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  1. trecile

    On this date in August...

    On August 1st 2017 I walked from O Cebreiro to Samos, which is such a lovely place! I had one of the best pilgrim dinners there. I don't remember what the main course was, but I started with these delicious scallops. 😋 Then on to Barbadelo on August 2nd. I stayed at the wonderful Casa...
  2. trecile

    On this date in June...

    Here's a thread to post pictures, musings, etc. from any date in June from any year when you were on the Camino. Last year I started on the Camino del Salvador from León, after walking on the Francés from SJPDP. Looking at the map I thought that I'd find a place to eat breakfast on the...
  3. zanndat

    Camino primitivo in June

    Hi all. I am trying to find some information about camino Primitivo in June. I am planning to go there in 2020. I have walked Portuguese coastal camino this year September/October and weather was awesome. it was not hot AND As I don`t want to walk in really hot weather, maybe someone could...
  4. V

    August packing list - preparing for the Camino

    Hello everyone, I just joined this forum. I'm flying from Paris to Zaragoza on the 30th of July. That day I will reach SJPDP around 16h. And the next day I plan to start walking. In the photo attached is my packing list. With water bottle of 1.2L, it weighed 5.5 kg. I plan to walk for 30 days...
  5. rasrebeka

    starting camino del norte on the 26th of july, anyone around that time?

    i am leaving budapest on the 26th to start camino del norte and i could use some suggestions for summer camino walking since i have very little clue what to expect as for the weather for example. well, i know it will be hot like hell haha.
  6. sethjcarreiro

    Camino del Norte or Camino Primitivo?

    Hello, Pilgrims, It's that time of year again and I'm back to deciding which Camino I'll walk this year. Last year I walked my first Camino (Porto-Santiago-Fisterra-Muxía) in September, and this year I'm considering the Camino del Norte OR the Camino Primitivo in August. I found the Portugués...
  7. Aphra

    Anyone walking Porto-Santiago July onwards? Any advice?

    Dear fellow pilgrims, I'm planning to walk Porto-Santiago the coastal then central route July 8th onwards....anyone walking? (Amended to avoid confusion) My concerns are that the camino will be too crowded at this time? I do wish to meet spirited people but also enjoy solitude and see this as...
  8. Anton

    Advice of those who have walked May/June

    Hello my fellow peregrinos, I walked the CF from SJPDP to Finisterre in September of 2015. My fiancé and I hiked Porto to Santiago last September. We are planning to do the first 3 weeks of the CF next mid-May into June and since I have no experience with weather for that time of year I wondered...
  9. E

    For summer, a sleeping bag for how many degree?

    I am going to buy a sleeping bag for July's trip. What kind of sleeping bag do I need? I wonder the temperature's variation at night.
  10. How to Easily Fix Your Umbrella to Your Backback

    How to Easily Fix Your Umbrella to Your Backback

    I wouldn't be without my Euroschirm umbrella! I use it mainly for sun protection. Like walking in your own portable bit of shade! But it's handy in heavy rain too.
  11. FourSeasons

    July and August

    Hello fellow pilgrims. I'm planning my July and August del Norte. I am expecting hot temps but how hot, average for that time of year? In Fahrenheit please. Also cost per day staying in Alburgues and food. Should I bring a tent due to Alburgues becoming completo? I am hoping for 7 weeks to go...
  12. NomadBoomer

    Numbers from SJPP August

    I started from SJPP September 2nd 2017. There were huge numbers walking. The first week or two, lots of alburgues even whole villages got full. There was definitely a bed race and lots of people were booking days ahead. This year I chose to come a little earlier thinking many people wait...
  13. NadineMc

    Roll call Camino Norte

    Just wondering who else is walking the Norte in late May early June 2018?
  14. C

    Sleeping bag during this heat?

    Hello Everyone, planning to join you soon on Camino Frances. What are the night time temperatures in the albergues? Is an actual sleeping bag necessary at this time of year? How about a bug sheet instead? Here's a typical Sea to Summit product...
  15. Fares Ismail

    Camino In August

    Hello everyone, I heard the Camino can get pretty crowded during the months of July and August, but I was wondering how crowded exactly, if I’m starting in SJPdP to SdC? I don’t plan on staying in the towns suggested in the Brierley guide book. I also don’t mind the crowd but I just want to...
  16. gracethepilgrim

    LIVE from the Camino On the Levante for summer

    Countdown has begun. Soon about to depart for the 41 hours that will get me on planes, buses and trains from small-town New Zealand to Valencia. Before I depart for the Levante I must thank all the supporters. Those who have walked in previous years and the ‘newbies’ walking in 2017. ALL your...
  17. T

    Type of Clothes to Wear While Hiking

    Hello, I'm 18 and from Texas. I will be walking the Camino Frances this June-July solo. I'm used to hot weather, however I am still very pale skinned and get burned up easily even with sunscreen. I've read some articles saying that there was little shade along the walk, so I'm concerned in that...
  18. robelford

    Walking with 12 year-old son

    Hello, I am thankful for this forum and have learned much. My 12 year-old son and I plan to leave SJPDP on 29 May 2017, with 42 days available for walking. Does anyone have experience walking with a child about that age? Any lessons learned? We have been training regularly and he is very keen to...
  19. jo webber

    Surviving in the Heat

    After reading the Hot, Get a Hat thread I decided to post a bit of information on how to survive a heat wave or just heat one is unaccustomed to. I have lived in the desert for 55+yrs, where summer temps reach 115F on a normal summer day. Last year we had a person die almost every weekend from...
  20. sadaigh

    Planning Ahead for Summer 2017

    I'm finally going to do this! I have been reading and planning in my spare time for the last 6 months, and despite all the great threads on this forum, I still have some questions. Hopefully some of you awesome people can help me get some answers! I'm starting my Camino in mid-June and will stay...