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  1. Stone Footbridge out of Sarria.jpg

    Stone Footbridge out of Sarria.jpg

    Stone Footbridge out of Sarria
  2. H

    Bus from O'Cebreiro to Sarria

    On day 6 in late September, we are walking from Herrerias to O'Cebreira for breakfast and then plan to take a bus to Sarria. Will it be easy to get a bus or taxi to Sarria and about how long will it take? we have figured it is 40 km.
  3. R

    Bus to sarria

    Good day! I will be walking from Sarria with my friend in October this year. We are sailing into Santander (arriving around midday). We are hoping to get the bus from Santander to Sarria but not having much luck online as yet. We wondered if hiring a car one-way might be better (if we can get...
  4. Storyteller Matt

    How do I get to Sarria?

    My first time on the Camino, I wanted to start small. I'm walking from Sarria to Santiago, then on to Finisterre. I find the best schedule for me is to fly into Madrid at the start, flying out of Santiago de Compostela at the end. My questions to the group are: How do I get from Madrid to...
  5. W

    Share a ride from SCQ (Compostela airport) to Sarria. May 11 2018

    My two brothers and myself with spouses are going to Walk from Sarria to Compostela. We start by flying in to Compostela then want to get transportation out to Sarria from the airport. A minivan looks like a good option but for a few more euros we can get a 26 seat coach. Just wondering if...
  6. N

    Anyone know what these are?

    There are several of them just as you are starting to leave Sarria... Thanks!
  7. G

    How much stair climbing in last 100 km?

    As a follow-up to my previous post about navigating the Camino with walking difficulties, I wanted to check with folks who've walked the last 100 km from Sarria to Santiago. Based on previous responses, I would make arrangements in advance with private accommodations and use taxis to get to/from...
  8. J

    How to get from Santiago Airport to Sarria?

    Hi all, finally, next month i will start my journey (a small one unfortunatly) it is planned to arrive the 18th of november in Santiago ( 17.00) and would like to reach Sarria the same day. is there another way to get there without a Taxi? as busses and trains are no longer available after...
  9. S

    Wailing woman in Sarria

    Hi everyone! First post from me. I'm a solo female traveller and arrived in Sarria yesterday to start my walk today. I'm staying in an albergue on the camino and last night an old woman started wailing and singing and playing a tin whistle for a few hours in the middle of the night. I booked a...
  10. KinkyOne

    About obtaining Compostela for last 100/200kms (again, I know...)

    ...but when watching certain vlog with false info I did some internet searching. As I know you can only get Compostela if you collect two stamps per day on the last 100 km (walking) BUT: - 1: there isn't any rule published on Cathedral site...
  11. SeanDwyer

    Help! Hospital/Doctor Sarria

    Hi guys. I need help. I started the camino in León with my twin brother 6 days ago. We walked, roughly 30km per day, but yesterday on the way from Villafranca De Bierzo to O'Cebriero the speed at which I walked was unknowingly much quicker as I got so engrossed in conversation with a camino...
  12. t2andreo

    The Sarria Solution...

    This year while working for a month, from mid-July to mid-August, as a volunteer at the Pilgrim Office in Santiago I had many opportunities to talk to arriving pilgrims each day. This year there were several emergent issues: - For non-Spanish pilgrims, the Camino del Norte, Camino Portuguese...
  13. A

    Looking to share a taxi from Santiago Airport to Sarria on June 3, 2017

    My husband and I are arriving into Santiago Airport (SQL) at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, June 3. We are looking to share a taxi to Sarria. We will have one suitcase and 2 small backpacks.
  14. C

    Seniors on the Camino

    I will be walking from Sarria starting September 1, 2017. I am a woman 71 years old. Are there any other seniors who will be on the Camino during that time?
  15. I

    Travel from Madrid to Foncebadón to Sarria

    We will be beginning our pilgrimage from Sarria but would like to visit the Iron Cross before doing so. Our flight arrives in Madrid and we were hoping to rent a car in Madrid to drive to Foncebadon then drop off in Lugo. Unfortunately, the car rental office will not be open when we would...
  16. MarcelWals

    Finally....my first steps!

    Finally I made my first steps! After a long day of flying, waiting, flying again, taking a bus, I finally get where my starting point was. Sarria. And I said it before...i will walk the camino light version. But it's my camino. And before I took a delicious meal, I went to the centre to see some...
  17. B

    Two Week Countdown!

    After months of planning and fretting (so much fretting!) my wife and I are finally a fortnight away from leaving for our Sarria - Santiago stretch on October 4th. And we may be ready for it, or as ready as one can be in a world where God laughs as man plans. I'd ask worriedly about bedbugs...
  18. M

    Anxious about accommodation Sarria to Santiago de compostela

    Hi, I'm leaving Dublin on the 19th. I have my accommodation booked for the first night. After seeing the thread "albergues are full" I've started becoming anxious about finding accommodation. Do you think I should start booking ahead? Is there anyone who is there now who can tell me if...
  19. In Sarria

    In Sarria

  20. B

    Getting to Sarria if flying to Santiago

    Hi - a soon-to-be first-timer here! I have one week of vacation in April, plan to fly from the USA to Santiago, pick up a bus to Sarria, and do the last 100K. Is it easy to get a bus from Santiago to Sarria any day of the week in April? Thanks!

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