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  1. Gwaihir

    LIVE from the Camino Snow. Primitivo Yay or Nay?

    Heya peregrino peeps. I've been live on the Camino for longer than four months and this is my first "live" post, derp. Anyway. We're here in Ribadeseya and snow is closing in on us. It's on the hilltops very close to the Camino, the Picos de Europa are completely snowed under (so pretty), and...
  2. Navarra, ir...es volver!

    Navarra, ir...es volver!

    Feb 3, 2018. To go is to return. Even my wife who is notorious about her dislike for cold weather remembers this as one of her favorite days. It didn't hurt to be invited to a San Blas celebration in Los Arcos later that evening!
  3. Midday Snow on the Iglesia de San Andres

    Midday Snow on the Iglesia de San Andres

    Feb 3, 2019: entering the hilltop village of Villamayor de Monjardín with fluffy snowflakes
  4. Dusting on Monjardín

    Dusting on Monjardín

    Feb 3, 2019: Azqueta, Castillo de Monjardín, and the Iglesia de San Andres of Villamayor de Monjardín in the distance.
  5. Almost to Monjardín in early February, Bacalao and Patatas await in Los Arcos!  San Blas!

    Almost to Monjardín in early February, Bacalao and Patatas await in Los Arcos! San Blas!

    Feb 3, 2019. Idyllic day for walking, in my humble polar bear opinion. My wife not so much. Notice the fashionable plastic bag gloves? She really really didn't want her hands to get cold or wet...she has my gloves underneath those bags which are over her gloves.
  6. Pink Girl

    December Camino?

    Buen Camino Everyone! The Camino is calling me back (my first was September 2017), but I only have vacation December 7th through the New Year. Does anyone walk in December? Is everything really closed like my guidebook warns? Are the mountain areas closed due to snow? Basically asking if...
  7. LeelooLizzie

    Doing Norte route - hopefully Spring or Autumn 2018 - but getting freaked out by weather...

    Hi everyone!! This is my first post - finally - but I've been lurking on these threads for quite some time and finally decided to start an account and ask a question! I keep seeing conflicting information regarding weather for the Camino del Norte / Primitivo (I plan to do the whole 860km) for...
  8. Anylu

    Camino Frances vs Camino Invierno March (Child 2-year-old)

    Camino Frances vs Camino Invierno (March) Last year my husband left Leon for Santiago starting March 1, and this year we will be joining my 2-year-old daughter and myself. (We leave Leon on March 1). We go in relaxed plan walking as the weather allows us, in case of a very bad we plan to enjoy...
  9. falcon269

    Weather at Roncesvalles

    After about 35 cm of snow, there will be winds up to 60 mph and temperatures down to -10 C!! It likely will be worse at higher elevations... It is not a good day to be leaving SJPdP. :)
  10. falcon269

    Snow at O Cebreiro

    Looking cold and windy today!
  11. camster

    Is there still snow in the Pyrenees in the begining of May?

    I was planning on a summer Camino, but it might be a spring-summer one instead. Is there still snow (usually) in the begining of May on the Napoleon route in the Pyrenees?
  12. ivar

    Pilgrim in Roncesvalles in shorts

    Just saw on the national news that Roncesvalles will get snow over 500 meters tonight. Also, the video showed a pilgrim arriving in the snowdrift in shorts. o_O Wow..
  13. S

    Starting from Leon in mid-March -- weather?

    Hello! We have two weeks and are planning to start from Leon March 13 and finish at Santiago on the 27th. Has anyone walked this last section during March? It involves some higher elevations so we are wondering if we will encounter snow. Any tips or suggestions about whether this is a good...
  14. M


    Starting my Camino in middle to late April. I know no one can forecast the weather but is there usually snow in the Pyrenees. Is it passable? Thank you in advance for any information that would help.

    Starting on April 9th from SJPP

    I'll start my Camino on April 9th from SJPP, hopefully via Napoleon way. Stop over at Orisson for the night Regards and buen camino PS I'll arrive at PNA airport at 10AM, if someone willing to share a cab, I'm in !
  16. ivar

    O Cebreiro in the snow

    O Cebreiro, February 2015 by ivar posted A moment ago
  17. beiramar

    Loads of snow at O Cebreiro!

    Here's some pictures I took earlier this week: http://imgur.com/a/ItiC4 If you don't like the cold: avoid higher altitudes! If you fancy walking through the winter wonderland: now is the time to go!
  18. Snow, Snow, Snow

    Snow, Snow, Snow

  19. beiramar

    First two weeks of December- which route to go?

    Hey peregrinos and peregrinas, My fiancé and me will have the first two weeks of December off and are thinking about getting a slightly different Camino experience. As a bit of background information: walked the caminho Português three times, also did Fisterra. We live in Porto and hiked...

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