros in municipal albergues in Galicia much changed. They only turn up briefly in the evening and often at a time when pilgrims may well be out eating (at say 7.30pm). Also, the albergue at Outeiro...
  12. SabineP

    Etapa A Gudiña -Laza on the Sanabres

    Reading blogs and websites is half of the fun in preparing my Camino. This is one particular etapa that frightens me a bit. I will stop in Campobecceros because no way I can do all those kilometres in one go. http://caminodesantiago.consumer.es/etapa-de-a-gudina-a-laza But... I read that it...
  13. AndyS UK-ES

    Via Augusta + VdlP → Fisterra (via Sanabrés). June 1, '16. ES-UK

    En Español - and English. This will be my second combined hike from Cádiz to Fisterra Via Augusta and the Vía de la Plata. I normally travel alone, but anyone is welcome to join me if they feel a little unerved by the challenge, or simply fancy sharing part of the experience. Bear in mind that...
  14. KinkyOne

    New Xunta albergue in Ourense

    It looks like new albergue will be opened soon in the center of Ourense, somewhere between Burgas and Plaza Mayor: http://www.xunta.es/notas-de-prensa/-/nova/4500/turismo-galicia-reforza-rede-publica-albergues-camino-santiago-cun-novo-establecemento Ultreia!
  15. LTfit

    Vía de la Plata/Sanabrés Walking & Accommodation Guide January 2016 version

    The current file is the January 2016 update. This Vía de la Plata Guide version August 2015 gives information on available accommodations along the route from Seville to Astorga as well as through Ourense (the Sanabrés). I have done my best to use the most up-to-date information. Corrections...
  16. gollygolly

    Where to start walking on the Camino Sanabrés

    Bon camino to all It seems that there are different 'starting points' for may who walk the Camino Sanabrés, though I would like to know where is regarded as the actual starting point. Also any help in planning will be appreciated, especially with any difficulty that should be expected on a...
  17. KinkyOne

    Planning Levante for 2015

    Hola! I'm planning to walk Valencia to Fisterra (via Sanabres & Muxia) in 2015. I've gathered some info on albergues and distances from various sources (vieiragrino, mundicamino, this forum, some blog posts etc.), but I was unable to upload .pdf file here. You can find it in Camino Resources...
  18. Perejil

    Sanabres Camino via Verin

    Hi peregrino I'm thinking of walking the Sanabres Camino for the first time ever this year. The back of my napkin plan is to start in Verin, where relatives live, and conclude in Santiago in 7 or so days. I'd also consider starting before Verin to extend the Cameno experience. Ive searched the...

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