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side trips

  1. mark connolly

    An article about the excavation site of Atapuerca, just off the CF

    Early humans likely hibernated to deal with freezing winters (nypost.com) Also: Sima de los Huesos, a Key to Human Evolution (thoughtco.com) Atapuerca Mountains - Wikipedia Enjoy. Mark
  2. peregrina2000

    Detour to Zegama from the Viejo

    On the theory that I have to have a camino at the ready for whatever season we are in when walking is again possible, I am going back to the spectacular deep dive Viejo thread (thanks, VN) and actually plotting out potential stages. Accommodation is tricky, place names are frustrating (many...
  3. wisepilgrim

    Camino de la Corona - Where am I?

    Here's another 'where is it?' set of photos for the camino veterans. The first shows the camino, with some well aged signage and a distinct pine covered stretch which is arrow straight... something which makes it unique-ish on the Camino Francés. It coincides with another route, the Camino de...
  4. Theatregal

    The Beauty of Ruins

    I expect I'm not the only one who takes photos of ruins. The history, the stories they contain - remembered and forgotten. Houses, churches, hórreos, barns, cottages, stone walls, whole villages... Would love to see your photos and the location. This one, just past Bon Xesús on the way to...
  5. VNwalking

    Ancient churches on the San Salvador, Primitivo, and Via de la Plata

    Looking around online for some information about a virtual Camino de las Asturias, I stumbled across this beautiful article that describes some of the oldest churches in Spain, in detail and with photographs. https://orthodoxartsjournal.org/the-ancient-churches-of-spain/ Then, as one does, I...
  6. jungleboy

    São Frutuoso - medieval chapel in Braga

    I spent a few days in and around Braga in northern Portugal this week and discovered an amazing medieval chapel that should be more well known than it is - for example, it is not even mentioned in the Lonely Planet Portugal guidebook that I have (the 2014 9th edition). So here’s my attempt to...
  7. peregrina2000

    Ojo Güareña on the Camino Olvidado

    I’ve been doing some poking around the internet in preparation for another Zoom meeting on the Olvidado. I should stop, because I have been finding some amazing sites that are not on camino, just a stone’s throw away. But I was totally oblivious when I walked. Here’s one of the most amazing...
  8. VNwalking

    Detailed Planning for Viejo/Olvidado from Pamplona

    Now that I have the hang of walking virtually after taking on the Invierno, I'm going to be more ambitous: next up is the combination of the Viejo and Olvidado from Pamplona to Ponferrada. I won't go any faster then I walk here everyday, so it will take a while (weeks? months?). As I go I'll...
  9. AJGuillaume

    Virtual (and very detailed) plan to walk the VdlP and Sanabrés (planning while in confinement)

    This year we were going to walk from Lisbon to SdC, after a few shorter walks in France and a week volunteering at SJPdP. As a result of Covid-19, we are now confined in Melbourne, Australia, and I have been keeping the dream alive by planning 2021 and 2022 (when I am not running after a...
  10. peregrina2000

    San Pedro de Arlanza

    I am hoping to walk the Lana to Santo Domingo de Silos and there transition over to the San Olav to get me into Burgos. @VNwalking has given me some great suggestions for taking some alternative paths that look spectacular but will get me to the same place eventually. One of those paths...
  11. Felice

    Bus to Santo Domingo de Silos

    I'm walking the camino Frances again in May, and I would like to take a side trip to visit the monastery at Santa Domingo. Early, I came across a reference to a daily bus from Burgos there in the evening and another one back the next day. All I can find at the moment is a bus from Burgos to...
  12. dnaleonard

    Favorite stops on the Norte?

    For anyone willing to share their favorite stops, accommodations, or side trips along the Norte, I would be thrilled to hear them. I will have 42 days to make my way across, so in theory, I will have some time to smell the roses. Or, considering my Feb/March timetable, I guess I could give them...
  13. Richard DeMerchant

    Camino Must See

    We are hiking the Camino Frances from SJPDP to Santiago starting June 28th. In our research, we have come across a few "must-see" places and things on the Camino or just off the trail. I was hoping to get some suggestions from other pilgrims of places and things to see. For example, we would...
  14. alansykes

    Slight detour after Allaríz

    The southern version of the Sanabrés is strangely neglected. I like the northern one very much, and think the section on the high ground round the Venta de Teresa after A Gudiña has some of the loveliest few hours of any camino I know. But I don't see why so few people head for Verín, which is...
  15. C

    Detour to Parador in Corias

    My wife and I (age 66) -Planning to walk the Primitivo next April/May. I found a 2017 thread about detouring to stay at the Parador in Corias; We would like to take a rest day there. I'd like advice from anyone who has done this more recently. 1) where did you divert- Tineo, or Pola de...
  16. ivar

    Picos de Europa

    Not really on the Camino del Norte, but not far from it... I saw this video on YouTube and it looks stunning. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Picos+de+Europa/@43.0937786,-5.4967709,8.7z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0xd49c893856535cf:0x7291815fe2dcd950!8m2!3d43.1872155!4d-4.821524
  17. Anniesantiago


    I was just updating my blog, and ran across these photos. I wonder how many of you who have walked the Camino Frances have taken the time to walk the turnoff to Castromaior? As you walked toward Palas de Rei from Portomarin, you will come across the archaeological site. Here is what the...
  18. Walking Nature World

    Discover the Underwater world - Incredible As Catedrais Beach in Ribadeo, Galicia

    Discover the Underwater world - Incredible As Catedrais Beach in Ribadeo, Galicia | Camino del Norte - Day 29 Watch the full video here: On the Day 29 of our Camino de Santiago del Norte we passed through Ribadeo and Las Catedrales Beach in Galicia. We packed everything up and were on the...
  19. O

    Getting from Norte to Oviedo

    I'm currently in Bilbao recovering from the shock to my system of the last week from Irun 😅. I plan to follow the primitivo from Oviedo. Can someone please suggest the best point on the Norte to turn into Oviedo? Is it Villaviciosa or Aviles or somewhere else? Thanks
  20. wanderthecamino

    How many detours can I fit in on my second Camino?

    Hola pilgrims! I am currently planning my second Camino for a late September start in St Jean. I'll be walking the Frances, but am open to being convinced otherwise if other pilgrims wanted to message me their recommendations and opinions. My first Camino was in July 2017, when my mum and I...