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  1. MichelleElynHogan

    A Bit Heavier Than Ear Plugs

    Hello Everyone, I just received news of a new product that cancels out noise and is designed for hotel accomodation. Here is the link; http://www.modio.audio/ Not posting seriously but for fun and a few smirks. Buen Camino
  2. R

    Live - Camino Ingles Snoring in albergue!

    Hi all, this is my first Camino, and last night was my first night in an Albergue, (Presado) what is the form on people who snore? The large chap in the bunk next to me was fair rattling the windows, kept me and others awake, does one attempt to wake said snorer up, or grit ones teeth? Have many...
  3. Ryan Alexander

    LIVE from the Camino Save Your Sleep

    (Disclaimer, I am not an employee or sponsored by the company who makes this sleep preserving product) I am currently walking the Camino Francés, before I departed for my trip I anticipated snoring would be an issue, as obviously the way is a shared journey.. I did some research online and...
  4. Papist Giant

    Tent vs. hammoc vs Albergues

    I really like the communal aspect of the Albergues, but I have some slight concerns. 1) I snore- LOUDLY!! I would pack earplugs just to give them to others 2) I am 6'8" and 320+ lbs. I don't know how comfortable I will be, and nobody wants to be underneath ME if I have a top bunk. I don't...
  5. karenfromcali

    Yes, another thread on snoring!

    So I set out on my first day and hauled my bottom up the hill to Valcarlos. Felt I had done well and dragged in after 4 hours of walking. Introduced myself to my fellow albergue pilgrims then promptly passed out on my bunk. I thought I heard giggling in my sleep but figured I was dreaming. Until...
  6. falcon269


    Snoring is prominently featured in virtually every blog about the Camino, usually with a mixture of humor and irritation. I heard several times that some albergues have rooms or space set aside for snorers, but I never found one. I met a peregrina who spent many nights sleeping outside to get...

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