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  1. trecile

    On the Camino, on this date in April...

    Here's the thread to post pictures, musings, etc. for any dates in April from any year, and for any Camino route. When you respond, please mention the year, route you were on and where you walked (or rested) that day. Thanks!
  2. trecile

    On the Camino, on this date in March...

    Here's the thread to post pictures, musings, etc. for any dates in March from any year, and for any Camino route. When you respond, please mention the year, route you were on and where you walked (or rested) that day. Thanks!
  3. SusanH

    April 2021

    Who’s walking the Francis next April?!
  4. trecile

    On the Camino, on this date in May...

    If you were on the Camino on this date in May in a previous year, where were you? I arrived in St Jean Pied de Port on May 10th last year for my fourth Camino, which would take me along the Francés to León, then the Salvador to Oviedo, then I walked to Avilés to connect to the Norte. After...
  5. R

    CF in March

    Good afternoon everyone! I am starting my second camino next Wednesday, March 4th. I know it's winter and kind of rainy season, but will I have any issued finding albergues????
  6. W

    Is Camino Frances a Rat Race in April/May?

    Hi All, I am just looking for advice from people that walked the Camino Frances in April/May of 2019. Did you find there was a race to get to destinations in order to secure a bed or was there generally beds available? Im young and fit and have no problem walking at a fast pace but I would...
  7. Dadhairday

    Waterproof walking shoes or not for early Spring?

    I plan to walk in trail shoes, nothing heavier. Expecting lots of rain March and April. What are experiences of gtx and similar waterproof or non-waterproof alternatives? I don’t want feet to overheat but don’t want to walk in soggy socks all day?
  8. Anton

    Advice of those who have walked May/June

    Hello my fellow peregrinos, I walked the CF from SJPDP to Finisterre in September of 2015. My fiancé and I hiked Porto to Santiago last September. We are planning to do the first 3 weeks of the CF next mid-May into June and since I have no experience with weather for that time of year I wondered...
  9. dgallen

    ...and the Camino gets busier every year

    Subjective title here, but I normally do April Caminos and this one is a busy one. Arrived on the noon train on April 1st and after checking into the pilgrim office headed up to Orisson. Orisson has a renovation underway with an additional 16 beds (underneath the outdoor patio... quite the...
  10. K


    Hi! My sister and I will be walking the Camino Primitivo this year for one week from the end of April into the beginning of May. We'll be starting in Lugo. Because of an accident I'm not physically able to do a longer camino. Will it be necessary for us to buy new shoes and backpacks, since...
  11. Isabeila

    Via de la Plata in April?

    Hello fellow pilgrims! Even though I have already walked the Camino Frances and Camino del Norte, I feel so unsure and some what "afraid" about setting off from Seville to Santiago April 1st. Therefore I hoped to get in contact with pilgrims leaving from Seville at the same time - or around...
  12. tsher09

    Sarria to Santiago- First week of March

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to do the final stretch of the walk beginning February 28, finishing no later than the 5th of March. As a solo female walker and it being still technically winter, is this a good time to go, or would it be better to wait until April? I will be traveling and in Madrid...
  13. nickymd1

    April/May '19 - Three weeks - Which route?!?

    I miss walking the Camino. A lot. So rather than continue my walk through Germany and France to get to Spain in the three weeks I can take off next Easter/start of May, I'm wanting to fly down and spend that time in Iberia. I've walked about 1400km on the Camino so I wouldn't consider myself a...
  14. lapamela

    Please tell me about your early march Camino Frances

    Hello! I've dreamt of walking the camino since meeting boy in my early twenties (now my husband) who had just done it and felt so passionate about it. We have three kids now and I'd assumed I'd have to wait to hike till they were older or even when my husband and I are retired! But! My...
  15. peregrinamaybe

    sleeping bag in April/May

    Hi all, my husband and I are planning to walk the Camino del Norte beginning in late-April. We're leaning toward bringing sleeping bags but I'm waffling because I've heard very strong opinions on both sides. I'm not sure if the discrepancy in opinion is due to different routes, different travel...
  16. andywild

    footwear question for april 2018

    Hi, I am planning on walking Camino Frances in mid April 2018.. This gives me about 12 weeks to get my equipment together. My main concern is footwear for the type of terrain at that time of year, (I'm assuming there will be a fair amount of wet weather). I'm hoping to get away with spending...
  17. TaraWalks

    CF starting March 14 from SJPDP

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of years but this is my first thread! My partner and I start the CF in mid March. I have walked it previously in Aug/Sept 2016 and despite lots of trawling of the threads here, I would like whatever advice you care to share. What I...
  18. P

    Weather and clothing! Camino del norte

    Hey all!!! Ill be cycling the camino del norte starting in March 2018 and Im just wondering what kinda of weather have you guys experienced on that route roughly round that time???
  19. G

    early March Camino

    It wouldn't be my first choice to start our Camino during the fist week of March however it looks like this time is the best for us to take leave.. I know a lot of albergues don't open til April, but will there be enough motels along the way for us? We are traveling as a family of 4 with two...
  20. gracethepilgrim

    LIVE from the Camino On the Levante for summer

    Countdown has begun. Soon about to depart for the 41 hours that will get me on planes, buses and trains from small-town New Zealand to Valencia. Before I depart for the Levante I must thank all the supporters. Those who have walked in previous years and the ‘newbies’ walking in 2017. ALL your...
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