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  1. Donna Sch

    Hiking umbrellas for sun protection

    I'm doing the VDLP in June/July and I read somewhere around these forums that the umbrella helped to drop the temperature by several degrees for that person. Given I have to expect anything from 28-40C, that makes an umbrella sound like a very good idea. Lower temps make for less water use and...
  2. Mark Petersen

    Am I crazy to think about walking the Via de la Plata in July-Aug?

    Yes, I know it will be super hot. But the summer window is the only one I've got. I walked the Francés last summer, then went to Sevilla for a week so I am familiar with how hot the south can be. Is there anywhere that will tell me how many peregrinos are on the way at that time of year...
  3. Nicklas Lind

    What's it like walking El Camino Frances in June/July?

    Hello everybody! I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while now as I'm planning my first Camino after many years of dreaming about it! Now the time has finally come, and as soon as I'm done with my exams in May/June I'm heading to SJPdP. With that said, I've been wondering what it's...
  4. M

    Walking "The Way" in mid May-June 2015...El Camino de Santiago a mediados de Mayo-Junio del 2015

    My sister and I are planning on walking the El Camino in mid May-June 2015, starting in SJPDP (CF). We would like to know if its true that at this time of the year it tends to get really noisy, crowded and full of young people. We have heard horror stories of pilgrims having to rush to find a...
  5. J

    Looking for people I met Aug/Sep 2014

    Hey there, I would absolutely love to reconnect with the following people I met on the Primitivo during Aug/Sep 2014: Maya and Tai, sister & brother from Israel (hint: onion soup and story of trying to buy a donkey) Wendy from Arizona, USA (hint: fire in Borres) JuanJo from Barcelona, Spain...
  6. gracie

    Baggage weight

    I weighed my baggage and it is already more than 10% of my weight, that doesn't include yet the shampoo, soap, shoes, mobilephone and the charger. Since i will be taking my journey in the middle of August maybe it is not a good idea to take a fleece jacket. Is there an area along Camino Fances...
  7. gracie

    Is it really difficult for a biker to get into albergues in August?

    I will be biking camino frances in August 2014 and i have read that it is the busiest time. I am concerned about places to stay during the night because some threads indicate that bikers will have to wait to get into albergues until all the walkers have arrived. And, if they get full then you...
  8. J

    Camino Portugués

    I will begin my Camino in Valenca do Minho or Tui on Wednesday, August 28. I am from Puerto Rico and so far, will walk alone. If anyone will be around there by then, please let me know. Juan Carlos Ortega-Puerto Rico-juancarlospr@aol.com
  9. HeatherWriter

    July clothes

    Hi all. Just wondering whether long layers-eg: light merino leggings and top-would be necessary for the evenings in July on the Le Puy route? I'm inclined to think it will be balmy but am I wrong?
  10. N

    July 2014!

    Looking to start the Camino Frances route in early to mid July. Just thought I'd post on here to see if anyone has any advice for last minute travelers or if you'll be on the trail. Buen Camino!
  11. shtery

    Anyone walking in august 1st camino de france?

    Looking for a company, i am a little bit scared doing it by myself ;(
  12. Jake Kim

    Anyone starting from June 21st? Hows weather like in June/July?

    Hi everyone! Me and my friend are starting our journey on the 21st of June. Is anyone starting on the same date? We are leaving from LAX and arriving to Porto on the 20th (Early Morning). So basically we are going to explore Porto for a day, and start walking from the 21st. I am kind of done...
  13. angeliki louk

    Camino in july anyone?

    Hallo everyone!!! I am getting ready to leave in about a month for my camino. I will be in SJPP on the 7/7 and start on the 8/7. I am anxious but also excited that i decided to do the camino. I am coming from Greece and a friend of mine did it last year and told me that it's an experience of a...
  14. It was August, i walked through

    It was August, i walked through

  15. kevinoconnor2000

    Camino Primitivo

    Have completed my camino frances and camino del norte in the last few years. I start my camino primitivo this june 1st 2014. Looking forward to it now, just planning few stages and wondering a few pieces of info. There are a few excellent descriptions of primitivo on this forum. Are there many...
  16. D

    Weather in July/August: can someone verify this?

    First post and first camino coming up in a few months. Question about weather: I'll be doing the Camino Frances in July/August. I found a lot of good advice on weather, but I'm very much a data person. I boiled down the data from this site (link) and this is what I got data-wise. Can anyone...
  17. Arrim

    first time pilgrim, solo traveler in late June/early July 2014

    Hello! I have done quite a bit of digging on this very useful forum and have found many useful answers to my questions. That being said, I know the question I am asking, or at least a similar one, has probably been asked before, so I am sorry if I am being repetitive. I am hoping to walk a...
  18. K

    Camino Aragones end of June beginning of July

    I'm planning to start walking from Auch, France (not camino aragones), but passing through oloron-sainte-marie around June 27th-28th. Any other travelers going to be on aragones at this time?
  19. D

    Crowds in August

    Crowds in August
  20. Eileen Mary

    Weather in July, Camino Portugues

    My husband and I are thinking of walking the Camino Portugues next July, taking 8 or 9 days to complete it. We are both early risers, so we would probably start walking early in the morning, hoping to do around 30 km a day. Has anyone walked the CP in July? How hot and humid will it be? (We are...