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sjpp to roncesvalles

  1. Felipe

    Two pilgrims lost and found in SJPP-Roncesvalles

    Spanish newspapers report that two British pilgrims got lost in the SJPP-Roncesvalles stage and were rescued yesterday. They reportedly survived five days drinking water from streams and cattle abreuvoirs. Finally, they decided to ask for help (a phone call?), and rescue teams from Burguete...
  2. Nanc

    changed plane forces new plan

    I was going to be arriving late in SJPdP on September 6, 2016 and starting 7th to Orrisson on Sept the strike is effecting my tickets too (flight got cancelled so after a frustrated non -French swear word, I had to put into use that Camino attitude we have all been talking about) I will...
  3. C

    Dangers in the Pyrenees?

    Hi, I am wanting to walk the Camino Frances and want to start my journey in St Jean. This means walking through the Pyrenees mountains which my family are quite concerned about. Could you tell me what the route is like and as much advice as possible to help settle their minds as well as mine...
  4. D

    Walking from SJPDP to Roncesvalles around 10 in the morning. Would it be too late?

    Hi all! I am starting the camino on this friday, and I will be arriving SJPP by taking the earliest train of the day from Bayonne. It departs SJPDP at 7:30 and arrives Bayonne at 8:45. I think the time would be around 10 - 10:30 after I receive credential and information from the pilgrim...
  5. Richard Ward

    Starting at French border instead of SJPP?

    I realize it is traditional for many non-Spaniards to start in SJPP, but do some start at the French border via a round-trip from Roncesvalles? I think you would get most of the views, without the hassle/expense of trying to get to SJPP, plus you would avoid about 800 m of vertical climb. I...
  6. trecile

    If you stop at Orisson...

    Is there a good place to stop the next day just a bit farther than Roncesvalles?
  7. Julia Mumford

    We can't get hold of the Orrison

    We leave for our first Camino on 27th May, and start out journey from St Jean on 28th. I am walking with my 13 year old daughter, therefore I really wanted to make sure that we had our first night booked up at the Orrison. But I can't seem to book, which is now starting to worry me, as I...
  8. Morning in Orrison

    Morning in Orrison

  9. Sunrise Orrison

    Sunrise Orrison

  10. Sunrise near to Orrison

    Sunrise near to Orrison

  11. Horse at Orrison

    Horse at Orrison

  12. kelleymac

    Orisson question--

    If we stay the night at Orisson, and then the next morning Napoleon's Route is closed, do we have to hike all the way back down to pick up the Valcarlos route?
  13. kelleymac

    Orisson Paypal link

    Hi everyone-- Ten days after I wrote Orisson, I received an e-mail response (refuge.orisson@wanadoo.fr) saying my son and I could stay there on April 23rd, and that we should pay via paypal, but there was no link to paypal, and I'm not sure how to put a deposit. I did write back, but have not...
  14. P

    traveling the napolean route out of st jean

    I'm Patricia, from Houston. I'm starting the Camino at St Jean on April 29, doing the Napolean route and looking for hike mates, hopefully, who are familiar with the route or comfortable with finding their way. This looks the most challenging part of the route and I'm somewhat timid about...
  15. Curiosity

    How steep is steep?

    Hi all! First of all; this forum rocks! It's extremely helpfull during the preparation for my first Camino, starting on May 10th. Thank you so much, so far. My biggest concern at this moment is the first stretch to Roncessvalles. I'm planning on staying at Orrisson to cut myself some slack...
  16. Gareth Griffith

    Reviews about Orisson

    I was reading the reviews about Orisson on TripAdvisor and although they are written in English, French and Spanish I could follow them all without the use of the Google translate ( I am smartarse aren't i?). They are great because some of them highlight how self absorbed some people are but...
  17. domigee

    Warning for crossing of Pyrenees

    sorry the link is in Spanish but I'm sure you clever people can get translation on google http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/santiago/2016/01/12/peregrinos-podran-llegar-roncesvalles-invierno-traves-cumbres-pineraicas/00031452617365064487322.htm Basically, from 1st November until 31st March...
  18. G

    Early April and Orisson Refuge

    Hi everyone, I'm schedule to start walking on my birthday, April 4. I emailed the Orisson refuge on January 2nd asking to reserve on April 4 and I got a response on Jan 12 that said: "At this period of the year we don't know if the weather is good so just call us the day before to know if the...
  19. M


    Starting my Camino in middle to late April. I know no one can forecast the weather but is there usually snow in the Pyrenees. Is it passable? Thank you in advance for any information that would help.
  20. S


    How do you get in touch with Orrison? I have been trying to make a reservation for some time for early May. No one has responded.