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  1. Friday rush hour

    Friday rush hour

  2. Foggy Santiago

    Foggy Santiago

  3. B

    Taxi share from Santiago de Compostela to O Cebreiro?

    Hi fellow pilgrims! We are planning to start our walk from O Cebreiro, flying in to Santiago de Compostela either on 02/08/2018 or 03/08/2018. We are considering getting a taxi from Santiago de Compostela to O Cebreiro either on 02/08/2018 or 03/08/2018 (at the moment, we are flexible) - this...
  4. DanfromSydney

    Week Sixteen - author, blogger and motivational speaker Sam Clear

    Sam Clear walked around the world in a bid to unite Christians. He walked 15,500km from Brazil, through South America, Central America and North America, across Siberia on the Trans-Siberian Railway and on foot again from Moscow to the Camino de Santiago It was called Walk4One His story is an...
  5. SYates

    Moving to Santiago

    Update 22nd May 2017: Ok, here the contact info, which you also find here (my mobile number will change as soon as I get a Spanish SIM and I will then update again). On the website is also a map ;-) *** From 26th May 2017 S.Yates Travesía do Carme de Abaixo, 4...
  6. Saisainita

    Where to sleep on Camino Ingles?

    Hey! I am planing to go Camino Ingles. It would be first time to walk pilgrims way. I am gonna walk from Ferrol to Santiago. I am planing to do it in 6 days. The biggest question where to sleep on the way. In Ferrol and Santiago I am planing to book hotels, but on the way I saw I could stay in...
  7. Iain McKie

    ❤A year ago today a dream came true

    A year ago today 26th Feb 2016 I set off form SJPD not knowing I had only one goal and that was to enjoy the adventure ahead. I had not planned past day 1 as I didn't want to put any pressure on time or what I needed to do each day. I would walk till I wanted to rest and just see how it went. I...
  8. J

    Paris to Santiago?

    Hello all, I will be traveling from Iceland to Paris late march. I am very curious to know if it is possible for me to walk along Turonensis that goes from Paris to St. Jean, and then continue into Spain and follow the Camino Francés to Santiago? Is there a way to do this? Has anyone done...
  9. L

    Camino blog

    Just started a little blog on Tumblr about my experience on the Camino if anyone wants to check it out! Nice pictures to!
  10. natefaith

    It's a quiet December day in Santiago

    Greetings from Santiago on a very quiet and mild December day! High season has finally wound down and the pedestrian streets in old town have been empty in the morning, gradually getting more busy as the day goes on. Today when I walked into work I was the only person on Rua Nova at 10:30am - an...
  11. C

    Name of Fiesta that was held on September 10th in Santiago?

    Does anyone know the name of the Fiesta held in Praza do Obradoiro on September 10th in Santiago de Compostela? I am making a Camino photobook for my sister and I can't remember. I also can't find any reference to it on the Internet. It was huge with lots of groups dressed up in costumes...
  12. E

    When in Santiago...

    Hi everyone! I can't believe it but I'm sitting here 20km from Santiago after walking the Camino del Norte and the Camino Primitivo. I'm ready for the final stretch tomorrow and needless to say it's exciting times! My plan is to carry on walking to Muxia and then across ending in Finisterre but...
  13. Wrooney12

    Coastal or Inland Camino Portuguese? (November 2016)

    Hi there! I am going to be making a pilgrimage to Portugal/Spain very soon, from Oct 30-Nov 6. I will arrive in Lisbon on the morning of the 30th, rent a car and drive to Fatima for the day and then spend the night in Porto. I plan to begin my Camino on the morning of the 31st and finish on...
  14. BrettP

    Finding My Way: Autumn on the Camino Frances 2016-08-16

    Readers of this forum need no introduction to the Camino Frances, but Brett Payne's memoir of his journey from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela and Fisterra in the autumn of 2015, is illustrated by 212 full colour photographs and 36 daily route maps to give you a tremendous insight...
  15. lessonslearnedabroad

    Santiago Cathedral: Construction

    Does anyone know when the repairs are scheduled to end on the cathedral? My past two Caminos have showcased the wonderful scaffolding, but I thought maybe it would be nice to get to see the actual bell towers on my next Camino :)
  16. Jenni along the way

    Terrorism threat on the 25th?

    Hola, I am along the Camino Frances and finally getting close to arriving in Santiago! I am supposed to arrive on the feast day. As I have conversations with people from Spain, many are recommending to avoid Santiago on the 25th due to recent terrorist attacks... in Nice, etc. Anyone share...
  17. I

    camino del salvador AND camino primitivo?

    Hello! So this will be my first camino experience. I'm a young female, 21 years old, and would like to bike el camino del salvador+ el camino primitivo by my self. Is this too much? And do you think one are able to do this within 12 days? Im in quite good shape, allthough I dont usually bike...
  18. natefaith

    Celebration, Worship, and Closure in Santiago: 3 Resources

    There are bits and pieces of this in different threads, but I wanted to bring them together here. For all of you on the Camino this season, once you arrive in Santiago de Compostela there are three English-speaking resources for you: 1. English Mass in the Cathedral of Santiago Monday through...
  19. Antonia

    Camino Madrid – May 16th start

    Hello! Is anybody planning a start from Camino Madrid on May 16th? Looking for companions to start the Camino from Madrid on this day.
  20. AnnaFinlandia

    Albergues in Santiago

    Anybody knows if I can stay more than one night in municipal Albergue(s) in Santiago de Compostela? I should be finishing my walk the 12th-13th of May but I'm planning to book my flight for the 15th... I'm just wondering since so many pilgrims are arriving daily if we need to rotate and make...