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  1. kazrobbo

    Solo female walking in Israel

    After having my 2020 plans to walk a VdlP/Camino Mozarabe combo scuppered, I will now be heading to a place which has long been 'calling' me....Israel. I'm currently researching walks having already discounted the INT as beyond my capabilities & enjoyment levels (I don't camp...ever). I'm not...
  2. E

    Camino del Norte in April?

    Hi everyone. This is my first time posting here and I need some advice. I walked the Francés last august and it was wonderful (maybe a bit hot). I would like to walk the del Norte but I have to start in the beginning of April. I know that it rains A LOT that time of year so I'm a little bit...
  3. A

    3 day solo female route?

    I am a university student studying abroad in Europe and have a week off from school at the end of March (I know it's kind of last minute planning). I want to travel part of the camino frances (3 or 4 days max) and am unsure what the best option is (the end or a different section?). I care much...
  4. T

    Running the Camino

    Almost a year ago I ran from Belgium to Santiago. A great experience. You can read my story on : https://thesantiagoman.blogspot.com.
  5. ¡BUEN CAMINO! Friends along “The Way.”

    ¡BUEN CAMINO! Friends along “The Way.”

    A glimpse into one woman’s solo adventure on the Camino Frances from Southern France to Finisterre, (aka - “The End of The World”) on the west coast of Spain in the summer...
  6. K

    LIVE from the Camino See something say something?

    Hi all! We are a group of 4 women, and I just wanted to make you aware of something to be mindful of. Just before we descended into Campo and Ponferrada early this afternoon, at the top of the final smallish hill was a guy sitting on the right hand side of the road. Likely 40s, dark hair...
  7. G

    Solo Camino - time scale and camping

    Good day kind reader, I've decided to undertake the Camino Francés at the end of March/beginning of April 2018. I won't have any great time constraints as I'll be leaving my job prior to embarking on the journey to work on my writing whilst on the road. I guess my main query is whether there is...
  8. Irenie

    Need Last Minute Help with solo "Itinerary"

    Dear Friends, I will be on a plane in six days, Northern California to Madrid, for three weeks on the Camino. Filling in the Smart Traveler app has made me think twice about my solo Camino. I couldn't finish the application because I had no emergency contact in Spain. The Camino has provided...
  9. L

    Can't Stop Worrying! Solo Female!

    Hi everyone! I'm a 22 year old female walking the Camino Frances by myself in 3 weeks. I've been so excited to do it. But I've just seen a news article regarding a woman who was murdered on the Camino. I've tried to ignore it. But of course my brain is incapable of that and so ive spent the last...
  10. A

    Camino del Norte vs Frances

    Hello Everyone, I'm having a hard time chosing between both routes. I read advices going in different directions. I'm a woman traveling by myself (not my first time) and I'm also in good shape for a more challenging hike. Most people say that the North route is more quiet. Is it pretty lonely...
  11. B

    Safe for women alone on Via de la Plata?

    Hi there, I'm planning to walk the Via de la Plata starting in Seville at the end of March. Wondering about safety for a woman walking alone with no Spanish! What are the main safety considerations? Appreciate your tips and help. Becky
  12. B

    First-timer female - go it alone or with a tour group?

    I'm planning to hike for one week as that's all I can take off from my job - never been to Spain - female, age 60, doesn't speak the language. Is it wise to sign on with a tour group so I know where I will be staying each night, as well as not going solo? If so, can any companies be...
  13. L

    November tips and advice

    Hello! Starting my Camino on the 5th of November so will be walking throughout that month obviously! Any tips or advice for this particular month? I know the Napoleon route is closed and I'm kind of sickened because I wanted to see the views, how is the other route in terms of senery ? Thanks...
  14. C

    El camino starting 18 Aug

    Hi, This is my first camino and I am arriving in Porto on the 18th of August. I've got a couple of questions and would appreciate any advice! My info: A. Arrive in Porto on the 18th Aug. B. Have 8 days o get to Santiago de Compestella by the 26 Aug (9 walking days including the 18 and 26th as...
  15. S

    First timer? Shoes? August

    Hi Guys, Its my first post and I'm planning to do the camino in August of this year :) . I know there has been tonnes of posts about shoes with many saying it really all depends on personal preference but with a tight budget (being a student and all) I am just wondering how has anyone got on...
  16. T

    Starting the pilgrimage in Lisbon on August 22, 2015

    Anyone leaving for the Camino during mid to late August? Do you plan to take a portion of the coastal route?
  17. C

    February start on the Via Gebenensis

    Hey there pilgrims, So I'm going to be starting my Camino in February from Geneva. The route I'm planning will take me through Le Puy and then you all know the story from there. I'm fully aware of the cold, with a bit of luck though it won't dip below freezing for too many nights and by the...
  18. gracie

    Is it really difficult for a biker to get into albergues in August?

    I will be biking camino frances in August 2014 and i have read that it is the busiest time. I am concerned about places to stay during the night because some threads indicate that bikers will have to wait to get into albergues until all the walkers have arrived. And, if they get full then you...
  19. L

    Is the Camino safe for a solo female? (and other pressing questions)

    Hi everyone! I've been planning on walking the Camino Frances for a few months now with a friend of mine this upcoming July but he has recently had to cancel due to personal reasons which has made me ask the question of whether or not I will be able to go it alone. We have been prepping together...
  20. Leanne

    Do I go solo?

    Hi everyone, I just needed a bit of advice. I was planning on doing the camino Frances alone when a friend told me how amazing it was, when my boyfriend a fellow walker like me heard about it we decided to go together as a first getaway together, as neither of us like the beach resort type of...

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