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time limits

  1. nickymd1

    Time Limits on Credencial

    Ok, so the Camino might actually have made me crack my nut. Today I sat at my desk and, 8 months after arriving in Finisterre after my CdN, I've decided to walk from my front door. There is one problem: I can't just take 4 months off to walk Berlin-Leipzig-Paris-St Jean/Bayonne-Santiago(-Muxia)...
  2. E

    camino advice

    Hi, I am debating walking the camino from burgos - santiago in the next few weeks and have a few questions before I make a final decision: 1) is this too late notice, does walking the camino require more than a few weeks planning time? 2) what is the infrastructure like on the camino in March...
  3. K

    (New member!) How long would it take to walk from Paris to Santiago?

    Hi! I'm a new member, so sorry if this is a common question (though I couldn't find it through the search bar). About how long would it take to walk el Camino if I started in Paris? Thanks!
  4. Abigail Kelly

    Need some help thanks

    Hi guy's I am new to this site. In the last couple of years I have lost a lot of people including my mother. My aim always is to walk the Camino. I don't have a lot of time on this my first time (ten days); So far my options that I see to walk over the 100k is, Sarria-Santiago or Ferrol-...

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