1. Lindam1

    Passport stamps

    I started my camino in August this year and walked from St Jean pied de Port to Logrono, I am wondering if the stamps collected on the passport have an expiry date? How long do I have before I need to resume my walk?
  2. Rodrigo Cerqueira

    Where to stamp the pilgrim passport in Fátima

    Where to stamp the pilgrim passport in Fátima
  3. B

    Options? RA is back

    My rheumatoid arthritis has come back - probably from practice walks carrying backpack. Now I have pain and stiffness in most of my joints, my wrists and feet and hips being the worst. To heal I need to really take care of my body and reduce stress. I do still need to move. Before cancelling...
  4. olgaeveraert


    I received my credentials, and they are in Spanish. Is there an english translation? I read that the last 100 km requires 2 stamps a day. What is the reason for this and must it be in 2 separate locations, i.e. town/village, or in 2 different offices for stamps? I am confused.
  5. Helen1

    Never occured to me to go the post office for credencial stamp

    "Every post office has a stamp for your Credencial, and many of them have special stamps we have designed with relevant monuments or events of that particular place. Thus, your Pilgrim's Passport will become the best of souvenirs of all the places you could see and visit on the Camino. Here you...
  6. S

    Leon stamp

    Hello, I've just arrived at my hostel in León and the cathedral will be closed before I could get there and the hostel's reception is closed - can anyone recommend a good place to get a sello in the evening? Or should I just ask in some bars?
  7. L

    Question about stamps

    Hola! First of all, LOVE this forum! Filled with information and wonderful people! I will be walking a section of the Camino in September (Leon to Santiago), with two wonderful friends, super excited about it. My question for you is: You get your stamp as soon as you get to the town where you...
  8. WalkerByChoice

    Getting the stamps

    Hi. Hopefully i will walk the CF this summer but have a question. You get a stamp everytime you sleep in a hostel, right? But what if you just keep going and make more kilometers and go to the next city?
  9. Martha Jansen

    Begin or end your camino with a visit to Paris

    For pilgrims who have the time to visit Paris as part of their camino, it's good to know that if you have your credential with you you can receive a stamp at the audio desk in Notre Dame Cathedrale and also at the Information Kiosk within the small park surrounding the Tour Sainte Jacques. And...
  10. Another stamp

    Another stamp


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