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small stuff

  1. FRM

    Scent of the Camino

    I have a number of items that I only use while on the Camino. My little microfiber towel which is a bit to small to completely dry my 6 foot 4 inch frame, a buff that has been with me the 3 times I’ve walked, Dr. Bronner’s lavender scented bar soap. I purchased a bar of Dr. Bronner’s a few...
  2. dougfitz

    Vision and eyeglasses while walking

    [MODERATOR'S NOTE: These first two posts have been moved from another thread, as the topic seems worth a thread of its own.] Edit (to explain the issue now that this has been used to create a new thread) Older walkers might have noticed that when they are using bi-focal, multi-focal or...
  3. John Gilliland

    Gaiters or waterproof socks

    My wife and I are walking part of the Via Francesco next April and I'm wondering which is better for snow: gaiters or waterproof socks?
  4. Margaret Butterworth

    Best earplugs

    Everyone needs earplugs on the Camino (and for us Aussies to use on the plane getting over there). There are many types on the market, but I've yet to find some that are really effective. Advice needed!
  5. D

    Wearable Warning Lights for Pilgrims/Walkers

    With the shorter days of Fall while walking Camino Ingles in late October, I wanted to make sure that Jill and I were as visible as we can be for motor vehicle and bicycle traffic. Aside from other wearables, I wanted a wearable warning light that was bright and had the capability to be set to...
  6. Two Lifesavers - Umbrella and Foam Roller!

    Two Lifesavers - Umbrella and Foam Roller!

    Two Lifesavers - Umbrella and Foam Roller!
  7. KJFSophie

    Bring-a Bolsa !

    ...another item to consider because of it's multi-use is a reusable foldable bag...1) The grocery stores in Spain do not provide bags ( you can buy them ) but they prefer you honor the earth and bring your own 2) it serves as my under the seat carry on when flying with the bits I don't put in...
  8. PFarnsworth

    Soap for body and clothes???

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a soap that will work for body/hair/clothes? I'm guessing that any soap will "work" but I'm looking for what works "best" and is easy to carry. What do pilgrims use?
  9. J

    My May packing list for your appraisal

    I am planning to leave STJPDP on May 10 (assuming the SNCF angel helps me out by not cancelling my train trip from Paris the day before). I have been refining my pack and its contents for some time now, the result is in the attached list. A summary of which is: Current weight 6.4kg with a few...
  10. Wayne of LaVerne

    What Is The Most Useful & Usless Item You Packed

    Most Useful: Zip Ties. Rack slipped & pivoted 90 degrees. Zips worked great. Note the blue zip routed around the cable guide, hence keeping the clamp from slipping back. Most Useless: UE Boom Portable Speaker. Never used it. Visions of a party on the road?
  11. Galaxy1

    Key Essential Item(s) for Your Camino

    What little thing made a big difference to your Camino?
  12. JillGat

    EVEN more about soap and shampoo!

    Different soaps work well or badly for different people, depending on skin type and various preferences (cleansing vs moisturizing, hard bar vs lather, scent or no scent, etc.) Sorry to be a soap nerd/snob, but, besides being a soapmaker, my background is in clinical research and I am a...
  13. copado

    What is the one luxury or non-essential item you would bring with you?

    For me a beard trimmer, rechargeable. About 250 gm (small). With the sweating all day shaving would result in raw or rashly skin. With a trimmer, I won't walk out the far end looking like Santa Claus either nor will I have to go through the itchy beard growing phase while hiking. P.S. This...
  14. Eve Alexandra

    dry sacks/trash bag/ziplocks?

    Is it a good idea to invest in dry sacs? Does the "line your pack with a trash bag" thing work well, given nice sturdy contractor bags are going to be waaaaaaay too big for a 35 L pack? What about freezer style (thicker) ziplocks instead of dry sacks? Just looking at the mess on the floor of my...
  15. Gillean

    Useful item but hard to justify in your pack

    I'm doing a little talk on packing for the camino and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for any quirky items to talk about that are useful but borderline justifiable in terms of pack weight. For example this is one item I have carried (up until I left it behind in an albergue). It's a...
  16. JamieCam

    Is it worth taking a foldable bowl? Link in description.

    I'm trying to decide if it's necessary to take one of these with?
  17. Susan B Johnson

    Do I really need a compass?

    I've read a few different suggested pack lists, and noticed that a compass is suggested. I thought the Camino was well-marked. Do I really need a compass for the Camino Ingles and to Finsterra? Susan
  18. Gumnut

    ** Last minute dilemma - electric coil or kindle?

    With only 11 sleeps to go I need to make my mind up whether my luxury item is going to be an eReader or an electric coil for early morning cups of tea! My pack weight is currently 5.6kg so I can afford to take one or the other. Any thoughts fellow peregrinos
  19. minaleigh

    Yet Another Packing List!

    These things are probably tiresome to veterans, but if any of you could take a look at my packing list, that would be great! We're starting from Roncesvalles either May 31st or June 1st. It depends on when my friend is done teaching. * Things that I still need to get. Also, I know it might...
  20. minaleigh

    Sarong as a towel?

    I'm fairly certain instead of a towel, I'm going to bring a sarong instead. It can double as a skirt to walk around town and for church, as well as a privacy screen. I would like to hear thoughts from people who have actually done it. Which would be the best material and how well does it...