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sim card

  1. Drew1578

    iPhone 4S to use for calls in Spain

    OK - after scouring the forums and looking on line I can't figure out if I should/could take my old iPhone 4S to Spain to use only as a phone and maybe use a map app (I'd get a SIM card in Spain for the phone) or maybe get a cheap phone just for phone calls while there (2 weeks). I'm guessing...
  2. Iriebabel

    SIM card...for camino

    Found this today on the USA amazon site . Thought someone might find it useful or interesting Orange sim https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XBYMX58/?tag=casaivar02-20 3 sim data only https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006H7BKXG/?tag=casaivar02-20
  3. YoCo

    Clarity on SIM card usage /coverage

    I have read many threads on this subject and I'm still not clear on what is covered. Pertinent info: -Samsung 7, unlocked (I'm pretty sure but will make sure) - plan on downloading What's App for texting /calling home -uploading pics /video only at alburgues with wifi -not using GPS or maps...
  4. S

    SIM Card in Pamplona

    Hey guys I am looking to purchase a SIM card in Pamplona but I have noticed a lot of stores closed as it is Winter. I believe there are stores that sell SIM cards in Pamplona but does anyone know if these SIM card stores will be open when I arrive ? And if so , what time will they be open ? I am...
  5. jirit

    Prepaid SIM card Wiki 2017-09-20

    Details on what SIM data and voice packages are available for Spain.
  6. Pxlwiz

    Orange or SimYo 4G for use on the Norte/Primativo

    I'm looking to take a tablet along on our Camino from Irun to Santiago via Oviedo this coming June. I need this device for Blogging but want to use it also for communications home and data along the way for background information and historical detail to enhance our experience and my posts. I'm...
  7. C

    Sim Card Questions

    Hello chatty Camino people who use some technology... I'm thinking about getting the Orange Tourist Sim plan. One site explained: it's 30 days; 35 Euros; 6GB data; at 4G speed; 30 mins voice. Assuming this includes unlimited text, right? Texting is how people make plans and keep in touch in...
  8. B

    Sim Card - Best place to purchase please

    Greetings all! Could someone please advise the best place to purchase a sim card? I will be starting in St.Jean this weekend after arriving in Paris from Australia. I plan to take the lower route to Valcarlos and stay overnight before heading onto Roncesvalles the next day. I also wanted to...
  9. LionHeart7

    New phone number - SIM Card for Camino

    Hi, I would like to ask you if you can help me with an opinion about SIM Card for my Camino. I intend to use a Spanish phone number to call the albergues, or make a reservation and maybe to call to my new Camino friend:) Can you tell me which Network is the best in Spain for...
  10. Gipsy Moon

    Spanish SIM Card

    Could anyone tell me where I can buy a Spanish SIM card as soon as possible after SJPP? which network are available? (Tuenti being my preference. ) Thanks a lot
  11. H

    Question about phoning/texting to and from Australia-advice please.

    HI, I'm leaving in a week ...:-o ... and have decided to take an mobile phone from home, but need to check whether it's unlocked. If it isn't, I think that means I can't use it in Spain, or can I get something from Telstra so I can use it in Spain? (Sorry, I am way out of my depth here.)...
  12. crhutch

    Need info pls

    We are headed to Granon. Got off the plane and with a little help from Lady Luck we were able to catch a 10:45 bus to Logroño. The bad was we were not in the airport long enough to buy a SIM card. Anyone know if there are any stores in Logroño open on Sunday were we can buy a sim card
  13. JP

    Cell Phone Options.

    Cell Phones on the Camino Portuguese, buy one or Get a SIM card?
  14. Bajaracer

    Prepaid Spanish SIM card with data 2016-01-21

    Here is a current list of Spanish mobile phone carriers and the prepaid (or PAYG) SIM cards that include good data rates, perfect for the pilgrim that walk the Camino with their smartphone and want to be able to use their device at an affordable rate.
  15. Kiwi-family

    How much data is too much?

    On our next camino I am going to take an I-phone with the Wise Pilgrim app. How much data would I chew through if I kept it running (including the map bit)? In the past I have used either no phone at all or phone just for taking photos, uploading blog posts and running Strava to log each day's...
  16. David Egglestone

    Pre Paid Sim Card before arriving in Spain

    Has anyone RECENTLY purchased a SIM card before arriving in Spain? I guess people mostly use their phones for booking ahead etc and with the advent of apps like WhatApp and Skype there really isnt a lot of need for calls sms etc mainly DATA? Also the ability to upload to the internet photos etc...
  17. Suzanne Edminster

    2014 US cell phone: New plan offers free unlimited cellular data, texting in Spain

    Hi all-- just an update. T-mobile offers free roaming and data (via phone, not wifi), as well as free texts, all over Europe, including France and Spain. Phone calls either in Spain or internationally are 20cents a minute, not bad if you use a direct dial only occasionally in emergencies. The...
  18. jdpiguet

    Where to get a SIM card in Santiago or in Astorga?

    We will arrive Sunday 21th of September in Santiago, around 09:00 and leave for Astorga at 13:45. Is it possible to buy a SIM card in the airport, or close to the bus station? Or will I be able to find a shop opened in Astorga? Buen camino, Jacques-D.
  19. William Donovan

    Replowing SIM Card Ground

    I'm bringing a basic GSM unlocked cell phone (no data, internet, email, etc) when i do the Camino this summer. I'll use it mostly for local calls, with a seldom call to the US, and an occasional text. Considering price and coverage, from which carrier should I purchase a pay-as-you-go plan...
  20. Orafo

    SIM cards for sale in Barajas airport?

    I would like to get a SIM card to insert in my iPhone when I land in Madrid, before boarding a bus. Does anyone know whether there are kiosks or other places to buy them in the terminals, and what companies sell them there? Thanks.

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