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  1. D

    Temperatures in July and August

    I've read about the heat in the summer months. I'm wondering what the actual average temperatures are during the hot months. Are we talking 90's (Fahrenheit ) or triple digits? Thanks so much.
  2. grayland

    August VdlP (Grayland 2013. ......LUKA. 2014)

    :shock: I am leaving in a couple of days for Seville to start on an August VdlP :shock: (I do know about the heat) I will try to post on this thread from time to time if my iPhone does not melt.
  3. holmesmd

    * BEDBUG ALERT * June 2013 (and quickly dealt with)

    Oodles of bed bugs were found in An albergue on June 4th. The hosts were great in shutting down the Alb. ASAP but folks should be warned for the rest if the Fisterra route that they're out in abundance, especially since so many beds were infected.
  4. N

    June-July Weather on Camino and packing

    Hello, I will be starting in Leon and walking to Santiago de Compostella, and possibly Finnisterre, for 2.5 - 3 weeks. What can I expect in terms of weather? Will I need a fleece for chilly nights or mornings? Will there be chilly nights? Will I need a base layer (long underwear) - I'm thinking...
  5. K

    Weather in August/September

    Hello!I`m planning a walk from the middle of August until the very end of September or maybe even the until the beginning of October. We decided to go Camino Frances, until the ocean, the end of earth :) So I`m wondering what are the weathers in this region in this season ...
  6. Aglass

    Camino primitivo in August

    Hello Have you done the camino primitivo in the middle of summer? I am thinking of doing the it in August 2013. Is it possible to get space in the albergues in August ok? Are there alternatives (hostales etc)? Does it get really busy?
  7. TravellingSonn

    Weather - Late May/June

    Hi all, What can I expect the weather to be like late May/June? How many degrees? Hot? Cold? Both? Rain? Thanks again Sonia :)
  8. J

    Walking in August/September 2013

    Greetings fellow pilgrims I am planning on starting in SJPdP on August 21 and arriving in SdC on September 25. Any suggestions regarding the weather conditions, many pilgrims on "El camino", accessibility of the hostels, etc.? I appreciate any/all feedback! Buen camino/Ultreya!
  9. David243

    June 2013...got tickets already!

    Hey everyone! I don't usually post too often, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I found a pretty amazing deal arriving in June and returning in August from Los Angeles. Tickets were only $750 into Dusseldorf, and from there my wife and I are taking a bus to Brussels and then flying...
  10. L

    Weather on Camino Frances in July?

    Hello! I will be walking The Camino from June 29th to late July. What can I expect for weather? Will I need anything for the cold? Will a silk liner be sufficient for sleeping? Thanks for your help - I have a TON more questions that I will be asking. This forum is fantastic for...
  11. A

    Walking the Camino del norte in august/ september

    Hello dear pilgrims, I am planning to walk on the Camino del Norte this summer, starting out late August. I have about 20 walking days, and wonder if anyone could give advise as to where to set out, when I would like to end up in Santiago? In the guide-books that I have, there are quite a few...
  12. heatherrnw

    Clothing for May/June

    I start my Camino at the end of April 2012, around the 28th, from SJPDP. My date to finish is around the week of June 6th. I'm planning to continue on to Finisterre if I finish early. I have really been wrestling with what I need to take in the way of clothing. I bought myself a couple of...
  13. Bozzie

    Camino Francés weather in late May & June, plus more ?s

    Hello to all pilgrims! I am walking the Camino Francés in late May through June, 2012. I am wondering what the temperatures are like during that time, if I'll need a sleeping bag or only a liner. Also, should I expect a lot of rain during that time? I appreciate any suggestions on what to wear...
  14. marianb

    Camino Frances 2012: May-June too busy?

    I am planning on walking the camino Frances alone next year (I am a 23 year old woman from the US). Considering my other travel plans, I would like to walk starting early to mid may, but it seems that may-June is one of the busiest times. Will it still be worth it? I have heard horror stories of...
  15. J

    weather in july

    Whats the weather in july like? planning on being on the camino for 4 weeks startinging end of june
  16. C

    Bearable heat in July & August?

    It's surely been asked before- I'm thinking of walking 7 days of El Camino in either July & August, but as I'm planning, I am wondering if the heat won't make the walk too unbearable (not pleasurable)? And so, is the walk worth during these months? I'd like to find out what is people's...