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  1. Briddie_DK

    Training for downhill-hiking

    Hi Everone, Two years ago I walked from SJPDP to Logrono, and after the first couple of days my knees were killing me. This April I return to CF and besides taking a few pounds of my bodyweight, I am searching for exercises to strengthen my knees before going. I live in Copenhagen which means...
  2. jgiesbrecht

    Motivation for Training

    Has anyone else really struggled with motivating themselves to get active before their walk? I work a driving job, and many days probably don't even hit 2 miles a day because of it. In September I did really good, walking 4 or 5 miles multiple times a week, but then the past 6 weeks I've just...
  3. Briddie_DK

    How to train for downhill walking

    Hi, I took my first shot at CF in april. I started in SJPDP, and had 6 days for walking. After the first two days, my knees were killing me. To avoid this on my next Camino-experience I will bring hiking poles, and hopefully shred some kilos from my bodyweight. I would also like to do some...
  4. SherlyC

    Training for Camino - my worries

    Hi everyone, I love the community spirit of this forum! I’ve been thinking about doing the camino for many years and have always read postings on this forum... and finally i could make time this year to do the CF from SJPdP this month! I’m female in early 40’s from Switzerland. I’m pretty much...
  5. M

    Training for the Camino

    Hi, all! For a few months, I have been loosely considering walking the Camino some time in the future. I am actually training for a half marathon in early May right now, and it just occurred to me that shortly after the half marathon may be a good time to walk the Camino. I am normally a...
  6. D

    Hospitalero training

    Camino Pilgrims, If you've been looking for a way to say thank you for all that the Camino has given you, look no further than American Pilgrims on the Camino and its hospitalero training courses. The next one available is Friday, October 13, 2017 through Sunday, October 15, 2017 in Colorado...
  7. C

    Physical training needed to cycle?

    Hi, A friend and I are hoping to cycle the Camino, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago, in October. Ideally we want to aim to do it in 12 days, while giving ourselves 2 extra days to rest/explore/catch up if needed (worst comes to worst, we have also another week in Spain after that but we want...
  8. D


    The Fitbit seems to be making the news in the Forum, mostly by being lost! I have lost three so far, and have had three others fail during the warranty period (and one outside the warranty), so I can sympathize on that issues. As a long time wearer, I have: 14,278,512 total steps 24,485 floors...
  9. nickymd1

    How much training do we really need?

    So here's the thing: I live in Europe in a city where we walk *a lot*. I regularly walk 10-12 km in a day in my ballet flats and my 5kg laptop bag slung over my shoulder without an issue, and I've gone on a few 20-25km training 'hikes' to some of the hidden treasures in my city (combining...
  10. flippinkittin

    Washington DC area training hike on the C&O canal

    Hi! I will be going on my first camino in mid/late June. I will be doing an early June training hike on the C&O canal. I'm thinking 50 miles in 3 days. Want to join? I will be backpacking, and bringing a tent a jetboil.
  11. jgpryde

    One rainy day while out training for the Camino…

    “You don’t need to be out here walking in the rain, pilgrim. I know you are pious enough. Matter of fact, you’re already on my A-list. Why don’t you go on home and pour yourself a cold one.”...
  12. joecamino

    Walking The Camino Without Training. Fool's Errand?

    This feels like the right year for me to walk the Camino-- much change in my life, and many "What's it all about?" questions to chew on. But I'm feeling fear, because I'm not in the best shape of my life. If it's possible to "train as I go," I'd really like to get on the road in May-- before...
  13. StepheninDC

    Training schedule for the busy

    I am looking forward to training for the Camino, but I have a question for all of you. What's the best way to work in a training schedule if you're really busy, especially on the weekends? I have a full-time job Monday through Friday, but I also sing as a church musician on Sundays, which...
  14. D

    U.S. gathering and training

    The 20th Annual Gathering of Pilgrims March 23 to March 26, 2017 and Hospitalero Training March 21 to 23, 2017 The Calvin Center Hampton, Georgia Whether you've been a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela or you aspire to be, the upcoming 2017 Gathering of American Pilgrims on...
  15. C

    Is it worth it?

    It is now coming on for ten years since I had been walking mindfully regularly and I heard of the Camino first when I meet someone who had just walked it and then when a travel writing book about it popped up in front of me. It is still on my mind to give it a go myself and now seems a good...
  16. Kasseeopea

    Tsawwassen Camino Training

    This past week I've noticed 3 people that are hiking around Tsawwassen with backpacks, hiking boots and poles I stopped to chat with one today and asked if she was training for the Camino Frances, her reply was "is it that obvious." Yup it is because I have been circumventing t town for the...
  17. crazyloon

    Training Partners - Mississauga, Oakville area

    Hi there, wondering if there is anyone else out there interested in doing some weekend hiking to prep for 2017 Camino? Let me know.
  18. realfoodrebel

    How much and how long did you train?

    Hola! I am planning to walk from SJPDP around August 10. I am giving myself 40 days to complete the Camino. I just got my pack and shoes and have started a little bit of training. I thought I could walk 7 miles per day, every second day for the next 5 weeks. I am a walker and in fairly good...
  19. K

    Heart is not in it !

    Hi all, I'm wondering if you can all help after asking for permission in October I finally got permission to take off 4th July until 2nd of August in mid April. While flights was more expensive and my training was on the back burn as was unsure of leave.I have finally brought every thing and all...
  20. camster

    Name the one thing you could never have prepared for

    We train a lot, and we read about different topics, but I'm sure there's always something that happens on the Camino that you can't anticipate. It can be good or bad, name one thing all the preparation and reading could not have helped or changed.

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