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  1. Gary0726

    I’m trying to reconnect with pilgrims from July 2019

    I’m trying to reconnect with a group of people that I meet on the Camino Frances this past July. There were about 4 women and three men. I cannot recall their names. I visited with them one night in Arzua after the mass. One of the women was a PhD and one a psychologist and one of the men was a...
  2. Darlue

    Is anybody planning to start the Vdlp around 17th/18th April

    Good morning at all, Im a young women from Germany who has choosen the vdlp for first Camino. I’m really looking forward to it and it would be great to have a walking partner for the first route out of Sevilla. Is here anybody with similar plans? Best wishes, Darlue
  3. Pilgrim Rick

    VDLP APRIL 2016...Seville...Who's starting out on the camino in April?

    Hi Guys, I walked the Camino Frances from St Jean to Santiago in October 2014 with a very good friend. I can't even begin to describe what an amazing experience it was for me and my friend too, considering every aspect, it was truly a life changing discovery. 780kms of discovery on your journey...
  4. T

    Starting out from Seville 27/28th April

    Hi, I arrive in Seville this Sunday (26th April) and am staying in the Hostel Triana, though not of a nervous disposition the talk of armed robberies on the 1st Stage out of Seville is of concern. I'm loathe to take a bus to Guillena so was wondering if anyone else is starting out from Seville...
  5. jirit

    Casa del Libro In Seville 2014-05-06

    Probably the best place in Seville to get guidebooks on the via de la Plata and other routes. And it is the only other place that sells the local VdlP association guidebook.

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