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  1. Walking Nature World

    A budget tent to take on Camino - Detailed Review after 2 years of test

    Best Budget-Friendly QUECHUA QUICKHIKER ULTRALIGHT 2-PERSON TENT Detailed Review after 2 years test Watch the full video here: Today we are going to be doing another gear review and this will be our one and only beloved tent Quechua QuickHiker Ultralight 2-person tent. It has been with us...
  2. hossein84

    Camino del Norte, tent or no tent??

    Hello all, I'm starting my camino from Bilbao on 6th June 2019. I still can't decide to take my tent with me or not. In my reasoning, pros of taking the tent: saving some money, enjoying quiet nights (I hear a person or two might snore in albergues), sleeping in nature. Cons: the extra weight of...
  3. Anthony18

    Should I bring a tent?

    Dear Camino fans, I'm planning to do my first camino in June of this year (2018). I was wondering the following: Is the CF really crowded at this time? If so, should I just bring a tent so I don't have to worry about not being able to stay an an albergue? Many thanks to the creators...
  4. MatteJa

    Free camping with tent, is it possible? Also a question about nudist beaches

    Hello fellow pilgrims, next summer I will walk the "Camino del Norte", i have two questions for you, any information would be awesome, as I tried to search on Google but there are some misleading information: 1) Is it possible to "free camp with a tent", i mean, set up the tent late afternoon...
  5. Playful Dread

    Camping Shops in Lisbon (Lisboa)

    Does anyone have any information for reasonably priced Camping/Outdoor Gear Shops in Lisbon? I'm flying into Lisbon in May from Liverpool and I travel light on the plane to avoid excess baggage charges. So I don't travel with things like tent pegs, or walking poles. These are things though...
  6. K

    El Camino-sola en marzo- cuales desvios valen la pena?

    Saludos peregrin@s!!! Tengo pensado empezar el camino del norte desde Irun la ultima semana de febrero - No tengo tiempo para planearlo / investigar los albergues etc pero no creo q hace falta ; ) mi plan es llegar al primer pueblo y empezar a caminar no mas .. tengo el vuelo desde santiago a...
  7. Paul Popesc

    Sleeping in a tent

    Hello, I want to go the route St. Jean Pied de Port - Santiago Compostela. I want to sleep in a tent. Are there any restrictions in this sense? Who can tell me where you are camping. How much does it cost? The period of the year recommended for this route.
  8. CowboyJoe


    I've read where there are no convenient campgrounds along the Camino, but has anyone taken an ultra-light tent and free camped? Is that allowed in Spain? If so, what has your experience been? Thank you, heading out in late May, 2016!
  9. Papist Giant

    Tent vs. hammoc vs Albergues

    I really like the communal aspect of the Albergues, but I have some slight concerns. 1) I snore- LOUDLY!! I would pack earplugs just to give them to others 2) I am 6'8" and 320+ lbs. I don't know how comfortable I will be, and nobody wants to be underneath ME if I have a top bunk. I don't...
  10. A Walking Stick

    Budgeting info for Solo Pilgrim?

    This is my first post, so I apologize in advance if I missed a section here devoted to this topic, I did look around but couldn't find one. I am ready to plan my Camino Frances and the first thing I need to do is work up a estimated cost for the trip. If there is not already a section of this...
  11. M

    Camping along the Camino Portugues

    Hi! I am a part of a small group of people who will be walking the Camino from Porto to Santiago in July. We are hoping to camp along the way. Does anyone know of campsites (that will accommodate 5 tents) on the way?
  12. C

    February start on the Via Gebenensis

    Hey there pilgrims, So I'm going to be starting my Camino in February from Geneva. The route I'm planning will take me through Le Puy and then you all know the story from there. I'm fully aware of the cold, with a bit of luck though it won't dip below freezing for too many nights and by the...
  13. alessandro

    sleep in a tent

    Hi everybody, I thing to walk "Camino Frances" in July 2015 (I come from Verona Italy). I'm start from SJPD and I would like to arrive to Finsterre. I know there is a problem to find a bed in an albergue (there's anyone who called in albergue to books a bed...I think "this is not a really...
  14. Gazer


    Hi I am doing the camino on 10h April. Do you think I need to take a tent as it makes my bag alot heaver. Thanks Gary
  15. BeatriceKarjalainen

    Possibility to tent on the trail?

    Is it possible at all to tent along the Camino? I love the freedom I get using my tent here in Sweden but If I have to find and check in to camp sites I guess I could just go for the pilgrim lodging all the time. Was thinking of bringing the tent and use it if I want to stop between villages.
  16. J

    taking a tent on the camino Madrid

    Weight and too much bother versus nights out where possible?
  17. bardos

    A tent... your opinions please

    I am thinking of bringing a tent, weight 2.7kg. Is it feasible to sleep in a tent on the camino instead of staying in albergues?
  18. Abbeydore

    'Tent' or No 'Tent'

    Now having read Annies Blog(http://caminosantiago2.blogspot.com/); it's just dawned on me I suffer from headaches/migranes from people's perfume :evil: Like us all I need to go light, I see I can get a Vaude tent & use my poles as tent poles, I could leave my fly-sheet on my macpac tent behind...
  19. J


    do i need to take tent?
  20. M


    Hi! What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a small, lightweight tent on the Camino? Also, can you pitch tents anywhere in Spain or do they have to be in designated sites? cheers, Matt

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