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  1. E

    What time to arrive to secure bed in pomplona pilgrim hostel

    Hi, I will arrive in Pamplona today, Saturday, August 31. What time will I need to arrive by, in order to secure a bed at the Pilgrim hostel, Iglesia de Jeysus y Maria? Thank you, Elize
  2. G

    Meeting a pal mid-way

    Evening all, I’m walking the Camino Frances starting at St John Pied de Port on 29th March. I have a pal who wants to meet me en route for a week of so. If he flew into Pamplona what would be a realistic date for me to meet him there? I’m guessing, what, 5th April, something like that? Let me...
  3. G

    Solo Camino - time scale and camping

    Good day kind reader, I've decided to undertake the Camino Francés at the end of March/beginning of April 2018. I won't have any great time constraints as I'll be leaving my job prior to embarking on the journey to work on my writing whilst on the road. I guess my main query is whether there is...
  4. Colton Andre

    Start in Toulouse or Bordeaux?

    Headed to Europe this summer for two months and am planning on walking the Camino from either Bordeaux or Toulouse. My girlfriend and I were wondering which is the more scenic route and if there would be any major time differences in the routes. We planned on around 3-4 weeks for this, is that...
  5. sadaigh

    Planning Ahead for Summer 2017

    I'm finally going to do this! I have been reading and planning in my spare time for the last 6 months, and despite all the great threads on this forum, I still have some questions. Hopefully some of you awesome people can help me get some answers! I'm starting my Camino in mid-June and will stay...
  6. K

    (New member!) How long would it take to walk from Paris to Santiago?

    Hi! I'm a new member, so sorry if this is a common question (though I couldn't find it through the search bar). About how long would it take to walk el Camino if I started in Paris? Thanks!
  7. C

    Highways and sigh-ways on the Via De La Plata

    Hello all, Oh, the amount of my own work I'm behind on now from reading through this wonderful forum! On a very sudden urge, I've decided to walk the Via De La Plata this year in May. I'm not sure why I've chosen this path, but it seems right to me. 'The Call', I suppose some people may...
  8. camster

    Albergue leaving time

    Hi! I heard that there were albergues where you couldn't leave until a certain hour in the morning. Anyone has had this experience? There is a website that lists albergues and sometimes, they mention a 'compulsory leaving time', and I wonder if it's a time you have to have left by, or if it's...
  9. S

    Suggestions for a rookie :)

    Good day, I'll happen to have some free days in October, from 4th to 15th, and I have serious thoughts about spending them on the Camino Frances (a long dream of mine!) (I'm fitted, I like to trek but never had such an experience before.) Now my question is: what would be the best way to use...

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