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  1. D

    Prepping for a second and a third Camino. Cell phone and Gear observations

    I'm hopeful that I can travel to Portugal this summer (2018), with my son, to do the stretch from Porto to Santiago. We are also looking at the possibility that my dear Spouse will do the entire SJPDP to Santiago route in the fall, and that I might be able to meet up with him at Léon to...
  2. G

    camino frances on bike--actual trail vs. road alternates; app vs. maps

    Greetings Bicigrinos, Leaving on Monday and have some last (many!) minute questions: Scrolling through varied posts below, it sounds like some parts of the Frances trail are impassable (or unpleasant) for cyclists, and you are carrying your bike for prolonged periods while navigating stairs...
  3. Ginny Bartolone

    Technology/Hostel Changes Since 2009?

    Hi all! I hiked the Camino Frances in September/October of 2009, and am headed back this July. We were right on the cusp of smart phones when I went back then, and I am assuming there have been a good deal of technological changes in the Camino world. My biggest concern is booking hostels...
  4. sadaigh

    Planning Ahead for Summer 2017

    I'm finally going to do this! I have been reading and planning in my spare time for the last 6 months, and despite all the great threads on this forum, I still have some questions. Hopefully some of you awesome people can help me get some answers! I'm starting my Camino in mid-June and will stay...

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