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  1. EFH

    Walking Camino Frances in Mid/late September

    Dear Camino friends! I am a young woman who has done the Finisterre route in July and absolutely loved it. I became convinced that I wanted to do the whole camino so I gave up my room and in mid september/late september I am looking to do the frances from St Jean. I was wondering is this a...
  2. ParistoCapeCod

    American host in El Burgo Rañero

    On my way there now, I'll be volunteering Aug. 1-15. Stop and say hi, stay the night, have a cup of tea. Looking forward to this new camino adventure!
  3. futurefjp


    All being well I am setting off from Puy on the W/E 21st or 28th (or any day in between) and perhaps offer my services as a 'guide'/'Simon of Cyrene' from the steps of the Cathedral in Puy as far as Cahors (I suppose) unless I keep going this time. In the past few years I have learnt that...
  4. L B

    Albergue capacity from Sarria to Santiago in August

    Hello everyone! Due to the lack of free time I'm planning to only walk a shot way from Sarria to Santiago. I'm planning to go sometime in mid August but I was wondering if it's possible to do it without making prior reservations at the albergues? I really want to enjoy my walk and go as far as I...
  5. Ingrid G

    Booking beds or taking it as it comes?

    Hello! I am going to walk from Ourense to Santiago with two friends next week (July). We only have four days to do it, so we kind of know already know the stages we need to take every day and they are quite long. I know this is not the "real" pilgrim spirit, but it's the time we have, and living...
  6. KFrances

    Freaking a little about albergue availability in July

    Hi everyone, My husband and I are walking the Camino in July starting at Ponferrada. We have 17 days which I think should be plenty. We're fairly set with equipment but I must admit to starting to freak out about the availability of albergues en route to Santiago. I am trying not to overplan by...
  7. D

    Weather in mid to late June from Porto to Santiago

    Hello pilgrims, Our family is planning to walk the Porto-Santiago Camino from June 20 to July 1. We will be taking the interior route. We have read that the weather in mid to late June is rather dry, with only passing showers on occasion. Also, the temperature range is 12-18 Celsius (54-65...
  8. RMcDonald

    Camino Frances July-Aug...questions from a newbie!

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I am about to experience my very first Camino and are both excited, anxious and ....excited!! I have been reading, researching, following the Camino de Santiago forum and learning so much! Thank you for posting all of your tips, suggestions and experiences...this has...
  9. S

    Camino Frances from Dublin! :)

    Hola Peregrinos!! :) Last year I walked from Astorga to Santiago with my friends and realised how amazing the Camino is! At the start of June I would like to start in SJPP and walk the whole way. I have a question about getting from Biarritz to Saint Jean. I hope to travel from Dublin on 1st...
  10. Susan B Johnson

    Camino Frances in July

    I was planning to walk the Camino Frances to Finisterre the first two weeks in July, but after reviewing average temps, I'm having second thoughts. Has anyone done the Camino in July? Would the Camion Inglés be cooler, as it's closer to the coast?
  11. minaleigh

    Getting worried about a June Camino

    I am arriving in Madrid on May 25th. My friend is teaching English in Avila, so we are leaving after his school year is over. We'll be touring Madrid, Toledo, and Salamanca and then we'll start the Camino from Roncesvalles on May 31st. After reading different threads on here, I'm getting nervous...
  12. walkingtotheend

    Camino Frances - May June 2009

    At last we have been able to load a 2 part video of our experience in 2009 onto our blog walkingtotheend.com There are also links to see them on You Tube on the blog site or just look up Ian and Caths Camino May and June 2009 Buen Camino and bring on 2018 when we plan to walk the Le Puy route
  13. camster

    Summer nights on CF and sleeping bags

    Yes. I'm starting another thread on this subject. I apologize ;) I do not know yet when I will be able to leave and do the Camino Francés, but I would like to do it in July/August. I have a sleeping bag (7C/45F) and a liner, but using only a liner irks me a little bit, since it is very thin and...
  14. Barbara06

    Best time for camion portuguese

    Hello, For those who have already done it, what is the weather like on this camino in august (heat ?) or in septembre (rain ?). When do you think is the best period to do this caminô ? Thanks so much
  15. S

    First timer? Shoes? August

    Hi Guys, Its my first post and I'm planning to do the camino in August of this year :) . I know there has been tonnes of posts about shoes with many saying it really all depends on personal preference but with a tight budget (being a student and all) I am just wondering how has anyone got on...
  16. A

    Advice for Pilgrims starting in Mid July?

    Hi there! I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this forum, what a great community! The thought of doing the Camino de Francés has been rattling around my skull for some time. And now with 30 or so available, it's about time I make it happen. I plan to travel within the next 15 days from London...
  17. V

    Best time of year to do Camino Frances?

    Hello, I am excited to consider this pilgrimage. For those who have done it, what are your suggestions for the best time of year, the best months to walk it?
  18. PeteT70

    My Equipment list for the Camino May/ June 2016

    Ok, i'm sort of getting there with putting together my equipment list. But it's too heavy, hence i'm publishing my list here to get some valued feedback and tips on how to lighten my load. All comments and suggestions welcome. Equipment 1500g - Backpack Osprey Kestrel 48 (this may change)...
  19. R

    Anyone Starting From Sarria In July?

    I'm a first timer and can only do the walk in July due to work and family restrictions. I wanted to go with a guided tour (yes I'm a wimp) but it seems the company I contacted doesn't have enough folks registering for a guided tour in July. Is it so hot that no one does July? Anyone here...
  20. Henley

    Jakobsweg/ Via Jacobi Switzerland from Rorschach to Geneva

    Hello, I am walking/hiking the Via Jacobi starting on the 8th of June and am wondering where the best places to stay over an extra night are. I had originally planned for 30 days and have since discovered it is only 20-24 days so I'm looking to find where it would be worth staying an extra...