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  1. gracethepilgrim

    LIVE from the Camino On the Levante for summer

    Countdown has begun. Soon about to depart for the 41 hours that will get me on planes, buses and trains from small-town New Zealand to Valencia. Before I depart for the Levante I must thank all the supporters. Those who have walked in previous years and the ‘newbies’ walking in 2017. ALL your...
  2. Danielle Dauvin

    10 Days to Go..

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I am flying to Biarritz next Friday, 5th May and will be travelling to St Jean the same day. Is anyone else also travelling the same day and would like to meet up and travel together? :) The excitement is setting in, along with the nerves of travelling alone for the...
  3. L

    Is anyone planning to hike the Camino de Madrid this May?

    Hi! I'm thinking of hiking the Camino de Madrid to Sahagun, where I will connect with the Camino Frances and continue to Santiago... But I have never hiked the Camino before and I don't speak Spanish. Is anyone else planning to take this route in May? Would anyone highly recommend I not take...
  4. sophiehebrides

    Anyone on the CP - latest update?

    Hello all I'm planning to walk a camino starting on 18th March for 2 weeks - last year I walked the Ingles in April and really enjoyed being able to 'complete' a camino in the time I had available... I'd love to walk the Frances but only have 2 weeks to spare just now so I'm considering the...
  5. T

    Camino Frances May 2017 will it be a race for a bed?

    I'm planning to walk the Camino Frances solo in May 2017 and wanted to know if i need to book a bed ahead of time. I would like to keep the planning to the bare minimum and if need be I can stay in private accommodations however, I would rather keep my cost down and stay in alburgues. I am...
  6. N

    Advice needed for Camino Portugues please

    Hi Guys :) I am planning a little (mini) Camino in Portugal for April, but will only have 2.5 weeks to walk (which is super sad for me because the last time I walked I was real blessed with 2.5 months. bliss!) Because my time is so short, I would really appreciate it if I could have some...
  7. S

    March weather & What to pack?

    Hello Seasoned Camino Hikers. I'm a newbie on the site and to the Camino. (Apologies if my post is on the incorrect forum). My daughter and I will be walking the Primitivo starting 15th March 2017. I would be very appreciative of any packing advice you might have for this time of year and...
  8. H

    Hiking the Camino in April. Advice needed!

    Hi everyone! My brother and I are hiking the Camino in April this year and we are super excited!! Could anyone else who has hiked that month tell me what the weather like? What clothes should we bring? Tent or just sleeping bag? Ad what did you all do as far as food goes? Carrying money...
  9. Kerstinh47

    looking for info/experiences on the Camino Portugués March/April

    Hi! I've been in hiding while in transition - now in the very beginning stages of planning a second camino. YAY! First choice for this one (Porto - Santiago - Finesterre would be March/April time frame, but I am interested in reading about the pros/cons for various times of year on that...
  10. Jaco Klynsmith

    Camino Frances in April 2017

    Hi, I am planning to walk in April 2017. From what I gather the journey from SJPDP takes 35 days to Santiago de Compostela. I need to book my flight for when I am done and hope that 35 days will be enough? I'm 32 years old and quite fit so I think I should be able to finish in time. Will...
  11. K

    Camping on the Primitivo/Ingles in April or May

    Hi All, I walked two of the Caminos a year ago and absolutely loved it but had a terrible time sleeping in the albergues. Despite ear plugs and even sleeping pills the reality is I am just a light sleeper. I can not afford to book hotels or private rooms the whole trip so was thinking of...
  12. HighlandHind

    The Meseta in spring

    I've just spent a glorious week crossing the vast plains between Burgos and Leon. When I walked the meseta in 2012 it was late September, post harvest, and the land was tired, brown and golden yellow. In spring 2016 it was a fresh green world. This short post on my blog gives a flavour of what...
  13. R

    Wanderer on Camino Portugues 2016-04-07

    I am on the Camino Portugues. Add your insights and view mine.
  14. walkingtotheend

    Camino Frances - May June 2009

    At last we have been able to load a 2 part video of our experience in 2009 onto our blog There are also links to see them on You Tube on the blog site or just look up Ian and Caths Camino May and June 2009 Buen Camino and bring on 2018 when we plan to walk the Le Puy route
  15. Janet P

    Gaiters or not ?

    I was shopping rain gear the other day and looking at the Gaiters at REI and the salesperson/experienced hiker said I only need gaiters for snow hiking. I am curious if they are standard equipment for April rain along the Camino.
  16. G

    Early April and Orisson Refuge

    Hi everyone, I'm schedule to start walking on my birthday, April 4. I emailed the Orisson refuge on January 2nd asking to reserve on April 4 and I got a response on Jan 12 that said: "At this period of the year we don't know if the weather is good so just call us the day before to know if the...
  17. Nanumea

    Sleeping bag question, Camino Frances in April

    Hello! I will be walking the Camino Frances from 4th April to 13th May in 2016. I have trouble choosing the right sleeping bag to take with me to the Camino. What kind of temperatures to expect during the spring at night? Will all of the albergues provide blankets? I have one light sleeping...
  18. Kanga

    Weather; thinking of October, November or April?

    I'm wondering if we, on this forum, are doing people a disservice by encouraging them to walk off season. Maybe we need to do more to stress the intemperate climate that is northern Spain, and particularly the potential for extreme weather conditions. Obviously some people get lucky and have...
  19. Gerry Sinclair

    Camino del Salvador/Primitivo Starting mid March 2016

    Looking for general thoughts, input and all around comments. I have a month and would like make it an easy go rather than "blasting" through the Camino Frances. Like I said in a previous thread, I want a chance to smell the roses..... or the whatever. Thanks for the help Buen Camino!! Gerry
  20. V

    Best time of year to do Camino Frances?

    Hello, I am excited to consider this pilgrimage. For those who have done it, what are your suggestions for the best time of year, the best months to walk it?