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  1. G

    Found! FOUND IPHONE 5(?)

    found an iphone 5! more than a week ago, leaving roncesvalles. just found out about this forum— i’m last burgos now, in Terradillos de los templarios. please let me know if you’ve lost one or know someone who has! i also lost my chacos last night in Carrion—hoping i can find those as well!!
  2. holhum

    Chaco sandals pros and cons? (plantar fasciitis dramas)

    Leaving in a week (I will be walking from Leon in June after a month of other travel in Europe) and have to make a decision about the 'second' pair of shoes to take. I have pretty bad plantar fasciitis in one foot and it is too late for any miracle cures, I just need to manage it. I switched...
  3. KJFSophie

    It's Not About The Shoe...

    New pilgrims planning their trek resort to asking the age old question of what to wear for footwear. Hiking boots? Runners? Sandals? Waterproof? etc... Bottom line is what your body & feet will be comfortable in ON THE MANY TERRAINS. While a good fit, a size up is near always recommended...
  4. KatjaA

    Teva sandals in October?

    Hey all! I'm preparing for my first Camino (end of Sep. through Oct. ) and I'm getting such different advise on footwear. I'll bring my hiking booths for the road, but then it gets tricky. Tevas or light running shoes for the afternoons and evenings? How cold does it get? Thank you for all the...
  5. Gillyweb

    Sandals and rain ? Do I wear socks..... Portugues in two week's time !

    So....I feel ashamed to not know the answer to this after doing the CF twice but.....am I supposed to wear walking sandals in the rain ? With socks ? Without socks ??? What ??? I've always walked in my Berghaus lightweight high top hiking boots and they have only ever given me one blister. For...
  6. jo webber

    My clown feet .....

    My clown feet love Keens. I needed water/shower/possibly to walk in sandals. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01H79JZKW/?tag=casaivar02-20 Because they adjust everywhere, my narrow heals and wide fronts fit. Tevas are to narrow, the Xero sandals are super comfortable, except no arch support...
  7. sadaigh

    Sandals.. a last minute decision.

    So I have everything planned and ready for my camino this summer (June 24th from SJPP)... except for my sandals. My question is this.. is it worth the money to buy the Xeroshoes? or something equally expensive that I can walk on a trail in... just in case of blisters... or should I just get a...
  8. C

    Running Shoes ok on Camino Frances?

    Hello everyone, would you say a pilgrim could continue using quality running shoes and rugged sandals on the Camino Frances? Won't that work for most of the middle to the end sections in May and June? I've heard trail shoes are the way to go. In the USA a running shoe and a trail shoe are...
  9. Jakke

    Notes to self after my Camino

    Background: I walked the Camino Portugues in September/October of 2016. It was dry all the way. In Pedron the doctor stopped me ("Please, do come back next year -- with better shoes!"). So I bought new shoes and broke them in by going by train to Coimbra and seeing that city. No success. So...
  10. F

    Please what type of sandals/shoes for walking the Camino ?

    My sons are going on the Camino Polaco (Poland) for about 550km. We've bought Lowa Renegade II GTX for walking the Camino. Also, we are told to buy sandals for slow walks in villages in order to rest and ventilate the feet, for example Crocs Yukon two straps mule or sport clog. I was...
  11. kessey11

    Teva women's sandals

    I will be walking my first Camino on the Norte route mid June through the end of July. I am hoping to get a pair of quality sandals for the evenings, using as shower shoes, and wearing for a period during the day to give my feet a break. I have heard a lot of good things about Tevas and am...
  12. auldies

    Happy feet?

    So this morning we set off for a 28km training walk in the 30 degree celsius Brisbane heat. I had donned my toe socks and merino socks over the top and set out in my newly relaced trail runners (courtesy of my podiatrist). At about the 7km mark as my feet were starting to swell a little from...
  13. O

    Crocs or sandals?

    I'm currently debating whether to bring Crocs or walking sandals (Tevo) as my second pair of footwear for a May/June Camino. Both are waterproof and therefore can be used as shower footwear. Crocs are more comfortable (IMHO--I've never been much of a sandals guy) but sandals would likely be...
  14. Sandune

    Boots or shoes?

    I have hiking boots and hiking shoes. For my walk on Camino Francis in April /May I am trying to decide which to take. Some people have advised me to take the lightest shoes possible ( hiking shoes) whilst others recommend boots for the ankle support they provide. I would welcome...
  15. ClicketySnap

    Any experience with minimalist shoes?

    I currently wear Vibram FiveFingers on a daily basis, and have worn them for over two years. I've seen some people say that the soles don't always last for the entire trip (understandable!), so would it be a good idea to take two pairs (I was thinking one regular, one waterproof) since they...
  16. C

    Keen Whisper or Venice Sandals on the Camino Frances

    I have several questions about Keen Whisper or Venice sandals. Has anyone worn Keen Whisper or Venice sandals on the route from SJPDP to Santiago during August and September? How much break in time was needed for these sandals? Where they your primary footwear? Were the sandals suitable...
  17. P

    over 100 miles so far in sandals on the Camino Francis

    Howdy my husband, Tony’s feet are doing amazing! He loves his Luna sandals and now James and I are jealous. One hot afternoon I was literally fantasizing about talking my shoes off and putting on a pair of sandals. He gets a lot, a lot, a lot of strange looks, from people, but it’s Tony he...
  18. Waka

    Shoes, Sandals and ?

    Morning Pilgrims My shoes are bought and have spent the last month wearing them in and will continue to do so for the next 3 ½ months before I start my journey. I'm also thinking of getting myself some sandals for the evening which will allow my feet to breath, also I'd like the type that , if...
  19. E

    Sandals or flip flop

    I am a day a way from my trip to the Camino Portugues. I am still debating if I should take my Keen sandlas or if I shuold buy a lighter one. I plan to use them on paved paths not on the trail. What is your advice. Thanks Elizabeth
  20. Shauna

    Keen Sandals

    Hi walked fron Leon to Santiago last August and this July we are going from St Jean to Leon. Last year I sufered blisters and plantar fasciitis and ended up buying some hiking sandals. They did the trick and I was able to walk 15 plus miles per day but they did not have enough arch support...

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