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  1. hel&scott

    Free socks

    Today I received a box of new, free socks. A few weeks back my daughter caught me going through my old socks and darning those that had developed holes. She laughed at my resourceful frugality and pointed out that icebreaker offer a lifetime guarantee on their socks. Given the price of good...
  2. DevereUx

    What I learned on the Camino

    Having just finished the Camino Frances, here's some of what I learned: It's all about shoes! The shoes will make or break a Camino! Test, test and test some more. I chose trail runners, after test walking in 11 different types of shoes (Amazon is very forgiving, but don't abuse them). I found...
  3. hel&scott

    Boiling socks...

    Well it's more like a slow simmer... As I have a few days before I go I thought I'd take a closer look at my hi tech Camino socks. Washing en-route is never enough to get them clean, so they went through a number of vigorous machine cycles before being packed away waiting for their next...
  4. PaulCat

    Sock Research and Recommendations (summer)

    UPDATE: I am not asking for suggestions or recommendations. I am sharing info that I found and collected that others might find helpful. Since socks and shoes are a huge decision for many on the Camino I have emailed many sock companies asking what sock they would recommend for walking the...
  5. PastorCat

    7 Ways To Eliminate Foot Pain While Hiking

    Hello pilgrims! Mike here. I'm a Camino vet. Walked SJPdP to Santiago in 37 days, August to September, 2014. Even though the experience included a 9hr walk through a driving rain storm, pneumonia, a hospital visit, a hernia rupture, and a three day "recuperating delay," the Camino was the best...
  6. Jacquie Cattanach

    1000 Mile Sock

    Heading out tomorrow (April 14th) for Bilbao and our next month on the Camino del Norte. Backpack is packed and weighs in at under 10% of my body weight - only missing one thing... socks! We ordered 4 pairs of "1000 Mile Socks" from Vancouver, BC, Canada, 3 weeks ago and still no socks. We...
  7. M

    Washing socks with Vaseline buildup

    I've been using Vaseline to prevent blisters in practice for our Camino in April/May and it seems to be working well. However, I'm finding it difficult to get our socks to dry due to Vaseline build up? Does anyone have any thoughts/advice? Thanks.
  8. A

    ArmaSkin Anti Blister Socks

    EVERYONE is hoping to avoid blisters on the Camino. ArmaSkin anti blister sock liners provide protection against you developing painful and annoying foot blisters on your pilgrimage. Foot blisters can form when a number of conditions occur in your shoe or boot. These conditions are heat...
  9. sabbott

    The Top Ten Things I've Learned from this Forum

    Two years ago I kissed my son Colin goodbye at the airport and watched him and his 15 lb backpack disappear into a security line. He was on his way to the Mexican border to begin walking the Pacific Crest Trail. 2,700 miles and four months later, he made it all the way to Canada. For a long...
  10. Lmsundaze

    To people who walked the Camino in Trail Runners

    Did you get a larger size than you are wearing now for the Camino. With trail runners did you use sock liners. Thanks!
  11. M

    Agony of de-feet: Trail Running Shoe (GTX) & SOCK Combo HELP

    All input greatly appreciated!!: Trail Runners with GTX: Looking for women's trail runner - wide toe box - GTX -D-width preferred I walked SJPDP to Ponferrada in May/June 2013. Amazing experience EXCEPT being plagued by BLISTERS from La Sportiva's (fitted too small) I am starting in...
  12. FlinFlonWalker


    I need brand style weight help help
  13. Rajy62

    Comparison of various blister prevention methods - A podiatrist guide

    There have been a number threads about the various blister prevention strategies. Not all techniques work well for everyone because of the unique "microclimate" surround our feet. For a deeper understanding of blister management, I invite you to read this podiatrist guide, by Rebecca Rushton...
  14. Prentiss Riddle

    Eso sí, ¿qué es? (S-O-C-K-S)

    I'm trying to puzzle out all the conflicting advice about socks. In particular, the one-sock vs. two-sock camps. So far all of my experiments using sock liners around my home town have created more friction than single socks. Is it because I'm not applying vaseline to adhere the liners to my...
  15. DarlineUK


    I will be walking the camino again in July 2015 SJPP to Pamploma stage. Can anyone recommend the best socks for me. Last camino my feet held up without any blisters for the first 150 kilometres then I had very bad blisters to contend with. Oh and they are painful:(
  16. WandererJolie

    sock liner recommendations?

    Hi all, I'm getting blisters between my toes, and would like to try sock liners to see if they help. I just tried to order sock liners from Injinji, but they don't ship to Canada! :( Can anyone recommend similar toe-sock liners?
  17. Matt W.

    The Ultimate Blister Solution 2014-08-18

    Hello! Ezeefit blister protection garments cover the problem areas of the foot with a technical, proprietary bonded-Lycra fabric, or a microfiber-laminated neoprene. Both thicknesses (Ultrathin and 2mm) establish a movement interface between the skin and the sock/footwear, providing protection...
  18. Kanga

    Smart Wool Socks

    I keep reading about smart wool socks. Alas, I have wool socks but I fear they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Or even the leading ram. How do you measure if a sock is smart? IQ tests? Or is it just a bit like "targeted pain relief"? Marketing spin?
  19. 2Santos

    Socks nightmare, please help!

    Hi everyone! I have probably searched and read every thread on here about socks and now feel even more confused ! )) I have decided against double-layer socks and not so sure about coolmax liner+wool option. I do a fair bit of hiking, but nothing close to the Camino intensity. My trip will...
  20. jpflavin1

    Bamboo socks

    I have recently been wearing Bamboo socks on my local walks. I wonder if anyone has walked the Camino in them? I have found them very comfortable but wonder if they will hold up for an entire Camino. Ultreya, Joe

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