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  1. CollinSK

    Ear plugs) Sponge or Layered?

    Unfortunately, I am also a sensitive person. 😭😭😭😥😥😥😥😓 So I cannot sleep in dormitories or albergues without ear plugs. There is no doubt that ear plugs are necessary to have a good sleep. Which type of ear plugs can be more effective a typical sponge/foam model or layered model? Some examples...
  2. Shinobi42

    A night outside in Ribadesella

    Hello everyone, my tickets to the Camino del Norte are bought, as a result I will arrive in Ribadesella at 2 am in the middle of the night and want to go by train to Nueva in the next morning to have my first café con leche in the Bar Misaires where I stopped in 2018. My question is, is it...
  3. Mikle

    Any experience with sleeping in churches/monasteries?

    Hey all, I'm wondering wether anyone has experience with reaching out to churches and monasteries for a (next to) free place to sleep and a shower. Being a musician I have the luxury of being able to take time off for this trip, but funding it is a whole different ball-game... ;) I've e-mailed...
  4. peregrinamaybe

    sleeping bag in April/May

    Hi all, my husband and I are planning to walk the Camino del Norte beginning in late-April. We're leaning toward bringing sleeping bags but I'm waffling because I've heard very strong opinions on both sides. I'm not sure if the discrepancy in opinion is due to different routes, different travel...
  5. MichelleElynHogan

    A Bit Heavier Than Ear Plugs

    Hello Everyone, I just received news of a new product that cancels out noise and is designed for hotel accomodation. Here is the link; http://www.modio.audio/ Not posting seriously but for fun and a few smirks. Buen Camino
  6. Milly2b

    Sleeping outdoors

    Hello everyone ! Ok so this may be a strange question, but since I am on a tight budget I thought I may as well ask in case others do do this... I'm planning on walking the Camino Frances in 2-3 months and was wondering whether it's possible/legal to sleep outdoors along the way instead of...
  7. Kim510

    Sleeping bag warmth

    Hello all, I'm going to walk the first bit of the Via de la Plata next spring (mid-march tot early april) and I was wondering what kind of sleeping bag I will need? I walked the Camino Francés in 2011 with a very light sleeping bag during May/June but of course it was probably warmer then and...
  8. Ryan Alexander

    LIVE from the Camino Save Your Sleep

    (Disclaimer, I am not an employee or sponsored by the company who makes this sleep preserving product) I am currently walking the Camino Francés, before I departed for my trip I anticipated snoring would be an issue, as obviously the way is a shared journey.. I did some research online and...
  9. dr.alger

    Hike without a sleeping bag?

    Hello- I wanted to see if it's possible to hike the whole Camino and stay in B&B's so as not to carry a sleeping bag. My wife as a poor sleeper and needs to have her private room. Thanks for your assistance, -Dave
  10. JasoFett

    Sleeping Bag Advice

    Hello everyone! I am planning on going on the Camino the last week of April through May. What temperature sleeping bag do you suggest I take? I want to pack as lightweight as possible of course, and was wonder if a 55F would be heavy enough? Any suggestions? Thank you!

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