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sleeping bag

  1. Michael Caleigh

    Sleeping liner vs. sleeping bag

    Hi all fellow pilgrims and walkers. As you all know by now I will be doing the Primitivo in September. Now I was wondering if a liner would be sufficient. Found this one here and I would like your opinions on this...
  2. JasoFett

    Sleeping Bag Advice

    Hello everyone! I am planning on going on the Camino the last week of April through May. What temperature sleeping bag do you suggest I take? I want to pack as lightweight as possible of course, and was wonder if a 55F would be heavy enough? Any suggestions? Thank you!
  3. N

    Sleeping bag March

    Is it any requirements for the sleeping bag at this time of year? I want to buy a cheap, light, summer sleeping bag. Or do i need to find one for three seasons?
  4. J

    Sleeping Bags

    I need a lightweight sleeping bag with a small pack size. Any recommendations?
  5. Roger Deee

    Sleeping Bag or not?

    I am walking from end May thru June from StJPdP and am planning to stay 50% Albergues and 50% pensions & small hotels (so I can get some sleep) So I am considering going without a sleeping bag because; 1) I sleep warm 2) I have a good liner that I use, silk 3) I am comfortable sleeping in a base...
  6. momof34man

    Sleeping Bag April/May

    I am trying to figure out the sleeping bag situation for the camino. I bought a sleep sack and did a trial run by sleeping in my house. I used a silk liner inside the sleep sack....I was freezing. I tested the sack in October and it was much warmer in my house back then than it is now. I...
  7. S

    Emergency Sleeping Bag & Liner combo? Lightweight options

    Hi All! Being the OCD lightweight packer I am, I'm in the process of accumulating my camino gear, even though I'll be starting at the beginning of October. I only plan to do about 3 weeks worth (100-200km from Pamploma, bus to Ponferrada or Sarria, and continue on to Santiago), and most likely...
  8. Nanumea

    Sleeping bag question, Camino Frances in April

    Hello! I will be walking the Camino Frances from 4th April to 13th May in 2016. I have trouble choosing the right sleeping bag to take with me to the Camino. What kind of temperatures to expect during the spring at night? Will all of the albergues provide blankets? I have one light sleeping...
  9. Lmsundaze

    What rating sleeping bag?

    How light a bag would be adequate for albergues in April and May. I am not strong, looking for the lightest possible. Any specific recommendations?
  10. Kiwi-family

    sleeping bag on VdlP

    Necessary for a May/June walk with the intention to use albergues rather than other accommodations where possible???? I sleep cold so I take one even in July, but my kids are hot sleepers so they have been fine with two silk liners in the past on other routes, but I don't want them to freeze if...
  11. Terri B

    Sleeping bag type for Sept/Oct

    Hi all, I'm planning to walk the Camino France's next Sept/Oct and I'm not sure which sleeping bag to take. I have two, one is down and rated to -5 Celsius and the other synthetic fibre rated to +5 Celsius. What is the heating like in the Albuerges? Am I better to take the down just in case...
  12. Roxey

    Sleeping Bag?

    I plan to do the Camino starting in late April 2016. I have been advised to go with a silk sleeping bag liner instead of carrying the extra weight of a sleeping bag. Apparently the silk keeps you warm enough. Would appreciate other thoughts on this option.
  13. Connor

    Sarria to Santiago

    Hey everyone, how are the conditions in Galicia right now, is it cold enough to bring a sleeping bag? Is it raining alot? Thanks for the help, buen camino
  14. Jade Ulrich

    Warmth of sleeping bag needed?

    I will be walking the Camino towards the end of September and through October. How warm of a sleeping bag is needed for this time of year? I know that not all of the pilgrim refuges are heated, yet I still want to try to carry a lightweight sleeping bag. Thank you!! :)
  15. Ronald Boivin

    Sleeping Bag Yeti Passion one Medium one

    This is the lightest weight and most compact sleeping bag made in the world. 320 g. 225X83X54 cm packed size: 12x21 cm 2 liters. Made of ultrafine micro-nylon covering fibresize 1/20 of a human hair. 1 gram of fibre is 10 km long. Filled with Crystal Down from geese in Masurian lake district in...
  16. Jade Ulrich

    Sleeping bag + mattress cover = no bed bugs?

    Hi There, I plan to bring a down sleeping bag for my walk starting late September (I often get cold at night so am playing it safe with the bag). However, I don't like the idea that if I get warm and unzip my big, I will be welcoming bed bugs to join me. I already plan on treating my bag with...
  17. Helen1

    List of sleeping bags, liners, quilts and blankets under 1kg

    Building on the work of Rajy62 in this thread I’ve created a google sheet containing a list of sleeping bags, liners, quilts and blankets that are under 1kg which others might find useful. I am...
  18. John Saxon

    Sleeping Bag September October

    I'll be walking mid September to late October. Looking at two sleeping bags. Both ultralight and very compressible but one is lighter, rated to 45F, and costs less and the other is rated to 32F, costs more, and a bit heavier but still very light. Given temps at night, do I need to go with 32F...
  19. Kev

    Question about sleeping bag weights.

    I have been trying to find the lightest sleeping bag that is not very expensive or confining. I do not need a very warm bag as I will be walking Sept-Oct this year and tend to be a warm sleeper anyways. I am pondering the The North Face Dolomite 2S Sleeping Bag...
  20. J

    Allright, who has the lightest sleeping bag ;)

    So, I know there are many many threads on sleeping bags. I've spent time in all of them. However, with the rate new gear comes out, I figured it might be okay to bring up the discussion again. I had been planning on a backpacking quilt.... 16 ounces, 40 degrees, packs up small like a...