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sjpp to roncesvalles

  1. Desertwalk

    Camino Frances Early April

    I will be finally starting my Camino from St Jean on the 2nd of April 2018. I understand Napolian trail opens 3/31/18 , understand the opening could be delayed due to weather . What would be recommended for foot wear and outer clothing on Napolian that time of year and what could I expect for...
  2. El Capitan

    SJPDP might be closed November

    preparing for my Camino. I plan on a November 8th start from SJPDP but, I read the trail will be closed in November till march ! Any tips on walking in this time of year? Reservations , snow , rain and temperatures? Anyone else walking this time of year ! Lonesome caminante .
  3. M

    Advice for SJPP and next day to Orrison

    Hello all ! I'm very new to all of this. I just made the decision to do the Camino and I'm finding that maybe I needed a little more planning time, however, the plane tickets are already purchased. I booked my first night in SJPP through bookings.com and heard back from gite azkorria that they...
  4. Camino Bear

    Water in the Pyrenees

    Hi Camino Friends! I'll be walking from SJPDP to Orisson and then Orisson to Roncevalles next week. I'm trying to keep my pack light and am wondering how much water I'll have to carry. My questions is how many potable water fountains are there on this stretch of the Camino? Is the Roland...
  5. B

    If I arrive to SJPdP @ 8.45 will I get to Roncesvalles too late?

    Hey! I arrive at 10pm on a Sunday in Bayonne and from my research I have gathered that there are no trains/buses to SJPdP until monday morning... I am worried by the time that I leave SJPdP - I wont make it to Roncesvalles with enough time to grab a bed or even in daylight hours... I can't...
  6. monkiguy

    First Three Nights - Cold & Wet

    Three of us walked and arrived at Roncesvalles at 5pm Saturday 29th and there were no beds. We travelled and stayed in a camping site at Urobi (not far from Roncesvalles). Ended up walking from Espinal to Zubiri Sunday 30th (yesterday), arriving at Zubiri at 4pm cold, wet and with no beds. It...
  7. MilerMilo

    Late(r) Arrival in Roncesvalles

    To start my Camino I am planning to take the first train from Bayonne, pop by the Pilgrim Office in SJPDP, and then get up to Roncesvalles. It says the train (temporarily a bus) arrives in SJPDP just after 9:00, so figuring getting on the road by 10:00. If it takes eight hours-ish to get up to...
  8. JohanNilsenNagel

    Why start in St. Jean?

    Why do so many people insist on starting in St. Jean? I recently completed my first Camino with my wife in March and for various reasons chose to start in Pamplona. For one, the chance of heavy snow and the potential closure of the Napoleon Route out of St. Jean was likely in late February...
  9. R

    Reservations In Orrison And Roncesvalles??

    How far in advance do you need to make reservations in Orrison and Roncesvalles?
  10. Debbye Jean

    Have Decided to Start in St. Jean. How Do I Book a Bed at Refuge Orisson?

    Hi, I have finally made up my mind to start my Camino in St. Jean, instead of Pamplona. I would like to cross the Pyrenees in two days, making a stop in Orisson. I would like to book a bed in advance at Refuge Orisson, but when I go to their website, there is no place to actually book a bed in...
  11. Turning48

    2 questions: Dealing with Jet lag/Daypack?

    Hi everyone, 2 questions, please: 1) I'm curious if anyone can share their experience of how they dealt with jet lag before starting their journey on The Camino? Did you give yourself a few extra days to recover before starting this and if so, how many? OR did you just deal with it more...
  12. sadaigh

    Camino Office in SJPP

    I'm sure this is in the forum somewhere, but the only link I'm finding isn't working and shows an error. It's from a few years ago... Is there a website for the Camino Office in SJPP? What are their hours?
  13. Gypsea Moon

    SJPP to Roncesvalles

    Feeling the call again... to walk the Camino Frances starting from SJJP, around February - What are the alternative as the Napoleon road is closed until April? - Is it worthwhile? (meaning nice landscape, not wanting to walk on the side of concrete road most of the time) or should I just not...
  14. Marion-SantiagoInLove

    When to go, when not to go...

    ... that's often the question! :) Here's the number per month of all the pilgrims who went to the pilgrims's office in SJPdP in 2015. (stats form the pilgrim's office) It means the pilgrims who started there as well as the ones who arrived there. The real numbers may be a little higher...
  15. navarro

    Route Napoleon closed in winter.

    Helo all: Now September is finishing and I´d like to comment you about Route Napoleon. Last winter Spanish and French authorities closed this route due to the risks for rescue people. However some people had to be rescued in very bad conditios, a lot of accummulated snow, sometimes more than 1...
  16. Charles Zammit

    Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles in two days

    Even though fit and used to walking long distances I am far too realistic to think that I can walk to Roncesvalles in one day without risking injury or strain . Jumping off an international flight and starting to walk the next day just screams eagerness induced injury to me . An overnight at...
  17. Ray Boneski

    Route Napolean versus Valcarlos

    Will the Route Napoleon be open and relatively safe for a mid to late October start date? Or should I plan to take Valcarlos Route? Thanks.
  18. AllisonNFLD

    Confirmation of Route

    Hi there. This will be my first Camino and I'm doing it with my Dad. We are only doing a portion - six days of walking, total, with plans to complete the full walk in pieces. Anyhow, since this is the first time we are undertaking the walk, I've built out what seems to be a straightforward...
  19. sarahwillwalk

    Help for the unfit! How many hours from Orisson to Roncesvalles?

    Hello, all, I'm looking to do my second mini-Camino around the 8th of September (SJPP to Puente dela Reina). Having done Sarria to Santiago a few years ago, I've always wanted to begin in SJPP, and do a little bit over the years to get my Camino "fix" every couple of years. I am about to...
  20. Shawnasong

    Orrison is full Sept. 9th

    I just heard back from the folks at the refuge that it is full on Friday the 9th. I am planning to leave SJPdP on the 9th and was hoping to stay there. But now, I plan to walk the whole way across the mountains. Anyone else doing this that day? Also, I arrive in Madrid on the 8th around 8:00...