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senda litoral

  1. walker_wisdom

    Senda Litoral e-book

    We wrote an e-book (kindle or on kindle app through other devices) about our journey along the Portuguese Senda Litoral. It's a narrative travel guide/journal, pretty much exactly what I would like to have read before my Camino. Leaving this link here so it can help someone else looking for the...
  2. Jessie H

    Camino Senda Litoral, de la Costa, and Central

    Hi everyone, I plan to arrive at Porto at 21. April. One day around Porto. At 23rd starting from Porto heading to Santiago. It must be an eternal question to ask: which one to take among the three options... I plan to walk along Camino Senda Litoral. Would I miss many historical spots like...
  3. Stacyv

    Senda Litoral

    Anyone have any advice on walking the senda litoral from Viana do Castelo and Caminha? Is it worth coming off the coastal route which so far does not seem that coastal. I’m heading out of Viana in the morning.
  4. James X

    Just a little advice needed on the Coastal Option (Litoral / Coastal)

    Thanks to everybody for their amazing input here - It's helped me make up my mind this evening and book my flights to do a second Caminho !! (Respect to that h) I only have about 6 to 7 days and my plan would be to walk a section from somewhere North of Porto to Vigo or just north of it**...
  5. happyhippie13

    Porto to Santiago - which route?

    Hi there! I completed a section of the Camino Frances in 2016 from Burgos to Santiago, and now I am wanting to do a section of the Camino Portugues this summer. The only thing is that I am caught between doing the coastal way and la senda litoral. I was wondering if people who have done either...
  6. stevov

    'More than a walk'...my blog about the Portuguese Coastal

    I did the Portuguese Coastal Route via the Senda Litoral in June and have finally produced my blog covering my journey along the coast from Porto to Vigo and then on to Santiago. The blog...'More than a Walk...can be found at https://stevov.wordpress.com Bom Caminho!
  7. P

    Senda Litoral or Coastal Route? How to choose?

    We have booked our accommodation in advance: Vila Do Conde, Esposende, Viana do Castelo, Caminha, Baiona, Vigo, Redondela then on the traditional route. For some reason we thought this WAS the coastal route but now it looks like we are actually on the Senda Litoral instead. Is there much of a...

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