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  1. S

    Stages on Camino de Levante

    Hi can anyone advise me where I would get information on the stages on Camino de Levante please...? I’m aware of the book, it’s in the post, I’m hungry for information on my next Camino! (Even though I finished my last one one Wed!) Thanks in advance! Stephen
  2. MarieLauFlorin

    Matosinhos - stages on Camino Portugues Central

    I have read a lot in here about the detour from Porto to Matosinhos and back to the central route. But I am in doubt how to make Matosinhos match with the stages I would like to do further on. Can anyone help me? Here are the stages I have planned - I need help to change the first three stages...
  3. notion900

    Problem / long stages on the VDLP

    Hi I have just posted a resource in the Camino Resources area, VDLP section, which gives a strategy for the problem 40km stage caused by the closed albergue between Casar de Caceres and Cañaveral. If anyone else has any solutions or strategies for any other problem stages, please comment here...
  4. notion900

    Strategies for problem long stages on the VDLP

    Castilblanco de los Arroyos to Almaden de la Plata This is a 30km stage with two unpleasant obstacles. The first part of the day is 16km of road walking on the SE-5405 which is known locally for being narrow with fast moving vehicles and poor visibility, so it's really not very safe for...
  5. notion900

    Gronze 2017-04-13

    Gronze is a camino planning website used by many Spanish pilgrims. Its chief distinguishing feature is the ability to search by any town or village name, and it will tell you on which stage and on which camino it is located. This is a nice feature for new pilgrims using the forums, where...
  6. irishgurrrl

    Possible stages for my camino

    Hey folks, I'm planning to walk the Camino Primitivo this yr from Oviedo to Melide and then catch a bus to Santiago. (Have done the entire CF before so want to spend as much time as possible on the sections of the CP before Melide). Excluding travel days I've about 14 days for actual walking...
  7. P

    Camino Frances within 29 days 1.0

    You can use this PDF as a template for your Camino. You can also create your own list of stages by using a free tool. See (Additional Information URL) below.
  8. Felipe

    Sarria - SdeC in December (2017)

    Last year, after much hesitation, I finished my pilgrimage with the Sarria-SdeC stages. I had somewhat avoided them in my previous walks, for no particular reasons. Just kind of a feeling... Well, at the end it was, uhm, just ok. So I have decided to give them another try, this time in December...
  9. michael heitzman

    Building Le Puy itinerary. Thoughts and suggestions?

    Howdy everyone, I'm currently building my itinerary for my upcoming trip (June) from Le Puy to SJPP where I'll continue on to Santiago. From what I've been reading this first leg of the trip will not be able to be as spontaneous as the trip through Spain so I'm planning my stages through France...
  10. mla1

    vdlp stages - less than 40 days?

    I am starting to plan for the VDLP in spring 2016 (through Ourense). Some of the guidebooks suggest 36 or 37 days to Santiago, but most of the blogs and comments on the Forum suggest 40+ days. I am wondering if anyone would mind posting stages for fewer than 40 days between Seville to Santiago...

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