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  1. Guy15

    Best Salomon shoes for Camino Frances

    I know there have been many threads about that, but felt the need to open a new one - Need to buy a new shoes for Camino Frances. I had Salomon X Ultra Mid gtx and decided to send them home and buy a low shoe for the camino, as I understood from people here that it’s not a difficult trek (at...
  2. K


    Hi! My sister and I will be walking the Camino Primitivo this year for one week from the end of April into the beginning of May. We'll be starting in Lugo. Because of an accident I'm not physically able to do a longer camino. Will it be necessary for us to buy new shoes and backpacks, since...
  3. DevereUx

    What I learned on the Camino

    Having just finished the Camino Frances, here's some of what I learned: It's all about shoes! The shoes will make or break a Camino! Test, test and test some more. I chose trail runners, after test walking in 11 different types of shoes (Amazon is very forgiving, but don't abuse them). I found...
  4. C

    Chiruca Dynamic 52 Gore-Tex

    Hi everyone, So... 3 months to go before my departure and I'm ready to buy the shoes but I stumbled upon a problem. I wanna find out some user reviews about this particular model (Chiruca Dynamic 52 Gore-Tex) but I only found results in Spanish and sadly I do not understand this language. Only...
  5. L

    "Sizing Up" in Shoes??

    Hello, I have seen several commenters here give the advice that, since one's feet tend to swell over the course of a long camino, people should consider buying hiking shoes/boots that are 1/2 size to a full size up from what they normally wear. I am confused by this advice, since I have always...
  6. A

    Somebody help?!

    Hi there, I left SJPDP over a month ago and I'm only half way. About a week into the Camino I started experiencing pain in the arches of my feet, tight and sore and burning. If I wobble on a rock or have to go up hill it's like walking on glass. I start the day ok and about ten km in I have to...
  7. P

    Shoe shop sarria

    Hi! My name is Pascalle. I'm walking the Camino Frances with two classmates for the first time. Unfortunately my shoes are too small and hard. I went alone to Sarria with the taxi to buy other shoes (classmates are walking). Anyone who knows where I can buy good shoes?
  8. Lulumom

    Need help with shoe debate

    Hello, My husband and I are doing our first Camino in early April. I have been breaking in a pair of lightweight waterproof hiking boots but whenever we walk (we live in northern CA and have done some fairly intense hikes, including Lassen) I always find myself leaning towards wearing my...
  9. H

    Shoes in mid-October

    Hi all! I will be starting from Irun or San Sebastian around October 10 and have a question about shoes. Last summer I walked the Frances wearing trail runners, which I found to be the perfect shoe. With the weather in October, would you all suggest heavier hiking boots, or will trail runners be...
  10. Amy Keating

    Camino Portuguese: Shoe Help!

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I leave for Spain in a week, and start walking the Camino Portuguese on September 8th. I am not a hiker but definitely am a walker. I just purchased a pair of extremely light boots from MEC. I loved wearing them in the store. The very kind and helpful salesperson let me...
  11. B

    Please recommend trail shoes in wide (6E) size

    Hi, I am planning my first hike on Camino de Santiago later this year, and would like a recommendation for trail shoes. I have wide feet (6E, US 9 / 260mm) with high instep, so often have to do with 4E with one size up (US 10 / 270mm), but for such a long hike, I'd like a good pair that fits...
  12. Alberte

    Leaving boots at home...

    Hi guys, I am leaving in two weeks from now on, and last-minute decision is to leave my new Buffalo boots at home. I think it will be the wrong shoe for me, as I think it will give me one too many blisters in the heat! My skin is very sore and even though it was the perfect fit for me, it just...
  13. W

    Shoes and boots

    I am planning to walk the entire Camino in May of 2018. I have watched a number of documentaries on YouTube and the consistent complaint is extremely painful blisters. I understand that I need to break my boots in (need to buy them) well before the trip. My question is - does it make sense to...
  14. jgpryde

    Live - Camino Francés Boot Shrines?

    Can someone shed light on the mystery shoe(s) left as shrines on top of waymarks? Here are just two examples of anti have passed along the way. Boot Shrine 1 by jgpryde posted May 26, 2017 at 8:21 AM Boot Shrine 2 by jgpryde posted May 26, 2017 at 8:21 AM This last one, on the way to Villar...
  15. Hamish72

    Don't sweat the packing list

    Our latest post is aimed at those pilgrims looking for help with the packing list. We have including comments on how useful we found each item and what we took but shouldn't have. http://www.2checkingout.com/camino-de-santiago/2017/5/18/the-ultimate-camino-packing-list-2017 One of the...
  16. W

    Shoe Recommendations

    I've been doing lots of research on shoes and I'm trying to figure out which Trail Running Shoes are the best for the Camino. So far I've gathered a list including: Salomon Sense Pro Max W Adidas Response Trail Shoes Brooks Cascadia 11 GTX - Trail Running Shoes - Women's Salomon XA Pro 3D W...
  17. SioCamino

    VDLP April 2017 - heat & shoes

    Hi, I'm due to start walking from Sevilla this weekend. I was expecting that the weather would be pretty warm but it looks pretty hot just now. So I am seeking advice from pilgrims on the road just now or who have walked in similar temps regarding suitable footwear. I had planned on wearing my...
  18. C

    Running Shoes ok on Camino Frances?

    Hello everyone, would you say a pilgrim could continue using quality running shoes and rugged sandals on the Camino Frances? Won't that work for most of the middle to the end sections in May and June? I've heard trail shoes are the way to go. In the USA a running shoe and a trail shoe are...
  19. snowcone

    Walking in Sandals in Spring on Camino Frances

    Has anyone walked a Camino in sturdy sandals? I'm headed to SJPP in mid-April and am considering making my alternate shoe something substantial enough to walk in, should I want to change out from my normal (and admittedly, heavy) backpacking boots. I'm looking at Tevas, Chacos, etc. I see some...
  20. maevlilu

    Extra shoes during the day

    I have read so many questions and answers here, and it has really helped me complete my packinglist. But I have one more question. I have bought some very light trail running shoes, think they will be great for me....But should I bring another very lightweight shoes to be able to change during...

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