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sleeping bag

  1. norwegianwoods

    Do I need to bring a sleeping-bag in september?

    Hello forum-members, I am planning to walk on CN from August 30, and on for two weeks. As far as can get in that time, without any hurry (this walk is a test of my back's capability, after just having recovered from a herniated disc). My question is; do I need to bring a solid sleeping-bag, or...
  2. jouffroy47

    Le Puy to Conques in early to mid-October 2014

    Thanks for the reminder about All-Saints Day! I am planning on a two week+ Camino from Le Puy to Conques early to mid-October (or so) 2014 as I noticed a number of places were closing down around the 20th. And I appreciate the information on the elevation and the weather! A special thanks to...
  3. D

    Sleeping bag /liner

    Hi i was going to buy another sleeping bag but had this from a few years ago when i went travelling see pic would this do on the camino going mid june should i take a fleece blacket aswell
  4. musicagl

    Thermolite sleeping bag liner. OK to use w/o bag?

    Hi: I'm considering using my Thermolite sleeping bag liner as my sleep sack and not bringing my lightweight down bag at all. Has anyone else used a Thermolite liner as their sleeping bag on the Camino? I'm finishing my three year Camino this June - going Leon to Santiago. Any advice would...
  5. David Teichroeb

    Sleeping Bag Liners

    I am walking the Camino in May/June is it worth bringing a micro fleece liner instead of a sleep bag?
  6. C

    Sleeping Bags

    Can I use just a travel sheet or is a sleeping bag essential? Do the albergues/refugios have blankets to hire and are they bed-bug safe?
  7. Random Travels

    Primitivo in April and over-thinking the sleeping bag versus silk sack options

    On Easter this year, I plan to start the Primitivo and end-up in Finesterre. I try not to be too neurotic about packing light, but after the luxury of doing big slices of the Frances and the Ingles with a silk sleep sack, I have been concerned about Albergues in April and finding adequate...
  8. brkdn2

    sleeping bags-necesario ?

    In the milder months(May-June) (Aug-Sept) do you think you could do without a sleeping bag? I've read the benefits of mattress covers and have a sturdy blanket in mind, that way I can get them washed without worry of drying or ruin. should I add a sb liner as well. I'm warmblooded to begin with...
  9. Betty Bauer

    A Sleeping Bag Testimony

    I don't have THAT much to say about it yet, but I just wanted to share how in five minutes (actually less) I went from totally planning to deal with acquiring a sleeping after I got to Spain, because I just didn't want to deal with it, and only looking for the right liner, to falling in love...
  10. Pilsprog

    Any advice on sleeping bags?

    My partner and I are planning to start our Camino Frances pilgrimage around the end of May and expect to be walking for about 6 weeks. We've researched various different types of sleeping bag, silk sheet sack, travel sacks etc to find a light weight sleep covering that will be warm enough for...
  11. HerPilgrimmage

    Gear Question: jackets

    I am intending to do the camino may/June of 2015, I am curious if any seasoned pilgrims could recommend how this of a jacket and how many degree sleeping bag I may need. Thank you all so much in advance.
  12. sillydoll

    Sleeping Bags/Liners are ESSENTIAL!

    The question comes up regularly on the Camino forums, 'Will I need a sleeping bag in ......................." Most of the albergues require that pilgrims have a sleep 'sack' of some sort, not for their warmth, or for their comfort, but for hygiene purposes and to protect the mattresses...
  13. Bikeguy

    Albergue Sleeping Kit?

    I have previously cycled Le Puy to SJPP where I camped along the way. This fall I plan to cycle the Camino Frances and will be leaving the camping kit at home. Therefore, my question is about Albergues and what one needs to bring versus what is included. Should I be bringing a sleeping bag...
  14. Y

    sleeping bag

    Travelling October/November staying in Camino hostels. Do I need to take a sleeping bag ? Ta
  15. bchikergirl

    Sleeping Bag liner

    My Camino will be from September 13 til the end of October, 2014. Will I need a liner for my sleeping bag... or will the bag be sufficient? Thanks!
  16. Rajy62

    Packing..do i really need a sleeping bag for October

    My flight leaves in 48 hrs and am busy packing and want to cut down on my pack weight. I am reading mixed comments about the need for a sleeping back for October hike on camino frances. Some say it is a must because not all alberques will offer blankets, others say leave it behind. Btw, i intend...
  17. nidarosa

    Sleeping bag or fleece blanket? And why?

    Hi, knowledgeable hikers from all climes! I know there are loads of posts about sleeping bags, down or otherwise, in the forum, but as I am leaving for Norway on Sunday I thought I'd see if I could get some concrete opinions to help me choose. Basically I will be wild camping in lightweight tent...
  18. J

    Sleeping Bag or just Silk Liner??

    One question I still have is this. We are travelling the first 3 weeks of May 2011 and I was looking at a lightweight sleeping bag but it still will take up room in my backpack. I was considering using a silk liner instead for protection on the beds and leaving the sleeping bag at home. Do the...