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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

solo female

  1. K

    LIVE from the Camino See something say something?

    Hi all! We are a group of 4 women, and I just wanted to make you aware of something to be mindful of. Just before we descended into Campo and Ponferrada early this afternoon, at the top of the final smallish hill was a guy sitting on the right hand side of the road. Likely 40s, dark hair...
  2. FiveReasonsWhy

    Waking from St Jean to Finisterra Oct-Nov

    I will be walking solo from October 20th (St Jean) til November 30th (Finisterre) Can anyone provide info on the pilgrim hostels open during this span? I am a college student using my savings and the opportunity arose for me to carve out this time for the Camino. I am especially interested in...
  3. arajput

    Solo female starting Aug 2nd!

    Hello! I'm starting the Camino Portuguese on Aug 2nd and was wondering if anyone else would be starting their pilgrimage journey around this time? How busy is it during the Summer months? Similar to other solo female travellers, I am worried about being harassed. Although we can not predict...
  4. J

    Young solo traveller - Is it safe?

    Hola, I am hoping to walk el Camino Frances in Summer 2019 from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago and on to Fiesterra. I was just wondering is it safe for a woman to walk this route alone. I will be 19 when it comes to starting the camino. I have read many blogs about women walking the camino...
  5. yoosusie

    Last minute journey to Compostela?! Crazy or Worth it

    Dear past, present, and future pilgrims. I (F, 24) have been intrigued to go on this journey ever since I was in high school. In between college with summer school and other vacations I have never been able to go (didn't have the courage). I graduated college last May (2017) and have yet to...
  6. verolero

    Newbie starting on April 5th from Pamplona!

    Hello Everyone :) I know there are many posts about first time walkers heading out, but I wanted to throw out my own :) I have spent the last few months preparing for this walk, and it is almost a reality! On April 5th I will start my walk from Pamplona. I plan to make my way to Santiago de...
  7. P

    Camino de Invierno solo September 2018

    Hi, I am planning on walking solo in September 2018. Is going solo on Camino de Invierno a bad idea? I like the route as there wouldnt be any crowds, but I would still like to meet at least a few fellow peregrinos along the way or in albuerges :) Also I am a bit worried if the trail is clearly...
  8. magsdayc

    camino francés in winter late 2017 to early 2018

    hey guys, I've always dreamed abt walking on camino de Santiago. This year I have two week vacation which I can spend on this, my planning dates roughly is from December 29 to 11 January, I am planing to start from Leon, ideally I hope I could reach the end, if not id be happy wherever I could...
  9. T

    Solo female in October safety

    Greetings! I am a 60 year old female from the USA and plan to walk the Camino Frances solo starting the end of September 2017, starting in Roncesvalles. I am a bit concerned about safety and would like to know if there are usually enough people walking the Camino in October so that I would not...
  10. C

    Camino Portuguese Blog

    Hi All, I walked the Camino Portuguese from Porto earlier this summer as a solo female hiker and have written a blog about my experience that, hopefully, can help other peregrinos considering taking the same route- the blogs I read before I set off were by far the most valuable in terms of...
  11. M

    Looking for Camino recommendations for 1 week in October for solo female traveller

    Hello! It looks like I may have a week in Europe in the second week of October and I have always wanted to do the Camino de Santiago. I know a week isn't long but I want to seize the opportunity and at least get a taste of the famous journey. So, I am seeking your recommendations on route or...
  12. JadeyJade

    Almost time

    I've been doing a few 20km hilly hikes, have bought all of my gear (still have to ensure it fits into my weight limit!), and have booked first night and last night hotels. I'm so anxious/excited/nervous/worried/itching to get going now. I am walking only part of the Camino, starting from Leon. I...
  13. T

    Camino Frances May 2017 will it be a race for a bed?

    I'm planning to walk the Camino Frances solo in May 2017 and wanted to know if i need to book a bed ahead of time. I would like to keep the planning to the bare minimum and if need be I can stay in private accommodations however, I would rather keep my cost down and stay in alburgues. I am...
  14. JadeyJade

    Starting in April 2017

    Hi all, Starting my first Camino from Leon to Santiago alone in April this year. I am a bit nervous about doing it alone (solo female!) but hey, ho. I'm sure I will meet up with people along the way. This website is great for tips and hints. I'm hoping it will also be great for putting me in...
  15. happyhippie13

    Camino is calling me back..

    This August I hiked 305 km of the Camino de Santiago with my best friend. Recently I have been feeling the urge to escape and do the entirety of it from St. Jean to Finesterre. Since I only started in Burgos I had a few questions: -How safe is it for a young female to walk the camino alone...
  16. N

    Looking for season and safety advice

    Hi there, I am just about to leave for the Camino and am a solo female. I will start the Camino on the 24th October and looking to finish end November early December. I hear that a lot of the accomodation and restaurants close end of October and because this has been a special year for pilgrims...
  17. Olivares

    Very afraid to walk alone ever since Denise's tragedy (RIP)

    As you can read from my profile, I have been in the Camino Frances many times since 1997-- more repeatedly since 2011. I always, but once, walked by myself, often times many, many kms in isolated areas. Never much of a fear...until Denise Thiem's tragedy. I want to do another Camino, but...
  18. kristinavstheworld

    Anyone starting from SJPdP on May 24?

    Is anyone starting their Camino Frances from SJPdP on May 24? I'm going alone and worried that I'll be the only one starting that day. Never done anything like this before. Wondering if I should join a tour after all. Looking for reassurance... Thank you! Kristina
  19. G

    Starting Camino Frances mid-March!

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I am planning to start the Frances route mid march and I am just wondering if there are others also beginning around this time? I have been really looking forward to walking the camino solo, however have heard that certain areas may be more dangerous due to incidents that...
  20. M

    Solo female planning to walk in March 2016

    Good day, I have never travelled on my own before and plan to do the coastal Portuguese route in March this year. Will there be accommodation available, or do most places only open from April? I do understand that the weather may not be great but it is the only time that I have available.

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