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  1. H

    Bus from O'Cebreiro to Sarria

    On day 6 in late September, we are walking from Herrerias to O'Cebreira for breakfast and then plan to take a bus to Sarria. Will it be easy to get a bus or taxi to Sarria and about how long will it take? we have figured it is 40 km.
  2. J

    Shared shuttle on the 5th of July?

    Hi, Would anyone like to share a shuttle/taxi from Biarritz airport to saint Jean around 10/11 am on the 5th of July?:) If not, then could anyone tell me whether it’s easy or difficult to arrange while at the airport? Do pilgrims usually get shared taxis together without previous...
  3. katie@camino


    Has anyone caught a taxi from Madrid or Pamplona to SJPDP? I'm wondering how much you paid, approximately? I'll be travelling from regional Aus and keen to save as much time as possible! Planning to start CF in December 2018. Thanks :)
  4. J

    How to get from Santiago Airport to Sarria?

    Hi all, finally, next month i will start my journey (a small one unfortunatly) it is planned to arrive the 18th of november in Santiago ( 17.00) and would like to reach Sarria the same day. is there another way to get there without a Taxi? as busses and trains are no longer available after...
  5. B

    Options? RA is back

    My rheumatoid arthritis has come back - probably from practice walks carrying backpack. Now I have pain and stiffness in most of my joints, my wrists and feet and hips being the worst. To heal I need to really take care of my body and reduce stress. I do still need to move. Before cancelling...
  6. MammaBear

    Arriving late in Biarritz - how to get to SJPDP?

    Camino Friends I am arriving around 19:00 in Biarritz and need to travel on to SJPDP. Burricot has informed me that they do not transport that late in the day. The trains in Bayonne also do not run that late. I and another traveller want to get to SJPDP that same evening as we have...
  7. irishgurrrl

    Buses between Campiello, Pola de Allande, Berducedo and Grandas de Salime???

    Hey folks, With the current fires in the region does anyone know if there is public transportation (aka buses) serving any or all of the above villages? If the fires are still affecting some of these areas and stretches of the Camino I'm wondering if I can catch a bus to the next "safe"...
  8. J

    Walking with a chronic foot issue

    Hi fellow pilgrims, My DH (59 yo) and I (58 yo)hope to walk the El Camino Frances in the coming year. In 2012, we walked from Sarria to Santiago and enjoyed it tremendously. However during that walk, I developed a Morton's neuroma in my left foot, which is scaring of a nerve between the...
  9. Pete Dunn

    Biarritz to Irun - easier by train or bus..?

    Hi all, I'm flying in from Southampton UK to Biarritz tomorrow and need to get to Irun for the evening to start the Norte on Wednesday. My planning has gone awry as it was one of my closest friend's funeral today, all too sudden and unexpected :( A big concern right now is how best to get...
  10. B

    Taxi from Guntin de Pallares to Portomarín

    I'm joining fellow walkers for the last leg of the Camino Frances. I can take a bus to Guntin de Pallares from Santiago de Compostela but need to take a taxi from Guntin de Pallares to our meeting point in Portomarín. Any thoughts, dear Camino Frances Community? Many thanks in advance for any...
  11. ElektraGoddess

    Cost of taxi from Santo Domingo to Bilbao?

    I am unable to get bus on Sunday. It's too late for my plane. Does anyone know the cost of a taxi? Thanks
  12. traveladdict1

    How to get from Triacastela to Sarria? Is there public transportation?

    Hi, We want to skip the route from Triascastela to Sarria and instead take a bus/train from Triacastela to Sarria. This will be in June. Does anyone know if there's a bus or a train? If yes, could you send me the link or something? We don't really want to take a taxi, but I couldn't find any...
  13. J

    Taxi Share

    Is anybody interrested in sharing a taxi from Fistera to Santiago on May 15th in the morning 8-9am
  14. katie@camino

    May 29: Arrive Biarritz-Taxi share?

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I arrive in Biarritz on May 29 - is anyone interested in sharing a taxi from Biarritz/Bayonne to SJPDP that afternoon/evening? I estimate it to be between €80-110 (although I'm happy to be corrected by experienced pilgrims/locals?). If this is shared between a few of us...
  15. M

    Madrid to O'Cebreiro

    Hello, I walked SJPdP to Santiago in March/ April 2015. My wife wants to go this year and experience a small part of everything I've been telling her about. In April we have just 7 - 10 days to walk. I'd like to start in O'Cebreiro so she can see it. Unfortunately I'm not having much luck...
  16. david malta

    Taxi from Santiago to Labacolla Airport early morning

    I have a flight from Labacolla Airport at 06:55. Last year I have used the Airport Bus provided by Empresa Freire, however, I cannot use this service for the coming year as the first bus leaves Santiago at 06:20 and arrives at 06:45. Therefore, a taxi it must be. I intend staying at an albergue...
  17. T

    Taxi Travel SCQ

    www.taxitravelscq.com jmcm@taxitravelscq.com +34 659262288 SERVICES. MAXIMUM CUSTOM CARE. Pilgrim transfers. Collected at the airport or stations and taken to your starting point on the Camino. Transfers from the City to the airport. With pre reservation you will be collected at the...
  18. Dan7p

    Cutting it too fine?

    Hi all, I land in Biarritz from LDN Stansted at 17:05 on Sunday 26th July. Will I make the last train from Bayonne to Saint Jean Pied de Port, which departs at 18:06? I would be happy to catch a taxi from the airport to the train station to save time! Or is this cutting it too fine...

    Starting on April 9th from SJPP

    I'll start my Camino on April 9th from SJPP, hopefully via Napoleon way. Stop over at Orisson for the night Regards and buen camino PS I'll arrive at PNA airport at 10AM, if someone willing to share a cab, I'm in !
  20. S

    Transport from Alicante Train station

    Hi Everyone, I'll be catching a train from Madrid to Alicante and spending the night in Alicante before moving on. Does anyone know if it's possible/easy to get a bus or a taxi from the Alicante train station? I wasn't able to find anything online. Thanks for your input!!

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