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  1. Prentiss Riddle

    Good resources for would-be expats? (US citizen in ES or PT)

    Does anyone know of high quality books, websites or other resources about moving to or retiring in Spain or Portugal? Many of the websites I’ve seen seem pretty questionable, at least amateurish if not downright scammy. So far the books I’ve found aren’t much better. For example, I was just...
  2. Prentiss Riddle

    "Fluent Forever" app now offers Castilian Spanish

    The nerdiest language app ever, Fluent Forever, has just added Castilian Spanish to their language list. Has anyone tried it? I read the book and fooled with their method years ago before they had an app (I was learning a different language, Hindi) and I thought their approach made a lot of...
  3. Learning Spanish with Jose from Ponferrada (when he lived in Sydney)

    Learning Spanish with Jose from Ponferrada (when he lived in Sydney)

    Do you need to speak Spanish to walk a Camino in Spain? Yes and No. On the Camino Frances, not really. Other more remote routes? I think it's useful.
  4. henrythedog

    Easy Spanish radio?

    I’ve been learning Castilian Spanish for a couple of years and, at my own pace and in ‘expected’ situations, I’ve some degree of competence. Strong B1, approaching B2 on a good day. (UK ‘A’ level). What I need to work on is conversation and comprehension of random speech. The Spanish radio...
  5. JanskeMarie

    Spanish language

    September 16th I will start my Camino Madrid. This is a Camino where mainly Spanish is spoken, a language I don't speak well. Have you encountered difficulties if you do not speak the language on the road?
  6. Stephan the Painter

    Pre-Camino Travel Ideas

    My plan is to start The Camino Frances right after Easter, around April 15, 2020 from SJPP, weather permitting. But I will be arriving in Madrid April 1. So I’m trying to decide what to do. I’ll be spending a few days in Madrid looking at the art museums, but then I’ll have about 10 days, of...
  7. Helen1

    Recommendations for Spanish classes in London wanted

    Hi All, I'm lucky to live in central London so I have a overwhelming choice of places to learn beginner Spanish after work e.g. The Cervantes Institute course is £325 per term + books, but the classes are 2.5 hours long !?! (this is the one people tend to recommend on camino forums) Various...
  8. Robo

    What are YOUR Favourite Spanish Words?

    Prior to our last Camino, I thought it might be useful to learn some more Spanish. The aim was to build on my already impressive vocabulary of about 20 words, that dealt mainly with food and drink! The big goal this time, would be to achieve the ultimate in flexibility and independence… To be...
  9. johnmeyerbooks

    Shadows, Shells, and Spain 2018-10-15

    Lost and listless on the island of Mallorca, Jamie Draper searches for his estranged wife, Pam, who has left him without any explanation or warning. Exploring her last known location, Jamie stumbles upon an urgent letter from his missing wife promising full disclosure as to her sudden departure...
  10. C

    Essential Camino Spanish?

    Is there a quick guide to essential Spanish for pilgrims?
  11. fraluchi

    Logroño protest

    The El Pais newspaper ran an article yesterday (22 July 2917) about the protests in Logroño with the purpose of changing the "Camino" away from the town center. The following is a (partial) translation of the article: [They did not seek to end the ancestral pilgrimage route, but to denounce that...
  12. Jersey

    Best app for learning Spanish?

    I'm looking for an app to learn Spanish that is audio based so I can listen while I go for my daily walk. Thanks
  13. notion900

    Proper Preparation?

    Just a philosophical question. Judging by the posts on this forum, most people spend an inordinate amount of time, money and effort fretting about gear and clothing, reading tons of blogs, and diligently watching films and reading books, and yet seem to expend so little effort trying to learn...
  14. April Jo

    Should I learn Portuguese or Spanish

    Hi. I'm struggling to learn Spanish.... I'm thinking of doing the CP next time: should I keep going with Spanish, or would it make more sense to learn Portuguese? Thanks for your anticipated opinions.
  15. linkster

    Camino Vocabulario

    I have been trying to learn some basic Spanish in preparation for my first Camino. I have been using Rosetta Stone, Spanish 101 at the local State College, Coffee Break Spanish, and Spanish Behind the Wheel. A little bit every day, and it is slowly starting to make sense. I have started putting...
  16. Kitsambler

    Spanish Villages for Sale

    http://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2015/08/23/433228503/in-spain-entire-villages-are-up-for-sale-and-theyre-going-cheap For those who want to continue their Camino experience ...
  17. Jakke

    Getting to know the locals on the C.P.

    Hi! I just read a thread about getting to know local people in Spain. I read somewhere on this forum, that many can speak English in Portugal. As I speak no Portuguese, that is what I need if I want contact with the locals. Fortunately I have a lot of time and would love to get to know...
  18. Beebe

    The Spiritual Traveler Spain 2016-08-06

    The Spiritual Traveler Spain is a celebration of the truly sacred and spiritual places, traditions, peoples, and roads of Spain. It is a non-denominational and deeply anthropological and folkloric travel book on Spain's prehistoric, pagan, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim past. It is also a...
  19. Deacon Jason

    Speaking Spanish in Spain

    A question especially for any Spanish pilgrim brethren on the forum (and, of course, any others who are knowledgeable): I speak intermediate level Mexican Spanish...aside from those differences I've already discovered (tortillas aren't bread, sandwiches are bocadillos not tortas) are there any...
  20. L

    Talking with local people?

    Something I haven't found in the Camino books and accounts I've read: Conversations with local people in the Camino towns and villages. Nothing about how folks earn a living, what they do for fun, how they feel about life in general. Seems like most of the conversations I read about are...