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  1. notion900

    Proper Preparation?

    Just a philosophical question. Judging by the posts on this forum, most people spend an inordinate amount of time, money and effort fretting about gear and clothing, reading tons of blogs, and diligently watching films and reading books, and yet seem to expend so little effort trying to learn...
  2. April Jo

    Should I learn Portuguese or Spanish

    Hi. I'm struggling to learn Spanish.... I'm thinking of doing the CP next time: should I keep going with Spanish, or would it make more sense to learn Portuguese? Thanks for your anticipated opinions.
  3. Gipsy Moon

    Spanish SIM Card

    Could anyone tell me where I can buy a Spanish SIM card as soon as possible after SJPP? which network are available? (Tuenti being my preference. ) Thanks a lot
  4. WriterChantal

    Spanish Payment cards/debit cards

    Are there Spanish payment card, debit or prepaid cards I could buy? I'm thinking I would prefer to get to Madrid and put my money into a debit card and get euro's along the way. What is the best way? any horror stories ? What companies would you recommend? Thanks!
  5. Veena

    Last minute jitters

    Am walking from Sarria to Finisterre in a couple of weeks. I'm walking alone, and while I believe that there will be a lot of pilgrims till Santiago, I'm worried about getting lost in the route up to Finisterre. Is it well marked? Also, I don't speak Spanish, and even though I've been working...
  6. Jerriah

    Signage at Bus/Train Stations?

    Are the signs at the Airport/Train/Bus station only in Spanish? Or do they have some in English? Is navigating these places easy not knowing any spanish?
  7. Tigerandahalf

    Volunteering in albergues to learn Spanish

    Would anyone have ideas on the above? Thanks
  8. jirit

    Spanish Rail Tickets via Petrabax 2014-05-02

    If you experience trouble buying Renfe train tickets from North America consider using Petrabax - North America's authorized reseller of Renfe rail tickets.
  9. picosrider

    Learning Easy Spanish

    There is no doubt that it is very useful, if not essential, to speak at least a bit of Spanish when undertaking the Camino. However it does take time to learn a foreign language and most of us are short of time. However it is not too difficult, or time consuming, to learn just enough to get by...

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