1. A

    Double room with bathroom in SJPP 6th/7th September in good price for anyone??

    Hello, I have booked double room with private bathroom in Gite Zazpiak in St Jean Pied de Port from Wednesday 6th September to Thursday 7th Sept. Unfortunately, because of private reasons I had to change my start day of the Camino, but it was too late for cancel this reservation for free... So...
  2. Gemajams

    Starting in SJPP, Travel To SJPP & Accomodations

    Hi. We're getting close and we're super excited. We arrive in Madrid Sept 4th and will travel to St. Jean where we will begin our walk on the 5th. 1. What's the best way to travel from Madrid to St Jean? I have some idea but would like to hear from you. 2. Looking for accommodations in St...
  3. M

    Advice for SJPP and next day to Orrison

    Hello all ! I'm very new to all of this. I just made the decision to do the Camino and I'm finding that maybe I needed a little more planning time, however, the plane tickets are already purchased. I booked my first night in SJPP through and heard back from gite azkorria that they...
  4. P

    Le Post Question

    Hey guys, I would like to send an extra pair of shoes ahead to SJPP from Le Puy. I understand in Spain you can send a package to the town post office addressed to yourself and you have maybe a month to pick it up at the post office. Does the Le Post in France work the same way??? Thanks!
  5. SuperPilgrim

    Starting June 3 2017 from SJPP

    Anyone else starting their Camino from Saint Jean Pied de Port on June 3rd?
  6. S

    Terrified And Unsure Of How To Travel From Paris To Sjpp

    This is me and my mothers first time walking a trail. Our plane Arrives in Paris at 8:45 am On April the 18th... We would like to SJPP on the same date and we just don't know how or what to do.. when I looked up the times for the TGV train it turned out that the earliest after 8 leaves at...
  7. Roger Pimenta

    Starting CF April 1st and gitters just hit me...

    Hi Everyone, First off I must give a huge thanks to everyone that’s put so much energy into creating, managing and contributing to this community. Like so many others, I truly appreciate all the help and insight into what I can expect on my first Camino. Which lead me to this forum and the...
  8. sadaigh

    Camino Office in SJPP

    I'm sure this is in the forum somewhere, but the only link I'm finding isn't working and shows an error. It's from a few years ago... Is there a website for the Camino Office in SJPP? What are their hours?
  9. Gipsy Moon

    Spanish SIM Card

    Could anyone tell me where I can buy a Spanish SIM card as soon as possible after SJPP? which network are available? (Tuenti being my preference. ) Thanks a lot
  10. William Marques

    Taxi Share 2017 TAXI SHARE Thread Pamplona to SJPP/Roncesvalles

    As there are people looking to share on this route I have started a thread for 2017. It is suggested you contact each other by the Conversation function to make arrangements. To the left of the a post there is the persons name and avatar click either and press the "Start a Conversation" button...
  11. Prolouge: St Jean Pied-de-Port

    Prolouge: St Jean Pied-de-Port

    Ready to go, a nice walk through St Jean on Day 0.
  12. Missing Mike

    Where to stay in SJPP

    Ok, so Beilari is already booked so now where? Reservation for April 28 leave April 29th. I would prefer dinner and breakfast provided since I will need to catch up on sleep and food from the previous busy day's travel. Anyone stayed at Maison Kaserna at 43, R. d'Espagne? Any ideas?
  13. Missing Mike

    Madrid April 27th to SJPP to Orisson

    Calling all Angels--Need help--just not enough brain power at this point after loss of son!! Here is what I have/know-- Arrive April 27th at Madrid 2:10 pm on British Airways 1) My desire is to start from SJPP on April 28th if possible-- Then do what I need to do to book a night at Orisson to...
  14. P

    Buying equipment at SJPP

    As I can't bring a swiss army knife or scissors in my Hand Luggage on the flight, can I buy said equipments at SJPP? I got my army knife from my father, so I am not an expert in selecting original swiss army knives and not copies. Any recommendation on this topic?
  15. C

    Iberia will start flights to Biarritz on March 29th

    Iberia will start flights from Madrid to Biarritz on March 29th. Flights will be operated by Air Nostrum and will run daily except Saturdays. Departure time from Madrid will be at noon. I don't know if flights will be year round or just seasonal. From Biarritz airport, you can take a bus to...
  16. D

    Los Angeles to SJPP mid-June 2016

    We are a couple walking our first Camino, intending to begin June 12/13. We're planning on the entire Camino Frances. My question revolves around getting to SJPP. There are a myriad of possibilities, but the general recommendation seems to be to fly into Madrid. From there, what are your...
  17. Jeff Crawley

    Train from Bayonne to SJPP

    Just picked this up from our friends at Santiagobis "Hi one and all, The line is now open, as of 22nd November it runs uninterruptedly from Bayonne to SJPdP, and they have trimmed a massive 25 minutes off the journey time. For more information, timetables and all see our page on...
  18. steve392

    SJPdP accommodation.

    Hi all. I'm in the early stages of planning my camino for September 2016. I'll probably be asking loads of questions over the next few months so please forgive me if they've been asked many times before. First question then. Is it recommended to pre book accommodation in SJPdP or is it ok to...
  19. M

    Walking from St. Jean Pied de Port - September 27, 2015

    This is my second Camino walk. Walked from Sarria to Santiago in 2014. Will be leaving SJPP early on the 27th and would love a buddy for the first day only. I am a bit apprehensive but only about that first day! Anyone interested in company. I am a quiet person so not into chatting! Thanks.


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