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sarria to santiago

  1. MarcelWals

    LIVE from the Camino Finally....my first steps!

    Finally I made my first steps! After a long day of flying, waiting, flying again, taking a bus, I finally get where my starting point was. Sarria. And I said it before...i will walk the camino light version. But it's my camino. And before I took a delicious meal, I went to the centre to see some...
  2. M

    Anxious about accommodation Sarria to Santiago de compostela

    Hi, I'm leaving Dublin on the 19th. I have my accommodation booked for the first night. After seeing the thread "albergues are full" I've started becoming anxious about finding accommodation. Do you think I should start booking ahead? Is there anyone who is there now who can tell me if...
  3. Melensdad

    Finished a few days ago... am I the only one who

    Loved my Camino from SJPDP to Sarria. Disliked the way it changed with the heavy crowds and noise after Sarria. Packs of teens from schools were singing or carrying music players. Loud talking adults. Tranquility lost to the herd. Now I'll say the groups were polite, just loud. At one...
  4. L B

    Albergue capacity from Sarria to Santiago in August

    Hello everyone! Due to the lack of free time I'm planning to only walk a shot way from Sarria to Santiago. I'm planning to go sometime in mid August but I was wondering if it's possible to do it without making prior reservations at the albergues? I really want to enjoy my walk and go as far as I...
  5. Rafael Pujols

    Help with Camino Frances: Sarria - Santiago (Santiago - Fenisterre)

    Hi, Im planning to walk the camino on Jul 2017, from Sarria to Santiago (and if possible Santiago - Fenisterre), and i have some questions about it. As I'll arrive to Madrid, - I don't see any airport in Sarria, Which is the best / fast way to get to Sarria? to start walking as soon as...
  6. KFrances

    Freaking a little about albergue availability in July

    Hi everyone, My husband and I are walking the Camino in July starting at Ponferrada. We have 17 days which I think should be plenty. We're fairly set with equipment but I must admit to starting to freak out about the availability of albergues en route to Santiago. I am trying not to overplan by...
  7. Hal

    Fave Accomodation from Sarria to Santiago. Also, a question of days.

    I have 9 days to walk and I am doing so in order to get a Compostela for a relative. Because I will be walking with a day pack and will be sending my bag ahead, I am pre-booking accomodation and can hopefully not have to sprint for a bed but enjoy the road. As I will be missing the more scenic...
  8. Lance Chambers

    'The Spanish Route' - A New Route from Sarria?

    Checking the forum I have noticed that a number of people comment on the dramatic jump in numbers starting at Sarria. Almost every year the number of pilgrims/hikers that start in Sarria dominate those from any other location on the Camino Frances and this, I believe, causes the problems which...
  9. Melanomamum

    Is it possible to travel the last 100kms with a 3.5 yr old

    Hi - I very much want to do a leg of the Camino with my son this year. We are hoping to travel in Sept. He will be 3.5 yrs old then, weighing approx 17kgs. I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice in which route would best suit us? I will be travelling alone with him and plan on carrying...
  10. Rebekah Scott

    FICS Forum: Why Change the 100 km. rule to 300 km.?

    Dear friends, the Fraternidad Internacional del Camino de Santiago, an activist group comprised of historians, sociologists, hospitaleros, and camino busybodies, last weekend met in Sarria to debate the latest issues and decide how to solve some problems. Most of you know that one of our more...
  11. Seth

    (O'Cebreiro to Santiago) OR (Sarria to Finisterre) with 7-8 days walking

    I am trying to decide which of these two routes to take as I have heard wonderful things both about O'Cebreiro and Finisterre. I'm not sure I can fit both in with only 7-8 days of walking available. I consider myself to be in very good walking shape but this will be my first camino and don't...
  12. M

    Wheelchair rental for last 100km Sarria-Santiago

    Hello all. Where can one rent a wheelchair to use in the last 100km of the Camino Frances? There is someone in our traveling party who will need a wheelchair. Her husband prefers not to bring one from the U.S. so he is looking for wheelchair hire shops. We are doing the last 100km in October...
  13. K

    Three ladies walking need your help

    Hi you all I am sure that these questions are the usual ones but I need everything in one lot. We are three ladies walking with small health problems, for instance I cannot carry heavy weight on my back, so I would like to know... Question A:How easy is it to get this network of putting your...
  14. DanielaInes

    Walking poles in Sarria

    Hello, my sisters and I will be walking from Sarria to Santiago in a few weeks time at the end of January. We are flying with Ryanair from London and they do not allow walking sticks/poles as part of hand luggage. What we're slightly worried about is; as it being 'off season', will there be...
  15. shubertj

    Recommendations on route from Sarria

    My wife is hiking the CF starting in early March with some friends, they plan to hike from Burgos to Sarria at which time I plan on meeting my wife. Her friends will bus to Santiago since they have already hiked in from Sarria previously and are on a limited time schedule. I plan to hike with my...
  16. Kanga

    The joy of sharing the last 100 km

    I have read posts on this forum critical of pilgrims who "only" walk from Sarria, or suggesting that the Camino Frances was spoilt for them by the huge increase in numbers after Sarria, or that people who use assistance to make a Camino are somehow not true pilgrims. This group brought...
  17. B

    Which last 100 Km.? Should I do Camino Frances or Portugal?

    Hello Camino Community! Since I am new to this site and wanting to do a pilgrimage in July (the only time I have), I want to know which 6 days to Santiago? Last 100 km to Santiago the Portugese way or the Frances way?
  18. R

    Dropping car rental and then on to Sarria

    Hi, I'm having a tough time figuring out how/if I can get to Sarria on a Sunday. My friend and I are renting a car in Barcelona and traveling across Spain for a few days before starting our Walk in Sarria. We need to arrive in Sarria on a Sunday and I'm wondering if this is going to cause us...
  19. Irish guy

    An Irishman's Camino lite (115km) Sarria -Santiago De Compostela

    Hi all - I'm based in Ireland and I thought I would share my Camino 'lite' experience (September 2014 over one week from Sarria to Santiago De Compostela, about 115km) - https://www.tomsrambles.com/blog/2018/1/22/burning-out-then-walk-the-walk-on-the-camino-de-santiago What a journey, already...
  20. P

    From Sarria....what time of year?

    Hello friends..just a few questions! Planning for a near future trip..Sarria to Compostela with a friend.Best time to do this? I hear summer is very crowded..Is last week October a good time? Or April or May?My time depends on my work ..but I am free last week October..during Easter...or end of...