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  1. K

    Heart is not in it !

    Hi all, I'm wondering if you can all help after asking for permission in October I finally got permission to take off 4th July until 2nd of August in mid April. While flights was more expensive and my training was on the back burn as was unsure of leave.I have finally brought every thing and all...
  2. Stellaluna


    So I leave SJPdP on July 4 and have been "training' for a while now. I regularly walk with a 15 lb pack and do 2-day consecutive 18 km walks easily. I have thrown in hills on shorter walk days (but hills in Ottawa are nothing compared to the Pyrannees). Mid week I do shorter walks 5-7 km. This...
  3. Susan B Johnson

    Training for the Camino

    I'm looking for resources on exercises I can do to prepare for the camino as well as stretches to do during the journey. Thanks! Susan
  4. Rod Murray

    Scientific Study shows benefits of hiking

    This article, which has a link to the actual scientific journal, explains the benefits of hiking. I've linked both below: Article Journal Link
  5. Missing Mike

    I am using the S Health app on my android to track my miles for practice for the Camino

    Has anyone else used this and has it worked for them or is there a better app to be using to track your mileage/time?
  6. psychoticparrot

    Need basic fitness advice for the unfit and (relatively) old newbie

    Hello, all. My husband and I are both 64, in relative good health, are complete tenderfoots, have never done any serious walking or hiking in our lives ... and yet we both greatly desire to walk the Camino next year in April and May. We've been in Managua, Nicaragua, for the past 3 months and...
  7. SoulGirl

    How Many People Walked The Camino Without Any Training ?

    Hi guys! I just wanted to know if there is anyone who decided to walk the camino without any preparation? And when I say preparation I mean the training (walking with the backpack for a few miles)? Depending on the date of my trip (which I am still deciding - last minute or with several...
  8. S

    Training with backpack

    Okay all you professionals. I America closing in on my first Camino . Next month I will start training with mr pack . What is the recommended approach? Start with a lighter pack or full pack with shorter walks? I am walking fit but have never used a pack.
  9. BrienC

    Any good training schedules?

    Does anyone know of a good Camino training plan on this forum? I mean physical training. Not finding anything. Thanks in advance, BrienC
  10. Physio_pilgrim

    A Physiotherapist's guide to injury prevention and management on the Camino

    Hello Pilgrims! My husband and I have just finished our 33 day journey from St Jean to Fisterra and it was an absolutely incredible experience. We are both physiotherapists and you can imagine that we saw plenty of pilgrims needing assistance along the way, so I thought I'd post a few tips that...
  11. LoneStar

    Single Greatest Threat to Failure

    Got back from my second Camino Frances and thought I would share something that might help increase the chance of completing your next Camino: start out slow and doing lower mileage for at least a week. Last year I hiked with young and not so young folks who decided for whatever reason that they...
  12. Cruiser52

    How much training is required?

    Hi everyone Going on my first Camino (Camino Frances) starting 1st of April 2016. Just wondering how much training do I need. I still have plenty of time, but I am walking a 8 km circuit every day with a 8 kg backpack and 13 km with the same backpack, 3 times a week. Being 64 YO I am concerned...
  13. C

    Training? Absolutely necessary?

    I want to walk the Camino Frances. I am a 55 year old woman. I am healthy, with no particular injuries, but I am not in amazing shape. In my 20s and 30s, I did a lot of hiking, climbing, running, but kids came along and I put myself on the back burner. Now I am ready to rediscover myself -...
  14. nidarosa

    Anyone else with a Fitbit - want the encouragement of a Fitbit friend?

    I bought a Fitbit Flex a while ago thinking it would benefit my Camino training in that it measures distance and also is a visual reminder around my wrist that I need to walk more. Sadly with a freelance deskjob I have to make sure I make my deadlines first and foremost, and take time off when I...
  15. wanderwoman

    Walking training app!!

    Hello everyone!! I finally starting training for my camino properly today... I start late September. I've had pneumonia so haven't been able to exercise for some time. Anyway, managed 10kms today and I discovered a fantastic app for smartphone users. It's called MapMyWalk and it's free, and...
  16. G

    Training advice.

    Hi all, I'm 6 weeks away from starting the Camino Frances from SJPP. I'm in my 50"s and would have a reasonably good level of fitness. As long distance walking is a different discipline, over the past two months I've been walking three times per week, distances between 20KM and 30KM in each...
  17. Gillyweb

    Run out of training time :-(

    So .... I leave on Sunday and life has been so stupidly busy that I'm nowhere near as prepared or fit as I was last year when I walked the last 120 miles. Am I mad starting in SJPP ? - I've got really nervous now.
  18. Nancy P.

    Training for Camino Frances

    I am going to walk the Camino Frances beginning August 26th. I will have about 70 days to complete the hike to Santiago de Compostela then Finisterre and Muxia, so I don't have to do long days every day. I have been walking about 3 times a week (4-6) miles and sometimes one of those walks...
  19. Gillyweb

    Injury stopping me training

    Not long after Christmas (so three months ago) I felt a small niggle of a pain just under my butt on my right leg. I thought it would go but it's been getting worse and now after a mile or two spreads down my whole leg : fear it's a ham string thing..... Seeing an osteopath today but going to be...
  20. Cate A

    The doctor says my dodgy knee is arthritis - advice please!

    My left knee has been stiff for a while and I've been told I've been walking" funny" . I have a bit of pain and inflammation.(Nothing too bad) I went to see a physio who found a Bakers Cyst and advised going to see my GP. Today the GP said I also have arthritis and that walking a couple of miles...