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toilet paper

  1. Camino Toilet Tips

    Camino Toilet Tips

    The 'Boss' was shocked to see this! I know most people here are careful but maybe for Newbies it helps to illustrate the problem.
  2. Icacos

    First step ..... Improvement?

    Recently, there have been numerous threads on this forum deploring the condition of the Camino (I take it that this is mainly the more heavily used Camino Francés) regarding the garbage that pilgrims leave in their wake. I think it is generally accepted that the transgressors are persons other...
  3. jdickson

    Trashing the El Camino

    I just completed the El Camino in October. It was wonderful and beautiful and difficult. At the time I thought how can anyone want to do this several times. Now that I am home and reflecting, I would go back and walk again without question. I loved every minute of it. I have one issue though...
  4. M

    Toilet Paper

    Since I did the Camino twelve years ago, there have been some improvements. Unfortunately, I have been dismayed at the amount of toilet paper left behind large bushes and even rest areas. I don't want to sound cranky, but I don't think it is too much for pilgrims to just stuff used toilet paper...
  5. K

    Womens' issues while walking

    Hi All, I am walking the Camino for the first time in June. I'll be taking the French Way. I read a few threads about women on their periods while on the Camino, and I found them to be helpful about knowing where to buy products, etc. But my biggest worry is about the privacy of having to...
  6. Kanga

    Litter; pride in my fellow walkers

    Not strictly Camino but topical in light of discussions about toilet paper and other rubbish on the Camino. We're in the NSW Blue Mountains for the weekend, a magnificent world heritage listed environment, visited by many tourists. Every beauty spot we visited that required walking in and out...
  7. backpack45scb

    Pilgrim Etiquette - How about picking up some trash every walking day

    We have a whole set behavior conventions in the refugios. How about adding one for the trail so that Rebekah does not have to deal with quite as much pilgrim trail trash? http://moratinoslife.blogspot.com/2013/12/a-ditch-pig-anthem.html
  8. dmantony

    Toilet Paper

    Yes, I know, leave no paper on the trail, but what about in the toilet. I have visited rural areas in Cuba where paper is disposed of in a bin due to sensitive plumbing. Would that hold true for the rural areas of the Camino? Just checking, Deborah
  9. Sarahk

    The Delicate Matter of Toilet Paper on the Camino

    Hi Peregrinos, I'm concerned by all the toilet paper that's left behind in the pee spots along the Camino. As gross as it seems the first time you do it, it's really easy to put the used toilet paper into a Ziploc bag and toss the paper away when you get to your next alburgue. This is part...
  10. createspace

    bathrooms along the Camino Frances and bed clothes

    Ladies, where did you go to the bathroom? What did you wear to bed?
  11. pipello

    Women and the need to relieve oneself along the trail

    Greetings! My husband and I are planning our walk starting from Burgos at the end of April. I am thinking about the situation where I have lots of liquid going in and consequently, lots coming out. Some have advised a certain device that would enable women to urinate more conveniently and more...
  12. Rebekah Scott

    Annual Camino Cleanup Coming Up!

    The first week of December is Camino Cleanup time! For the second year in a row, a team of valiant trash-pickers will walk the width of Palencia province, (Puente de Fitero to San Nicolas del Real Camino) cleaning up the trash left behind by a year of travelers on the Camino Frances. If a...
  13. Kiwi-family

    is a little shovel overkill?

    We are wondering about packing a small nylon garden shovel just in case the urge occurs between villages. Will it end up being one of those items we really did not need? And a related question....in the villages are we likely to find "public" facilities? Whenw e were travelling round...
  14. moldaviteman

    Toilet Paper along the way

    Im loving my walk towards Santiago and im also loving the nature and beautiful scenery but im wondering why so many pilgrims have to leave piles of toilet paper all along the path, it not only looks unsightly but i simply cannot understand why people cannot pick it up and take it with them to...
  15. gregdedman

    An unholy year on the Camino Frances

    I've been mulling over writing this post for a long time now, weighing up both the plus and negative points, as far back as November when I found myself in the middle of my second Camino Frances, just three years after my 1st. What prompted me to begin scribbling notes, details, thoughts and...
  16. A

    Toilet facilities on the Le Puy Route?

    Are there toilets on route or at least the possibility of stepping off the trail and hiding behind a bush without offending locals? I was on a training walk in the city on Sunday -drank lots of water, but could find no facilities on the way. Yikes! Made me wonder.............
  17. Anniesantiago

    Toilet Etiquette

    I've posted this pet peeve elsewhere, but thought I'd give it its own thread. Ladies (yes, especially ladies)... please do NOT leave soiled toilet paper lying along the WAY. You have two options I can think of: 1. Carry a ziplock bag and put your soiled paper into the bag and dispose of it...
  18. Anniesantiago

    LADIES: Please take hankerchiefs!

    Ok.. I'm going to bump this up. I posted it here some months ago, but can't find it, but it is a really important topic for me. Ladies, PLEASE take a couple of small, washable hankies that you can use when you urinate along the trail. Please DO NOT leave piles of toilet paper along the Camino...
  19. J

    litter on the camino

    hey all, im in leon, i have been walking now for 23 days, and i cant believe, how much littr i see the pilgrims leave!!! Pleast, walk lightly on this earth, and especially on the camino. i luv my sisters, but i gots to say, QUIT LEAVING YOUR TOILET PAPER ON THE GROUND, ESPECIALLY IN ALL THE...
  20. sillydoll

    Good pilgrims don't litter or steal....

    I would like to ask all new pilgrims to please keep the camino free of litter. There is nothing more awful than seeing a Coke can, plastic bottle or candy wrapper on an otherwise pristine path. Actually, there is one thing, a pile of toilet tissues behind a bush or in a clearing off the path...

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