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  1. FriendsoftheNHW

    North Highland Way

    Hi I am planning a pilgrimage from the Cathedral in Armagh to St. Magnus Cathedral on Orkney to Lincoln and then to Lancaster. You can track my progress on the North Highland Way. You can also now buy your passports for the Way. www.northhighlandway.co.uk
  2. Jhim

    More Scots on the Camino-Video

    The Scottish guy is back to complete his Camino from where his movie left off last month. This part2 “Wee Movie” is basically a personal memory but I promised to share it with the people I cajoled into giving me a clip. If this makes you smile, then it might just make someone take their own...
  3. Jhim

    Not enough Scots on the Camino

    I have just returned from a 2 week Camino from Santo Domingo to Rabanal. Walking in 37C is difficult for people north of Hadrian's wall. Come to think of it, the way is not well known in Scotland at all. It was wonderful to meet so many nice people on the way and this wee movie has many clips of...
  4. Jeff Crawley

    Been on the Camino? Visiting Scotland?

    Then this may be of interest. Champing - camping in churches! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/23/church-champing-for-scottish-pilgrims Slighe cheart!

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