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  1. YoCo

    SIM card purchase

    I could use some help with this : ] I've read many posts on this but none are clear... I'm flying into CDG to start the CF. I want to buy an Orange SIM card for android. So: 1. Buying it at CDG or SJPdP- any difference/ easier? (I don't speak French and don't know if that will be a factor...
  2. irishgurrrl

    Topping up Vodafone Tourist SIM Plan???

    Hey folks, Does anyone know how to renew the above SIM plan? Mine expires a few days before I leave so I want to renew/ top up. It's so long since I've had to do this I've forgotten! Thanks in advance!
  3. gracethepilgrim

    Levante technology

    So I know there are lots of ‘Levante-ites’ lurking on the forum at the moment. ;) I’m on countdown now - 19 days til I arrive in Valencia. A question for the veterans: which mobile phone co did you use and what was the coverage like along the Levante? I’ve used Vodafone and Yoigo in the past...
  4. irishgurrrl

    Spanish SIM card for Primitivo???

    Hey folks, I'm planning to buy a Spanish SIM card for my iPhone 5 SE. My brother in law is over there at the moment so will get it for me (all going well). It'll be the usual "pay as you go" with a good data package. Does anyone have any recommendations on which company to buy it from i.e...
  5. Roger Deee

    First Spanish SIM card availability on Camino Frances?

    I am starting the Camino Frances next month starting in SJPDP. I will not to have the opportunity to purchase a Spanish SIM cards until I enter Spain, pre purchasing on online is possible but shipping it to Australia is extremely expensive. I am interested to know exactly where is the first...
  6. Bajaracer

    Prepaid Spanish SIM card with data 2016-01-21

    Here is a current list of Spanish mobile phone carriers and the prepaid (or PAYG) SIM cards that include good data rates, perfect for the pilgrim that walk the Camino with their smartphone and want to be able to use their device at an affordable rate.

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