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  1. KJFSophie

    Lightweight Wrap Skirt !

    THIS is one of my most fabulous finds! A lightweight wrap skirt, quick dry, modest length, velcro adjustable waist, key pocket.... I wear legging capri's on my treks and have always thought them too tight ( obviously) for going into churches/cathedrals and looked for years for a simple wrap...
  2. minaleigh

    Sarong as a towel?

    I'm fairly certain instead of a towel, I'm going to bring a sarong instead. It can double as a skirt to walk around town and for church, as well as a privacy screen. I would like to hear thoughts from people who have actually done it. Which would be the best material and how well does it...
  3. Kanga

    Supplex Nylon or Macabi skirt available locally?

    I'm in love with my Macabi skirt, purchased from another forum member, but having been used daily by me on the Camino del Norte and the Camino Francés it is getting a bit worn. I really want another one but buying direct from the maker is prohibitively expensive - they want $60 freight. So...
  4. RumAndChupacabras

    Used Macabi Skirt Wanted-Size SMALL (R or L length)

    If you have one (or know of one) to sell that's in really good condition (no holes, rips or damage of any kind) please, PLEASE let me know. Willing to trade for or buy.
  5. WalkCWalk

    Macabi skirt - I'm taking the plunge

    My friend has the charcoal one and loves it. She has made a believer of me and I'm going to order one for my September Camino. Question for you Macabi wearers..... I want the khaki one, but will it show dirt? My friends charcoal one sheds dirt and dries quickly. Who had the khaki one and do...
  6. Anniesantiago

    Photos of Macabi Skirts in the Field

    I think whether or not a Macabi Skirt looks "unfashionable" on a person depends on the person's body shape and your idea of "fashionable." Personally, I think they look great. Here is a page of many, many women in their Macabi skirts. It's nice because you can click on each photo, read a...

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