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  1. dqduncan

    Theft in Lezama before Bilbao

    THEFT in Lezama. (right before Bilbao): WARNING....there is a big man about 100kg who appear to pose as a pilgrim just as albergue opens. He goes in as soon as the first person leaves, pretends to look for something and leaves ..vanishing quickly . It’s dark and people are groggy. Seconds...
  2. S

    Thieves at large on camino

    Pilgrims beware of thieves. Two men traveling along the Camino seen today in Burgos. They were in Los Arcos a few days ago, and they stole many cell phones and hundreds of euros from pilgrims’ rooms in the middle of the night. These thieves are walking the Camino with us. The tourist office in...
  3. SYates

    LIVE from the Camino I am a Camino Thief ;-(

    Today I stopped in Uterga and as I prepared for my shower I realised I had one pair of knickers more than I originally had packed. Counted again - 1,2,3 in the backpack, check, yes, wearing one also, check, so four pairs of knickers in total - so where did that fourth one came from??? Only...
  4. S

    Theft alert

    This morning my walking poles were stolen from the room I shared with 3 men early 20s, two were bearded, non-english speaking, in albergue Santo Domingo in Tui. Two days earlier in the Ponte De Lima albergue a lady had a recharge stolen. Similar characters seem to have been involved. Can...
  5. Wokabaut_Meri

    Arrest on suspicion of theft at Ponferrada

    This report of an arrest of a person on suspicion of theft from San Nicolas de Flue Albergue was published on the Radio Bierzo website and tweeted by Polícia Nacional account @policia. Among the items recovered which were stolen in recent days was a mobile phone allegedly stolen from a pilgrim.

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