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  1. sillydoll

    Route Napoleon Closed

    L'Esprit du Chemin Facebook - about an hour ago Route Napoleon (red/rouge/rojo/rot/rood) - the weather has changed, the route is closed - le temps a changé, la route est fermée - el tiempo ha cambiado, la ruta está cerrada - das Wetter hat sich verändert, die Route ist zu - het weer is...
  2. CJ Williams

    IMPORTANT: Advice for pilgrims setting off APRIL 2013

    As I have seen a number of requests for info and posts by folks planning to start the Camino in March, I though I'd post a heads up weather-wise: Roncesvalles and the Pass at Ibañeta are still buried under several meters of snow, and it is snowing today in the north of Navarra. Additionally...
  3. TravellingSonn

    Weather - Late May/June

    Hi all, What can I expect the weather to be like late May/June? How many degrees? Hot? Cold? Both? Rain? Thanks again Sonia :)
  4. Marina82

    Camino April/May 2014 - where to be for Easter?

    Yes, yes, it's a while out before I can begin my physical journey, but researching the camino and reading the forums here, along with many books and blogs, feels like the beginning of my spiritual journey. That said, I have two months blocked out for my trip - April and May - and since I won't...
  5. AubreyL

    Camino del Norte - March/April 2013

    Hello! I've been lurking on this discussion board for several months. I bought my ticket to Madrid about four months ago and now that it's actually 2013 am in the serious planning phases of my camino. First, I was curious to see if any of you were planning to go in March/April 2013? Have any...
  6. tsetsgee

    Walking in March/April

    I have read that september/october seems like a popular time of year to walk. Myself and my partner are thing of going in march/april to walk the Camino Frances. Looking at the weather on the internet it doesn't look too bad. A bit cool in places, but I do prefer the cold over the heat...
  7. C

    26 yr old female walking March 2013

    hi all. I'm a 26 yr old American with moderate knowledge of Spanish planning to walk the Camino in March 2013...alone. I did not plan to do the Camino in March as I understand it will still be quite cold but it's the only time I will have to do this and I am not usually too bothered by colder...
  8. C

    Planning to walk El Camino Frances in late May of 2013

    My family and I (5 of us) are planning to walk the French way next year in late May starting from Des Moines, Iowa, USA probably on May 25 and giving ourselves until June 30 to be back at home. I would appreciate some help with some our questions, keep in mind that we are all in pretty good...
  9. ivar


    Took this picture this morning: Pollen season is here! Buen Camino! Ivar
  10. ncali12

    Weather April/May

    I will begin the Camino the last week of April in SJPP. My packing has been heavily influenced by an expectation of snow, rain, sleet, cold, wind. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I should be expecting more warm weather--especially toward the end. Will it be hot along the Camino in May? Thanks, ali
  11. sulu

    hayfever/allergic rhinitis

    It is far too early to be suffering from either pollen or hay allergy but I'm deffinately suffering from something. I think it is because of the very dry weather and when walking off road I am walking on dry leaves, this combined with the pollution from too many fires :!: Just a reminder for...
  12. heatherrnw

    Clothing for May/June

    I start my Camino at the end of April 2012, around the 28th, from SJPDP. My date to finish is around the week of June 6th. I'm planning to continue on to Finisterre if I finish early. I have really been wrestling with what I need to take in the way of clothing. I bought myself a couple of...
  13. Bozzie

    Camino Francés weather in late May & June, plus more ?s

    Hello to all pilgrims! I am walking the Camino Francés in late May through June, 2012. I am wondering what the temperatures are like during that time, if I'll need a sleeping bag or only a liner. Also, should I expect a lot of rain during that time? I appreciate any suggestions on what to wear...
  14. C

    april , good date ?

    thinking of finishing my Camino in April from Leon to Santiago , has anyone walked in April ? just wondering what the weather will be like and if many people will be walking as well ? any advice would be greatly appreciated Paul
  15. marianb

    Camino Frances 2012: May-June too busy?

    I am planning on walking the camino Frances alone next year (I am a 23 year old woman from the US). Considering my other travel plans, I would like to walk starting early to mid may, but it seems that may-June is one of the busiest times. Will it still be worth it? I have heard horror stories of...
  16. PilgrimChris

    March/April on the Camino Frances

    I have read Sil's and other blogs on the subject of "winter walking' so thank you for sharing. What I would like to know is what are the 'usual' conditions along the Camino Frances during March and April? I appreciate the weather can be, and often is, unpredictable but is deep snow and bitter...
  17. Tio Huero

    Best time of the year to go?

    Amigos, I selfishly want the best weather and the least crowded paths and albergues for my trek. I've been told that September is ideal but that won't work for me next year. Suggestions for spring 2011 would be greatly appreciated. Gracias , Dan aka Tio
  18. jsalt

    Camino Portugues March 2011

    We’re a South African couple planning to walk from Lisbon to Santiago starting about 10 March. Lisbon to Porto seems to be a relatively quiet route, even more so at that time of the year. I’d be interested in hearing from others who have already walked it in March: how they found the weather...
  19. ivar


    Just a tip for those of you that suffer from allergies, in Galicia (and I think in Spain in general) the pollen season has started. My car was covered in yellow pollen when I picked it up going home from Santiago just now. Saludos, Ivar