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theft prevention

  1. dqduncan

    Theft in Lezama before Bilbao

    THEFT in Lezama. (right before Bilbao): WARNING....there is a big man about 100kg who appear to pose as a pilgrim just as albergue opens. He goes in as soon as the first person leaves, pretends to look for something and leaves ..vanishing quickly . It’s dark and people are groggy. Seconds...
  2. ScooterB

    Carrying valuables

    I have read some advice on this forum about how people carry their valuables and the importance of making sure you take them with you into the shower room. However, I haven't figured out what will be best for me as a container for money, passport, credit cards, etc. It doesn't seem like a waist...
  3. B

    camera bag

    I am planning for my first camino. being a avid photographer, i want to bring a good dslr camera on my camino. I need suggestions on how to protect my camera from theft as a solo hiker and bad weather, but still have quick ease of access such as a water proof belt pack or bag.
  4. HallOfFreedom

    Question about theft along the Camino

    Hello! I have been giving some serious thought to making this trip next fall, but there is a question that I haven't seen addressed anywhere. While I don't plan to travel with much money on me day to day, I would be carrying a nice camera. Staying in albergues and meeting new people along the...
  5. ilovelife

    Where to leave my pack upon albergue arrival?

    Hi everyone, Firstly, I am so grateful for the assistance people have been giving me by sharing their wisdom and advice with me in answering my many questions. For that, I feel I will be taking more than simply myself on my Camino. My question: I'll be travelling by myself, so upon my arrival...

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